Monday, September 1, 2008

Rajma Spicy Tomato Paratha

Rajma (Red kidney bean) a excellent source of iron..they r very rich in proteins...i tried it out as parathas with tomatoes blended with ginger, green chilly, this parathas tastes awesome... they r known as Rajma in hindi n punjabi, karamani payir in tamil..

1/2cup Rajma(dry)
3cups Wheat flour
1/2no Tomato(ripened)
1tsp Ginger
2nos Green chillies
1tsp Cumin seeds
Maida for dusting
Soak overnite Rajma bean in water r else for 5 hours.. pressure cook the beans with a cup of water upto 3 hiss with salt as per need, drain the cooked water..keep aside n let them cool...grind finely r coarsely the cooked rajma beans in a mixie...
Cut the tomato into small pieces, blend them finely in a mixie with ginger pieces, green chilli n cumin seed, dont add water...keep aside too..Sieve the wheat flour... take a large bowl add the wheat flour, grounded tomato paste, as well as the grounded rajma beans n salt as per need...knead them as dough...sprinkle water while kneading if needed, be alert as we r adding tomato paste, the dough may turn watery..divide the dough into small balls...dust each balls with the maida n flatten them delicately...
Heat a tawa n cook each parathas with a spoon of oil n turn the both sides until they get well cooked..keep the flame in medium...Healthy Parathas r ready to serve..serve them hot with any choice of side dish...

Sending this to: Eat Healthy - Fight Diabetes by Sangeeth

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