Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Iced Coffee Float

If you are searching for a prefect summer breakfast drink or a drink for a lazy sunday summer brunch, just check this beautiful iced coffee float. Yes this drink asks for just three ingredients, yea coffee powder, water and vanilla icecream. With these simple ingredients you can make this ultimate drink with less efforts. This iced coffee float is one of my favourite drink, its been a while i had it at starbuck's coffee and finally i simply whisked out at home to enjoy this ultimate drink. You doesnt need any gadgets to make this refreshing coffee drink. Though i used store bought vanilla icecream, if you have homemade icecream dont forget to make this fabulous coffee float.

Iced Coffee Float, Icecream Coffee

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Heart Shaped Brioche - Valentine's Day Special Bread

If you are looking for a Special bread for Valentine's day, dont forget to take a look at this brioche bread. This bread is quite easy to shape and trust me you can shape them quickly without any difficult. Actually i have been looking for heart shaped bread and i got this pattern from Pinterest. Its a Japanese site and thank god, the author shared some stepwise pictures for making this heart shaped brioche.This brioche dough asks for chocolate bread dough and usual brioche dough. Instead of using unsweetened cocoa powder, i used nutella spread to make the chocolate brioche dough. Obviously we doesnt need any spread to have this brioche, though my kids enjoyed thoroughly with nutella again.

Heart shaped brioche, Marble heart shaped brioche

Friday, February 5, 2016

Potato, Green Peas & Jackfruit Seeds Masala

Am a great fan of jackfruit seeds and whenever i get an opportunity to cook with this incredible seeds, i dont miss the chance to cook with. We get this Jackfruit seeds very easily in Indian groceries and this seeds have their own place in every grocery. Since this seeds are highly delicious when cooked as side dish or in gravy, i dont forget to get them whenever i go to Indian grocery. Back home, i usually peel the skin and cook them in water,then conserve them in my freezer to use them whenever i want to cook with them. Trust me, this method works awesome and quite handy to cook with this seeds. Whenever you feel to cook with this seeds, just throw the already cooked and freezed seeds to your gravy or else in your curry. But my today's post was made with fresh jackfruit seeds,yes i prepared this dish few months back during my India trip.

Potato, Jackfruit seeds& Green peas masala

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Savoury Sweet Potato,Onion Buns/Sakkaravalli Kizhangu Khara Buns

I have been baking with sweet potatoes for a while and everytime anything baked with this incredible root vegetable gives excellent baked goodies. The cooked sweet potato puree works awesome if you want to bake eggless breads,cakes or buns. Sweet potato is one among the versatile vegetables, i love to cook with it quite often. You can dish out varieties of foods with this vegetable and you wont regret dishing out many beautiful dishes. My recent trial with sweet potato is this incredible savoury buns, which sounds almost like the popular khara buns. This buns asks for sauteed onions,green chillies, since i ran out of coriander leaves i have completely skipped it, but still you can add this herbs if you have them. This cute buns makes excellent burgers, or else to make a sandwich with your favourite spread or grilled meat. You can serve these buns to have along with a bowl of warm, comforting soup.However this buns are seriously interesting to have along with your cup of tea with spicy spread or herbed cream cheese.

Sweet potato onion Buns, Sweet potato Khara buns