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Friday, December 19, 2014

Malasadas - Hawaiian Doughnuts

Today am taking you all to Hawaii, one of my favourite place where i seriously want to go atleast once in my life. Since i love this place i couldnt stop myself to try their pillowy puffy doughnuts as am running my third week of blogging marathon with Doughnuts as theme. Actually Malasadas are famous Portuguese donuts carried by the Portuguese immigrants from Acores Island during the 19th century. Immigrants who worked in sugar mils carried their rich cuisine especially their famous confections, the Pao doce and the Malasadas. Malasadas.these doughnuts are made by the portuguese immigrants during Mardi Gras (the fat tuesday), the day before the Ash wednesday which is the last day of Carnival of Madeira. The reason behind of makng Malasadas was to finish up the lard and sugar in the house. This tradition was taken to Hawaii, where the Shrove tuesday is celebrated as Malasada day.

Hawaiian Doughnuts, Malasada

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sufganiyot - Hanukkah Doughnuts

After an addictive Finnish Munkki, am taking you all to Israel, i picked Sufganiyot for this week's blogging marathon as am running with doughnuts as theme for this week. Doughnuts doesnt need any special introduction and these deep fried beauties can be found around the world in different form with different filling or without any filling. After the ring like shaped doughnuts, today's Sufganiyot goes for a round ball shaped fried balls. Usually Sufganiyot, this jelly doughnuts are the famous national treat during Hanukkah. Traditionally this popular doughnuts is prepared with jelly eventhough now many variations with many different fillings do exists. I made my Sufganiyot with chocolate filling aka nutella instead of jam filling as none want these doughnuts with fruit jam filling.

Hanukkah, Jelly Doughnuts, Sufganiyot

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Finnish Munkki/Finnish Doughnuts

Finnish doughnuts, is well known as Munkki, the speciality of these deep fried beauties are: they are simply flavoured with cardamom.The munkki are eaten any time of the year, but specially during and around on Vappu which means the 1st day of May month.In Finland, they have a special oil thats sounds like lard but as much as like butter t fry this yeasted doughnuts but however some fry these doughnuts in oil. The dough of munkki is very similar to pulla’s one but instead of baked, they are fried. Finnish doughnuts can find also shaped as a ball but the traditional one looks like ring,once fried these doughnuts gets well coated with sugar and cinnamon powder.If using bread machine, you can make the doughnut's dough easily, since i prepared the dough with bread machine, the dough came out extremely prefect.

Finnish munkki, Finnish Doughnuts

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Almond Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Baking a cake doesnt need any special occasion, i love baking cake for our evening snacks whenever my sweet tooth crave for. I always want to bake a super nutty cake with a chocolate glaze or ganache, finally i did it when i got chocolate and cream as this month's secret ingredients for Shhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge started by me few months back.Every month i'll make a pair with the members, then later we secretly discuss with our pair to exchange two secret ingredients among us, finally we cook with those secret ingredients,finally we will post on next month between 16-18th during every month. My pair for this month is Viji, a darling sister who blogs at Virunthu Unna Vanga,she gave me two of my favourite ingredients. She knows me very well, since am a chocoholic person i was super happy to get chocolate and cream as my secret ingredients for this month. Immediately my mind went for a dessert, but i changed my mind and went for baking a cake.

Almond cake, Almond cake with chocolate ganache