Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Eggless Coconut & Cashew Cookies

Dunno why, i just love coconut flavor in cakes,muffins and in breads. Whenever i feel like munching  coconut flavored baked goodies, i dont think twice to bake something coconuty. Few weeks back, i couldnt stop myself baking out some dangerously delicious cookies with both coconut and cashew nuts. Cashew nuts is one among my favourite nuts which i never fail to cook with often. Obviously i combined both coconut and cashew nuts together for baking some cheat version of the popular Good day biscuits. I still remember how delicious those cashew nuts loaded good day biscuits will be. I can never forget the taste of this biscuits as much as like the popular bourbon biscuits. Even now, whenever i go to India, i dont forget to grab a packet of these biscuits. Few biscuits are seriously very close of our hearts na.

Eggless Coconut & Cashew Cookies

Alouda/Mauritian Alouda Cold Milk/Alouda Glace

Today am taking you all to an another dream destination of many, yes my today's post is from Mauritius. Mauritius cuisine is a real mix of French, Chinese and Indian cuisine,however this cuisine is very much influenced by our Indian cuisine. While googling about this Mauritian cuisine, i was surprised to see that their most popular dishes are always prepared with an Indian touch. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Cook by capital as theme. Hence i picked the alphabetic letter 'P', after Paris and Prague, i couldnt stop myself to pick Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. Port Louis, is very much known for their street foods. And i picked one of the most known and popular drink which quite common in Central Market in Port Louis. And this drink is easily available anywhere in the island.

Mauritian Alouda, Chilled Alouda

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Livance/Czech Yeasted Pancakes

You might have noticed that am running this week's blogging marathon with Cook by Capital as theme. And i picked 'P', obviously after Paris, today's capital i have picked is Prague Prague is Czech Republic's capital and i seriously want to visit this beautiful capital atleast once in my lifetime. And i have been looking for an opportunity to visit this place though its not far from France. Since i picked Prague, i googled for some interesting dishes from this amazing country, many Czech dishes are loaded with meats. However i looked for something different, definitely a hassle free dish from this cuisine. While googling, i crossed Livance, a fabulous Czech yeasted pancakes. Livance may sounds as much as like American Pancakes but trust me these pancakes are dangerously delicious.

Livance, Yeasted Czech Pancakes

Monday, December 10, 2018

Besan Tarkari/Besan Ki Sabji/Gramflour Dumplings Curry

Regional cuisines of India shares many delightful dishes with pantry friendly ingredients. Am amazed to see our own Indian cuisine is loaded with varieties of dishes you can cook in an ease. Our Regional cuisines rocks, and whenever i cross a new dish from any part of India, i dont forget to bookmark them. Obviously my bookmarked lists is overflooding since a long and i have couple of dishes to dish out very soon. You might have noticed that i dont hesitate a second to try new dishes as i love to explore other style of cuisine than sticking with my usual cooking style. Am a person who love to try and test especially if the recipe calls for simple ingredients. One of my recent trial from Odisha cuisine is this Besan Tarkari which means as gramflour dumplings cooked in spicy curry.

Besan Tarkari, Besan Ki Sabji

Eggless Spelt Flour Chocolate Chips Cookies

Life is full of experiments and experiences, obviously we learn tips and tricks ourselves either by fail or by succeeding those trials. Culinary experiments are one among those. Experiments in cooking or in baking makes you to come up with some creative dishes or bakes. Trust me, few culinary experiments will definitely pull you to learn and correct your mistakes. To be honest i have been baking since few years especially once i started blogging and am a self learned baker. Never went to cooking classes or baking classes, however blogsphere teach you every nooks of baking. I love baking, i wont hesitate a second to try bakes with different ingredients. And my today's post is one among those experiments which turned as some dangerously delicious cookies. Spelt flour, this is one of my recent favourite flour which i have been using recently in most of my bakes. Spelt flour works awesome for making beautiful breads and cakes. However i gathered all the ingredients to try a simple yet a delicious cookies with.

Spelt Flour Chocolate chips Cookies

Tarte au Flan Parisien/Parisian Flan/French Custard Pie

French desserts/pastries are quite popular around the world and their pastries are seriously a must try if you have a chance to visit this beautiful country. I must say that am lucky enough to live in this country since 23 years. Obviously French desserts are my favourite. Now i try to replicate them at home whenever i get a chance to dish them out by myself. Though some of the French pastries are seriously hard to learn and cook at home, few pastries are quite easy to prepare. I have been dishing out some of the easiest French pastries since a long, and thank god till now everyone at home approved that my French Pastries are best and tastes very much like the store bought ones. Whatelse we need, however  i learned baking myself and am proud to say that all my French pastries never went wrong.

Tarte au flan Parisien, Parisian Custard Pie

Friday, December 7, 2018

Eggless Semolina Pav Buns/Semolina Bread Rolls

I have been baking with fine semolina since few weeks as am able to make some incredible breads with them. Working with semolina is not a tough job as they tends to work as much as like bread or all purpose flour. Fine quality semolina are just prefect to bake many tremendous breads out of them. Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian uses Semolina as the main ingredients in most of their flatbreads or leavened breads. Since my family members like the texture and the flavor of semolina breads or bread rolls, i couldnt stop myself to make some simple bread rolls at home just to please some hungry tummies either for breakfast or for evening snacks after a hectic day at school. These bread rolls came out extremely spongy and ultimately delicious eventhough this bread rolls are completely eggfree.

Semolina Bread Rolls, Eggless Semolina bread rolls

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Butterless Whole Wheat Kiwi Upside Down Cake

Kiwi, these fruits are loaded with many vitamins and right now here its peak season of this ultimate fruits. Obviously how can i forget to get them whenever we go to farmer's market. Recently i got a huge bag of farm fresh kiwis from my next door friend who carried all the from South France as her uncle is a farmer who owns some kiwi plants. Seriously, i was overwhelmed by her nice gesture and i want to make something delicious with those kiwis. After making some smoothies and fruit salad, i baked a fabulous upside down cake with the leftover kiwis. As much as like apples, i cant take kiwis raw, and unfortunately kiwi is one of my favourite fruits, hence i baked this cake to enjoy the goodness of this incredible fruits.

Butterless Kiwi Upside Down cake

Khaliat Nahal/Cheese Beehive Buns/Savoury Honeycomb Buns

Nothing can beat the aroma of freshly baked breads at home and obviously homemade breads are the best without any preservatives. Home made breads are very much tastier than the store bought one and they are damn cheaper and doesnt take much time to prepare at home. If you ask me to bake a bread everyday, i dont hesitate a second at all. Coz bread making are definitely a stress burster, if you want to get rid of  your stress just bake a bread at home.Homemade breads are more nutritious when compared to store bought ones,needless to say that we can mix and match the ingredients according to our wish. And you might have noticed that am running a month of baking marathon which is known as Bake-a-thon, obviously i will be posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during this whole month of december. Stay tuned to have a look on my baked goodies for this years's Bake-a-thon.

Honeycomb Buns

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Glaced Cherries Pound Cake

Pound cake are everyone's favourite at home coz these cakes are prepared usually with equal weights of 4 main ingredients. Flour, eggs, butter and sugar are the most needed ingredients to bake this incredible cake. Flavored or prepared with fruits, dry fruits this buttery pound cake tastes extremely delicious to please your tastebuds. Pound cakes are best to enjoy for snacks or for desserts after a meal depending upon how they are served. For a dessert, top a slice of pound cake with some scoops of icecreams or else with whipped cream and chopped fruits like strawberries, figs or raspberries etc. Though i have already baked varieties of pound cakes, its been a while i seriously want to bake a pound cake with glaced cherries as my H was asking for this cake. He just love fruits loaded pound cake, obviously i couldnt stop myself to bake this cake just to please him.

Cherries Pound Cake, Glaced Cherries Pound cake

Monday, December 3, 2018

Eggless Chocolate Chips Milk Buns

Breads or buns, these baked goodies are must for us to kick start our day. Since ever i started working, i couldnt make our usual south Indian style breakfast on week days coz of my super duper busy schedule. Obviously i cant think more than baking breads during weekends for our weekly breakfast or else we stick with store bought breads. Most of our breakfast goes for bread toast with butter and jam along with a cup of tea or black coffee. You might have guessed now why i have been baking quite often at home. Neeldess to say that i just love baking breads at home as they calls mostly for basic ingredients with no preservatives. Homemade breads are always the best though their shell life is very lesser than  compared to the store bought breads. Coming to today's chocolate buns, i baked these buns few months back for our weekend brunch and its was sitting in my draft since a long.

Chocolate Buns, Chocolate Chips Buns

Butterless Chocolate Apple Cake

Once fall season starts here in Paris, farmer's markets will gets loaded definitely with varieties of apples, pears, clementines, kiwis etc.  Apples are the prominent Fall fruits here, obviously we make use of it in many bakes especially in cakes. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Make them as cakes as theme, hence this week's posts are going to be some kid's friendly cakes. I love to bake cakes than grinding idly batter, yes dunno why. My mom used to pull me coz of this, i hate grinding idli or dosa batter than preparing cake batter. If any occasions presents, i look for an opportunity to bake a cake to please my cake loving kids at home. Though my space have varieties of cakes, some are yet to bake and post in my space.

Chocolate apple cake

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Malvani Kakdi Vade/Malvani Cucumber Vada

Malvan is a town in Sindhudurg district on west coast of Maharashtra, and this town have its own cuisine which is fondly called as Malvani cuisine. Its a standard cuisine of South Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa. Malvani cuisine is dominated with non vegetarian dishes however many delicious vegetarian dishes do exists. My today's recipe is a fabulous dangerously addictive fried breads or pooris whatever you want like calling is an interesting dish i grabbed from Suma's Space. And this kakdi vade calls for grated cucumber with usual flours and spices we often use in our daily cooking. These kakdi vade are served along with a non vegetarian curry which have their important part in most of festivals especially in weddings among the Malvani community. Usually the flours used in this vade are prepared by toasting the dals and rice, which is later powdered for making this vade. If you have all the flours in your pantry, trust me you can dish out this vade in less time easily at home.

Kakdi Vade, Cucumber Vada

Monday, November 26, 2018

Vegan Spelt Flour Hamburger Buns

Spelt flour is one of my recent favourite flour which i have been using in most of my bakes in recent days. Spelt flour works awesome to make some bakes especially breads. We just love homemade breads as i love baking breads at home. Bread baking is definitely a rocket science if yeast god doesnt behave good to you. Earlier i have been using active dry yeast and failed most of my bakes coz of taming the yeast beast. Hence since three years, am addictive to instant yeast which makes my life easier as they are seriously easy to handle. If you get instant yeast near you, dont forget to grab a box as they are very simple to work with. Coming to this spelt flour buns, the addition of spelt flour make this bread more interesting and nutritious. With simple and easy ingredients, one can bake this vegan hamburger buns easily with less efforts. Shaping buns is not a hard task rite, dont forget to take a look to my today's post.

Vegan Spelt Flour Buns

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Luqaimat/Lqeimat/Emirati Yeasted Dumplings

Its been a while i made some deep fried snacks for kids, kids were pestering me for donuts but i dont want to make them as i dont want to spend much time in my kitchen. While looking at my bookmarks, these Emirati yeasted dumplings caught my attention. I have bookmarked them long back from Rafeeda's space, since am cooking from bookmarks for this week's blogging marathon, i gathered all the ingredients to dish out this ultimate Luqaimat. After going through Rafeeda's post, i came to know that this dumplings are very much liked by the Emiratis and its quite a popular dish of UAE. Seriously her intro tempted me to bookmark this dumplings long back and finally i tried them few days back at home for our sunday snacks.

lqeimat, Qeemat

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lolo Buns/Eggless Fijian Coconut Buns

Usually whenever i cross a completely new or different bakes/breads from fellow bloggers, i dont hesitate a second to bookmark them. One among those bookmarks is this Fijian coconut buns which is popularly called as Lolo buns. Am cleaning up few of my bookmarks for this week's blogging marathon, you might have guessed my theme now. Yes am running this week's blogging marathon with Bookmarked recipes as theme. I crossed this Lolo buns at Sowmya's space, since this buns are completely new to me, i couldnt stop myself trying them at home. The particularity of these Fijian buns is they are smothered with coconut milk while baking. And they are simple to make with a subtle coconut flavor which is very delicious to eat with your favourite spreads or jams.

Eggless Lolo Buns, Coconut Buns

Monday, November 19, 2018

Vegan Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Herbed Finger Millet Bread Rolls/Herbed Ragi Bread Rolls

I have been baking for a long at home with healthy ingredients. Baking breads or cakes at home is definitely one of my favourite passion after cooking and crocheting. Baking makes me happy, its quite therapeutic and definitely a fun to knead and shape the bread doughs as you desire.Today's post is one of my recent bread rolls which i baked few days back for our dinner as i couldnt grab store bought bread rolls. Since i came earlier to home, i prepared a millet based bread dough to bake out some easy bread rolls with some herbs and sun dried tomatoes in it. I simply love adding millets or millet flours in my cooking quite often just to feed my family members easily without their knowledge. Obviously making breads or bread rolls out of the nutritious millets is definitely a wonderful way to sneak them in our diet.

Sundried tomatoes Ragi Bread rolls

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Barnyard Millet & Semolina Laddoos/Thinai Rava Laddus

Who will say no to Semolina ladoos aka rava laddus, definitely not me, everyone at home enjoy this incredible Indian sweets. One of the most popular Indian sweets is rava laddoos. Yes we, Indians usually prepare this easy breezy sweets quite quickly with simple preparation. Usually with just three ingredients, one can make these dangerously sweets with less efforts. Even in my Diwali sweets list, rava laddoos have their own place.However my today's post is definitely a must to try, if you want make these tremendous laddoos with an healthy twist. Adding millets to the usual rava laddoos makes them more interesting, healthy and nutritious as well. Kids enjoy these cute laddoos, as the addition of millets makes its more aromatic and dangerously delicious.Apart from adding barnyard millet aka thinai in this sweets, i didnt make any changes.

Thinai Rava Laddoo, Barnyard millet Laddoo

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Ragi Halbai/Fingermillet & Coconut Halwa

Halubai or Halubai, this sweet is quite popular in Udupi,Mangalore and Malnad regions of Karnataka for festivals or celebrations. Often made with rice, jaggery and coconut, this sweet can be prepared well with Semolina aka Rava and Fingermillet aka Ragi. I have already tried making this Halubai with Semolina and you can find here for an another event. And my today's post is going to an another version of Halubai cooked with a millet which is quite interesting and healthy to add in our diet. I have been cooking with ragi flour aka fingermillet flour for a while. I do add them in my parathas, in most of my bakes and not to forget that this millets have their own place in my pantry. Healthy and definitely a nutritious millet to add often in our weekly diet, this millets are one of my favourite. However this millets are used for making many traditional village style sweet dishes like ragi jaggery adai, simli etc.. Coming to my today's Halubai, its a must to try as this sweet is definitely a delicious one.

Ragi Halbai, Ragi Halwa

Monday, November 12, 2018

Cashew Coconut Milk Pulao

We love briyani during anytime of the day, obviously i will definitely make biriyani atleast twice a month especially on week-ends. Most of our Sunday lunch will be either biriyani or pulao. Served along with a rich, creamy curry or side dish, one can finish their lunch or dinner happily without any fuss. I have already dished out couple of pulao and my space have varieties of pulao cooked either with vegetables, seafoods or meats. However my today's recipe is one of easiest pulao one can dish out quickly without any hassle. Even if you ran out of vegetables or meats, this dish will make everyone happy as this dish is full of flavors. With a handful of cashewnuts, garam masala and homemade coconut milk is quite enough to prepare this pulao.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Gluten Free Masoordal Quinoa Khichdi

If you are looking for a simple, gluten free and no garlic and no onion dish for a quick meal, dont forget to check this ultimate quinoa khichdi which i simply cooked with masoor dal. Masoor dal works tremendously prefect to make some comforting meal which can be cooked along with any sort of grains. Masoor dal is rarely used in my cooking, however i dont forget to grab a packet of masoor dal just to combine along with toor dal to make some South Indian style sambar. If you are a regular follower of my space, you might have noticed that i love to cook often with Quinoa. Quinoa is my favourite wholegrians which is completely gluten free and healthy as well. Coming to my today's post, if you want to cook something quickly for a busy lunch or for a lazy evening dinner, just go through this ultimate comforting khichdi which can be cooked in an ease.

Masoordal Quinoa Khichdi

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Vegan Aloo Pulao/Gluten Free Potato Pulao

Hectic days doesnt need an elaborate meals, however you can dish out some super filling dishes in an ease with our Indian cooking gadgets. Indian style pressure cookers are real blessing especially when you have time to make something special to pack either in your lunchbox or else for a quick meal. I have been cooking with Indian pressure cookers since a long as they are seriously very handy to cook dishes quickly without any difficulties. My today's post is one of the quickest pulao i have dished out few days back for a meal. Yes easy peasy Aloo pulao with mild spiciness and aroma. No tomatoes, no ginger garlic paste is needed to dish out this vegan and gluten free one potmeal. Just spiced with garam masala,turmeric powder and chilly powder, this delicious pulao is a prefect dish to pack quickly and easily with less cooking process.

Vegan Aloo Pulao

Monday, November 5, 2018

Mkate Wa Ufuta/Zanzibar Sesame Bread/Vegan Sesame Bread

While i was doing September Mega marathon with International flatbreads as theme, i was totally surprised to see numerous varieties of flatbreads do exists in many cuisines. Obviously my fellow bloggers shared so many tremendous flatbreads and my bookmarking list was overflowing. Hence i couldnt stop myself to dish one among those bookmarked recipes. Here comes the Zanzibar sesame bread which is bookmarked immediately at Gayathri's Space, the simplicity of this bread pulled me to put them in bookmarked recipes. However i love the aroma of roasted sesame seeds in my breads, obviously i immediately want to try this bread. This bread is a fabulous one as coconut milk is used for kneading this bread dough. This bread is definitely a must try and i enjoyed making them. I have to say a big thanks to Gayathri for posting this ultimate bread as everyone at home enjoyed thoroughly.

Mkate Wa Ufuta,Zanzibar Coconut & Sesame Bread

Sunday, November 4, 2018

50 + Diwali Sweet & Savouries

Wishing my readers a safe, happy, sweet, healthy and joyful Diwali.

Festival of lights is around the corner and you guys might be very busy is compiling and cooking your planned dishes. Here comes few of my Sweets and Savouries, i have tried at home. Few are my own recipes while some are traditional dishes from few regions of India. If you are still looking for something new, innovative, easy, quick and prefect Diwali friendly dishes, give a look to my compilation. 

Roll-Ppang/Korean Bread Rolls

Asian countries are loaded with many different varieties of cuisines and each cuisine is very rich in their own way. Since ever i started blogging, i have been exploring some of Asian countries which are quite unknown for me when i started blogging. However my favourite cuisine is always Chinese and Thai, and whenever i look for some delicious dishes, these both cuisines never disappointed me. Since i get easily Chinese or Thai products from my nearby Chinese stores, i dont hesitate a second to dish out many different dishes from these cuisines. But for my today's post, i cooked from Korean cuisine, actually i baked from this cuisine. Roll-Ppang is  an easy and super spongy bread rolls which calls for usual ingredients and easy way of kneading and shaping. Ppang in Korean means bread and obviously roll is the english word obviously Roll Ppang is literally known as Bread rolls.

Korean Bread,Korean Roll-Ppang

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Vegan Sweet Potato Murukku/Sakkaravalli Kizhangu Murukku

I have tried couple of Chaklis aka murukkus with different grains, root vegetables and even with spinach, but still i have some root vegetables to cook and dish out some savouries with. Hence i opted for Sweet potato. Sweet potato is an incredible root vegetable which is quite versatile to dish out many fantabulous sweets, bakes and many more fabulous dishes out of it.  Since its diwali, i cant  think more than making some chaklis aka murukkus with this excellent root vegetable. Initially i was bit skeptical to try as sweet potatoes as these root vegetables tends to be sweet. However my creative mind was very much tempted to give a try this sweet potato murukku hence i tried my hands with this combination.

Sweet potato Murukku

Mofo Gasy/Mokary/Madagascar Yeasted Gluten Free Pancakes

Today's post is going to be some dangerously addictive yeasted pancakes, yes i accidently crossed these Mofogasy which means Mala gasy bread from Madagascar cuisine. These tiny puffy pancakes are most known breakfast of Madagascar island. These pancakes are often eaten for breakfast with coffee as well as these Mofo gasy are the most popular street food. Mofo gasy is prepared with sweetened rice flour batter which is yeasted and cooked in greased circular moulds which ressembles quite like our own South Indian Appe pan. This bread is also called as Mokary as this mofo is made with coconut milk. This cakes/bread are dangerously addictive and quite filling as well. Prefect to munch while they were hot, one cant just stop with one and will definitely keep on munching these cuties as they tastes absolutely tremendous while they were hot.

Madagascar Yeasted Pancakes

Friday, November 2, 2018

Date & Chocolate Chunks Tray Cake

We are having a week of fall season holidays here, obviously i have to plan everything for a week to bake or cook for my blog baby. Trust me, all my plans went as much as good and i have baked couple of cakes, cookies and breads during my stay at home. Needless to say,my family members were enjoying all the bakes i have baked out for their snacks to desserts. Nothing can beat the freshly baked homemade cakes & bakes rite. Usually i bake only during weekends, coz of my busy professional life. Rite now its fall season here, you might know how the day light will be. Once we enter the home, i dont feel like baking or cooking as the weather makes me lazy and tired. But a week of holidays is definitely worth and fruitful as a blogger. Kids enjoyed their mom's bakes without any fuss,we keep ourself away from the store bought cookies or breads since a week. One among those bakes is this tray cake, this cake calls for finely chopped dates, homemade dates syrup, roughly chopped chocolate chunks as main ingredients along with usual ingredients we usually goes for making a cake. This cake is butterless, sugarless but not eggless.

Dates Chocolate Cake, Dates & Chocolate Chunks Tray cake

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Garlic Barley Sev/Poondu Barley Sev

Sev is an another Indian popular savoury snack which is widely prepared during festivals in India. These fried noodles are made easily at home with gram flour, rice flour which is flavored with couple of spices like crushed peppers, chilly powder,ajwain seeds etc. I have been making some savoury dishes with different grains and ingredients since ever i planned for  preparing my savoury list for Diwali. You might have noticed that few of my recent savouries are my own creations and am proud to post and share with my readers. After oats, barley is one among my favourite wholegrains and i have been using this grains often in my cooking. I have already dished out couple of dishes with this humble grain. And am adding one more savoury snacks with this incredible grain.

Garlic Barley Sev

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Mawa Jalebi/Khoya Jalebi

Mawa Jalebi, is one of the delectable Indian sweets which is prepared with homemade mawa aka popular milk solids. Milk solids/khoya/mawa, whatever you name them is one of most interesting ingredient which is quite often used in Indian cuisine especially for making some delightful milk based sweets. Traditionally milk solids are prepared by boiling full fat milk for hours to yield nice quality of mawa. However nowadays short cut version or cheat versions of Mawa do exists. Yes cheat version of mawa calls for full fat milk powder and cream. Both once mixed and cooked until they turns thick makes some quick version of mawa. Coming to my today's post, this is definitely a must try sweet dish from Madhya Pradesh, yes Mawa Jalebi is one of the most known sweets from this region. Traditionally this sweet is prepared during Raksha bandhan, diwlali etc. Mawa Jalebi is definitely a fabulous sweet dish to prepare at home to share with your family and loved ones for special occasions.

Mawa Jalebi

Monday, October 29, 2018

Potato Ribbon Murukku/Urulaikizhangu Naada Murukku

One more savoury to make without any fail for the upcoming festival of lights is this Potato ribbon pakoda aka ola pakoda. After murukkus, ribbon murukku is a must in our Diwali savory list as we love to munch varieties of savouries. Ribbon murukku, is also known as naada murukku, ribbon pakoda, ola pakoda is a variety of murukku which is often made in Tamil Nadu especially for Diwali or Janmasthami in most of the houses. This murukku is called as ribbon murukku as its ressembles like nada, ribbon or string. And the main ingredients for making this crispy snack is rice flour and gram flour. Apart from it, various spices like chilli powder, cumin seeds, sesame seeds,asafoetida are added to this murukku dough to bring the flavor. As much as like other Murukku varieties, this murukku also calls for a special nozzle which is often available along with the Murukku maker.

Aloo Ribbon Chakli, Potato Ribbon Murukku

Friday, October 26, 2018

Badam Murukku/Spicy Almond Chakli

If you have already tried your hands with Cashew murukku like me, you will definitely love making this almond murukku. And here comes my own version of almond murukku with a spicy almond paste. Usually murukkus are prepared easily  at home with less efforts. And this almond murukku is prepared with store bought rice flour, roasted gram flour which i simply spiced and flavored with a grounded paste of soaked almonds and dry red chillies. Though i used almond paste for making this incredible murukkus, you can still replace the almond paste with almond powder which suits prefect to make this dangerously addictive murukkus. With Diwali in a week, dont forget to check this incredibly delicious chaklis to celebrate this year's festivals of lights.

Spicy Almond Murukku, Badam Murukku

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Coconut Mawa Burfi/Khoya Coconut Barfi

Burfi is definitely a tasty Indian sweet recipe which is very much often cooked during many festivals and occasions. Though burfi can be prepared with different combination of flours or ingredients, its quite an easy sweet dish which can be prepared with an ease. Mawa or khoya which is a popular milk solids quite often used in many Indian sweets. Mawa is easily available in India though its quite an hard task for me to get them fresh as much as like we get in India. Obviously i will prepare mawa at home with full fat milk or else an another popular cheat version prepared with full fat milk powder and heavy cream. Trust me, this full fat homemade mawa works amazingly awesome for many delicious milk based sweets at home easily and quickly.

Coconut Mawa Burfi

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Cassava Murukku/Maravallikizhangu Murukku/Tapioca Chakli

Have you ever tried murukku/chaklis with Tapioca/Cassava which is also known as Yuca, Manioc,a known popular nutty flavored, starchy root vegetable or tuber. And its cultivated throughout the world from which flour, tapioca pearls are produced. Indian especially South Indians make many delicious dishes out this tuber. I love this root vegetable very much and i love to dish out Tapioca Chips quite often. However this tuber is often used in my cooking. Diwali is around the corner and this year i was planning to prepare some different savouries and sweets to please my family and my near ones. Diwali is a popular Indian festival which i never fail to celebrate even my professional life keeps me busy. And this year, diwali is on 6th november and fortunately i will be at home. So planning so many dishes to prepare for this festival.

Cassava Murukku, Tapioca Murukku

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Besan Badam Laddoo/ Gluten Free Gramflour Almonds Laddoos

Diwali is around the corner and everytime i will keep on looking for this festivals of lights to celebrate at home with my family. Again this year Diwali falls on a week day, but fortunately we are in fall break here. Hence this year's Diwali is going to be more fun than last year. Actually am planning to make couple of sweets and savouries for this occasion. I usually make laddoos with besan boondis which is quite a popular diwali sweet. Boondi laddoo calls for deep frying and sugar syrup to dish out these ultimate cuties. However easy version of Besan laddoos do exists and one among those easy laddoos is my today's Besan Badam Laddoos. One of the easiest laddoo i have prepared till today and quite a delicious one to share with your family and loved ones.

Almond Gramflour Laddoo,Besan Badam Laddoo

Friday, October 19, 2018

Far Breton Tart/Apple Far Breton Tart

Far Breton is a flan type cake from Brittany region of France. Apples, Raisins or Dried prunes are usually used for making this traditional cake, and its quite an easily and simple cake with easy available, pantry friendly ingredients. I am a great fan of this cake and i love to make this cake while my fruit baskets have apples abundantly. Its quite an easy cake to finish some apples quickly than dishing out some apple sauce with them. Kids will definitely enjoy this fabulous cake and its one of best way to sneak apples this way. Am allergic to apples and i cant eat them raw. Obviously i have bake or cook them before having. If i want to have enjoy apples for an aftermeal dessert, i cant think more than baking some baked goodies with this fabulous fruit. Apples are showing their heads in our local farmer's market. Apple is a Fall season fruit for us, and we get varieties of apples in our markets. I love Golden apples very much and they works awesome for making any sort of dishes with them.

Apple Far Breton Tart, Far Breton Tart

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Eggless Sweet Potato & Chocolate Chips Muffins

Sweet potatoes are easily available for us during the fall and winter season. Whenever sweet potatoes shows their heads in my local farmer market i dont forget to get them as i love to bake some delicious bakes out of them. Not to forget that sweet potato are just  fabulous to make our Indian style curries as well. Sweet potatoes makes some delicious, super moist cakes, do you know that, if not dont forget to check my Potato Chocolate Cake which is completely eggless, as mashed sweet potato replace very well eggs. Obviously you can make even some delicious vegan cakes and bakes out of the them. Hence i tried my hands to bake this dangerously addictive and super soft muffins with both sweet potatoes and chocolate chips. Dont forget to bake this extremely soft muffins if you get sweet potatoes abundantly in your place. These muffins are extremely delicious, to serve either for breakfast or as dessert after a meal with a scoop of ice cream or simply for an evening snacks.

Chocolate Sweet potato Muffins

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Ajwain & Butternut Squash Paratha

Fall season is here, obviously summer fruits and vegetables are very rare in local farmer's market. Finally Fall season vegetables and fruits are showing their heads now. I just love fall seasonal fruits and vegetables, especially the squashes. We do get varieties of squashes and i will never fail to buy them from local farmer's market. My recent visit to farmer market pulled me to grab some seasonal vegetables. Yes i came home with some butternut squash, sweet potato and succulent juicy apples. Obviously i prepared some delightful dishes out of these fruits and vegetables. Here comes one among those dishes i have prepared with butternut squash. Butternut squash is one of my favourite squash after pumpkins. I usually prepare soups with this squash though they are seriously versatile and works awesome to make even our Indian style of curries and gravies.

Butternut Squash paratha, Squash Paratha

Friday, October 12, 2018

Mollete/Spanish Antequera Bread Rolls

After some soft pancakes from Somali and a bowl of comforting soup from Sudan, my today's post is from Spain. Yes my theme for this week's blogging marathon is Pick a Alphabet,3 Countries as theme, and i picked 'S'. Hence i grabbed a popular Antequera bread rolls aka Molletes for this theme.This Molletes are super soft and delicious bread rolls which is typically served for breakfast or for a afternoon tea. And this bread is originally from Antequera which is just 30kms from Spain. Mollete is also a typical food of Mexico as well, and its consumed as a open sandwich. However this Spanish Mollete is a piece of a soft crumb bread which is quite known as an Andalusian breakfast bread which is quite like a star product of this region after Olive oil. The typical way of having this bread is to serve with olive oil, salt, tomato and garlic. Usually they are eaten as split, drizzled with olive oil, salt. If you want to make more filling, dont forget to add some sliced tomatoes and chopped garlic cloves to tickle your tastebuds.

Mollete, Spanish Mollete

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Addas/Sudanese Red Lentil Soup/Sudanese Addas

Soup, this dish have their own place in our daily meal once the weather starts too cold or rainy. We are in fall season and obviously the weather keeps on changing everyday drastically. Recently we had a super chilled morning with a super hot sunny evening. Yes you heard me rite, we dont even know how to dress ourselves. Obviously i couldnt keep my summer dresses away as Sun god is showing his head once a while. However the weather will get chilled progessively as we are in Autumn. Soups are definitely a satisfying and comforting meal to keep ourselves warm. I love dishing out soups as they are quick, nutritious, healthy and just prefect to please anyone's tastebuds quickly. And my today's post is definitely a fabulous soup to give a try without any fail. This gluten free, vegan Red lentils soup is a hearty and healthy soup to prepare at home without any hesitation as this soup calls for simple and easily available ingredients.

Addas, Sudanese Lentils Soup

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Malawah/Malawax/Somali Sweet Pancakes

If you are looking for a different, flavourful and easy breezy breakfast for your weekdays or some fabulous crepe like pancakes for your brunch, you should take a look to my today's post. Malawah, is a simple sweet crepe like pancakes prepared with flour, egg and sugar along with milk. These are basic ingredients for Malawah, however many variations do exists. But i grabbed this pancakes from Somali Kitchen where the author used cardamom powder to bring the flavor to this dangerously addictive pancakes. I have a small story behind this Malawah, yes actually while i was looking for International flatbreads for September mega marathon, i crossed this Malawah. Honestly my first choice for the september's theme was pancakes or crepes from various parts of the world.Obviously i bookmarked this crepes but unfortunately i changed my theme to flatbreads as i had hard time finding some alphabetic letters. However i seriously want to try this Somalian pancakes very soon as possible as i have some ardent crepe lovers at home.

Somali Sweet Pancakes, malawah

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sabudana Thalipeeth/Sago Pancakes

Sago or sabudana, much known as Tapioca pearls which is very much used in South Eastern Asian countries. Sabudana Thalipeeth is a popular Maharashtrian snack dish which is made during vrat, upwas or fasting. Sago pearls are widely used and consumed during fasting. Thalipeeth is prepared with soaked sabudana, mashed potatoes, crushed peanuts, cumin seeds, grated ginger and salt. And it is cooked with ghee or butter until they turns golden brown and crisp. However thalipeeth can be prepared with multigrain flours which includes with bajra, sorghum, channadal, urad dal, rice, wheat etc. But this Sabudana thalipeeth is completely a different one which doesnt call for any flours in it.This thalipeeth is completely gluten free, yes sago is extracted from sago palm trees especially from their stem.

Sabudana Thalipeeth, Sago Pancakes

Friday, October 5, 2018

Eggless Buckwheat Flour & Banana Pancakes

Pancakes, these tiny stove top cooked cakes are my younger one's favourite, he just love to eat pancakes to kick start his day. Pancakes are easier to prepare and quick to cook if you have  dont have much time to spend in your kitchen. I have already tried couples of pancakes in my kitchen. Either they are with eggs or eggless, multigrains or else with fruits or vegetables, my space have already varieties of pancakes. However am yet to dish out some unique and healthy pancakes to feed my pancake loving kiddo. And my today's post is a fabulous,healthy, eggless, butterfree pancakes which calls for buckwheat flour, whole wheat flour, mashed banana along with usual ingredients. I have been cooking many dishes out of buckwheat flour recently, yes i love their earthy taste in any dishes they are added. Even i rolled some Indian style flatbreads recently to have for our dinner and we loved it with some spicy tomato chutney. Apart from their dull colour to the dishes they are added, this flour is definitely a healthy and incredible addition to our diet.

Buckwheat Pancakes, Eggless Buckwheat Pancakes

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Gluten Free Jowar Rava Tomato Upma/Broken Sorghum Tomato Upma

If you ask a South Indian for an easy breakfast, trust me most of us will definitely talk about the popular upma. Yes this breakfast dish is quite an easiest one to prepare, usually prepared with semolina, you can dish out this quick and easy upma with any sort of broken grains aka rava. Nowadays you can find out varieties of broken grains like wheat, ragi,millets, sorghum, barley etc. Recently i got a packet of broken jowar from Indian stores, after making a simple dish out this jowar rava, i was looking for a chance to finish them. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Easy breakfast dishes as theme, obviously i couldnt think more than dishing out one of the popular and most hated South Indian breakfast aka upma. Jowar rava works awesome to make this delicious and vegan upma. However if you want to bring more flavour to this healthy upma, you can drizzle a teaspoon of ghee once the dish is ready to serve.

Jowar Upma, Tomato Jowar Rava Upma

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Vegan Besan & Oats Bread Toast/Vegetable & Gramflour Bread Toast

Breakfast, is the first meal of a day which means breaking the fasting period of the prior night. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast dishes varies from countries to countries depending upon the culture, people and availability of local grains, vegetables and fruits. Earlier am not a breakfast person, i usually drink a coffee or tea and eat directly my lunch. But now i enjoy making my breakfast before leaving to work as i cant skip my breakfast now.Obviously I do wake up earlier to finish my breakfast so that am not in hurry before quitting home. Now i cant go out without having my breakfast. After a 26 days of blogging marathon, am kick starting our routine three days of blogging marathon from today. Its been a fun filled September, learned so many new flatbreads and my bookmark list is overflowing as my fellow bloggers came up with tremendous flatbreads during the whole month of September. I have so many interesting flatbreads to dish out, hope i will cook one by one very soon.

Vegetable Bread Toast

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Recap - 26 Days of A-Z International Flatbreads

Every year we plan earlier to blog for both April and September, as these two months calls for a whole month of blogging marathon. Do you know the brain child of blogging marathon Srivalli of Spicing your Life  plans everything very earlier than you can imagine. Trust me we have already decided for April 2019's theme and we even got a mail regarding for next september theme. See how we guys are addictive to a month of blogging marathon. Planning a month of blogging is definitely a hard task if you are not a home maker. Obviously in my case, i have to plan everything earlier. For the month of September 2018, i started cooking three months back as i have listed out my International flatbreads since a long back. Hence i could finish this month's Mega marathon without any hassels. You might have noticed that i have been posting 26 different flatbreads from different parts of the world during this whole month of September. Though its was not that much easy for some Alphabetic letters, google master helped me a lot and finally i finished 26 days of blogging marathon successfully. Hence am proudly sharing a recap of what i cooked and blogged for the past one month with A to Z International flatbreads as theme.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Za'atar Pizza/Man'oosheh/Lebanese Manooshe

Lebanon is a country in Western Asia with Syria, Isreal,Cyrpus as boundaries. A unique cultural history has helped to make Lebanese food the most popular of all Middle Eastern cuisines. Lebanon has been ruled by foreign powers that have influenced the types of food the Lebanese ate.The Ottoman Turks controlled Lebanon and introduced a variety of foods that have become staples in the Lebanese diet, including olive oil, fresh bread, baklava a sweet pastry dessert, laban (homemade yogurt), stuffed vegetables, and a variety of nuts. France took control of Lebanon and introduced the flan, a caramel custard dessert and buttery croissants. I have been running a month of blogging marathon with A to Z International flatbreads and today is my last post of this month's mega marathon. And for the alphabetic letter 'Z', i couldnt think more than Zaatar spice mix, hence i opted for Zaatar pizza for this last post. The manoosheh recipe is often compared to  Italian pizza, hence it is called “Lebanese pizza”.Zaatar manooshe aka Zaatar pizza is the most popular version. Each flatbread is topped with a mixture of za’atar and olive oil before being cooked and are most often consumed at breakfast with tea, but also after dinner accompanied by soft drinks.

Zaatar Pizza, Manoosheh

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Doodhi Molagootal/Bottlegourd Molagootal

A balancing meal calls always for rice, dal and some side dishes, and obviously being a South Indian i cant give up rice for any reason. I usually make different dals or gravies to have with rice especially during weekends as i dont carry my lunch to work. Obviously i plan everything to make some rice based dishes during weekends. And here comes a super easy, protein rich Kerala dal based curry aka molagootal. Actually molagootal resembles quite like Tamilian's kootu, which calls for couple of vegetables and dal. Both when cooked together, dal and vegetables are mashed and served with tempering and spices. Molagootal calls  most of the ingredients almost like kootu, though a coconut based spice paste is added to bring a nice aroma to this Kerala dish. Molagootal is a well known dish in Palakad. Molagootal can also called as mulakushyam in many places. However both dishes are the same and the name varies from place to place.

Dudhi Molagootal, Surakkai Mulakushyam

Yemeni Malawah/Yemenite Malawach

Yemen is known as Republic of Yemen situated in Western Asia, with Sana'a as capital this country is indeed right of Mecca, the holy city for muslims. I have already tried couple of dishes from this cuisine. You might have noticed that am running a month of blogging marathon with A-Z International flatbreads and i grabbed a Yemenite flat bread aka Malawach. Malawach/Malawah is quite a Yemenite Jewish fried bread which is traditional in both Yemeni and Israeli cuisine. Malawah or Malawach resembles very much as a crispy pancake which is served with variety of accompaniments. This bread calls for a similiar preparation technique of puff pastry. Hence this Malawah consists of thin layers of puff pastry which is brushed with fat or oil and cooked in frying pan or baked in oven. Malawah is a staple of all Yemeni Jews.This dish is served always with hard boiled eggs,chopped or crushed flavoured tomatoes and cheese. Through immigration of Yemenite Jews to Isreal, this bread had become a favourite comforts food for Israel of all backgrounds and national origins.

Yemenite Flatbread, Malawah

Friday, September 28, 2018

Xaxaba Diphaphatha/Phaphatha from Botswana

Am running a month of blogging marathon with A-Z International flatbreads.And we are almost nearing the end of this Mega marathon. And my today's flatbread is supposed to start with the alphabetical letter 'X'. X is definitely a complicated alphabetic letter to get a flatbread. Obviously i grabbed a flatbread aka stove topped muffins  from Priya's space which ressembles quite like English muffins from Xaxaba of Botswana.Botswana is officially known as Republic of Botswana is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. Botwana cuisine is unique which shares some characteristics with other cuisines of South Africa.Sorghum and maize are the main crops grown in Botswana. African cuisine is based towards the meat and grains. Mopane worm which looks like a caterpillar is eaten by the Botswana peoples by cooking them in hot ashes, boiled or dried and fried. Bread flour is not easily available in their diet, hence the flours have been imported for some years, so there are various bread recipes have become a part of the national food. The most common are dumplings like matlebekwane,flat cakes like diphaphatha and fat cakes like magwinya have their own place in a Botswana dining table.