Saturday, March 17, 2018

Eplekake/Norwegian Apple Cake

Scandinavian cuisine includes three countries, yes Norway, Denmark and Sweden. And these three countries shares similar cuisine style. The most important meal of Scandinavians is their breakfast as they start their work early in the morning. Though Scandinavian cuisine goes for easy cooking process, most of their dishes are quite popular around the world. Am running this week's blogging marathon with 'Scandinavian Recipes' as theme. Obviously i picked three different dishes from two of those three countries, and my today's post is from Norway. Eplekake is Norwegian Apple cake, this cake is quite easy one to bake at home with quick procedure.

Eplekake, Norwegian Cake with apples

Monday, March 12, 2018

Patatesli Gozleme/Turkish Potato & Cheese Gozleme

Gozleme is a popular Turkish stuffed flatbread and its quite a comforting food whoever loves stuffed flatbreads. My today's post is potato and cheese loaded flatbread which is quite a filling meal for anyone. Gozleme comes from the Turkish world 'GOZ'' which is refers to the Little eyes or brown circles that form on the dough while its gets cooked. Am postng Turkish potato and cheese gozleme for this week's blogging marathon as am running with Stuffed flatbread from different countries. My kids love potato and cheese in anything,and this Gozleme is our recent favourite. Quite a filling one and definitely a comforting food if you are craving for something cheesy for your brunch,lunch or dinner.

Potato & Cheese Gozleme

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Masu Aluvi Roshi/Maldivian Stuffed Flatbread

If you want to give a twist to your usual aloo paratha aka Potato masala stuffed rotis, am sure my today's post will definitely tickle your tastebuds. Masu Aluvi Roshi, this incredible stuffed flatbread is from Maldives. This fantastic flatbread is stuffed with a mild spicy and very delicious stuffing. Yes a spiced, cooked tuna fish and potato masala once stuffed with an all purpose flour dough makes this ultimate flatbread. As much as like our Indian stuffed flatbreads, this Maldivian flat bread can be enjoyed without any side dish. You can roll this flatbread round or as squares depending upon how you want to shape your Mas Aluvi Roshi.

Mas Aluvi Roshi, Maldivian Flatbread

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Qutab/Kutab/Gutab/Azerbaijan Stuffed Flatbread

This week's posts are going to be some delicious stuffed flatbreads from different part of the world. Yes this week's theme for blogging marathon is going to be Stuffed flatbreads from different countries. When its comes to stuffed flatbread, the only dishes comes to our mind is obviously Indian style of stuffed flatbreads like Stuffed Naan, stuffed rotis etc. But varieties of stuffed flatbreads from other Countries do exists eventhough they are quite unknown to us. However again Google master helped me a lot to find out three different stuffed flatbreads. My today's post for this week's theme is from Azerbaijan, Qutab is an Azerbainjanian stuffed flatbread. Easy to make this flatbread can be stuffed with different fillings.

Kutab, Azerbaijan Flatbread

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sugo Al Pomodoro / Italian Tomato Sauce

Sugo al pomodoro, is a simple, easy and delicious classic Italian sauce which is prepared with simple ingredients. This sauce is prepared with onions, tomatoes with basil leaves,  and this combination makes an excellent sauce to enjoy with pastas or else for layering your lasagna and why not to top a pizza crust. Yes this sauce is quite versatile and can be freezed very much for further use. Dont know why, this time i couldnt stop myself to post three classic tomato based Italian sauces for this week's blogging marathon. However anything cooked with tomatoes is our family favourite especially Italian sauces. Needless to say i have some ardent fans of pasta dishes at home, obviously all three sauces i have posted for this week's blogging marathon was a super duper hit among my family members.

Sugo al pomodoro

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ragù di Carne/Italian Meat Sauce

Italian sauces are quite interesting to prepare ourselves at home. Actually i started learning Italian sauce through few of my friends, however you can still learn many more sauces from the virtual world of blogging. I love to make my own dose of Authentic Italian dishes at home as i can find easily all ingredients from a nearby Italian store. Most of the Italian sauces are cooked with tomatoes, though my family members are ardent fan of Bolognaise sauce, i have been looking for a chance to cook an another meaty sauce from traditional Italian cuisine. As much as like always, i searched for an interesting and different meat based Italian sauce and i crossed this interesting Ragù di carne.

Ragu di carne, Italian Meat Sauce

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Sugo Alla Puttanesca/Puttanesca Sauce

Sugo alla puttanesca is one of the traditional sauce recipe which is quite an easy, delicious recipe to put all together. Puttanesca sauce recipe may varies depending upon the regions, Neapolitan version of puttanesca is prepared without anchovies. Sugo alla puttanesca aka Puttanesca sauce is a little salty sauce with wonderful flavor. This sauce is prepared with capers, olives and anchovies with garlic. Traditionally this sauce is served along with Spaghetti, yes Spaghetti alla puttanesca is one of the famous pasta dish though this sauce is also paired with penne, linguine and vermicelli.

Sugo alla puttanesca, Puttanesca Sauce