Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kovai Hotel Angannan Naatu Kozhi Biriyani/Coimbatore Hotel Anganan Special Chicken Biryani

Sunday lunch is always special that too when we make a biriyani which is quite popular in Tamil Nadu. Actually i never had a chance to taste Coimbatore Hotel Angannan's special Biriyani but trust me google master will definitely help to replicate many traditional dishes at home just with a click. I have been looking for a different biriyani recipe since a while as i was bored to cook the same routine style of biriyani. When i was googling i got hooked to a cookery show where the chef prepared this Kovai special Hotel Anganan chicken biriyani with simple ingredients. Obviously i couldnt resist to give a try and this biriyani came out simply flavourful.

Coimbatore Hotel Angannan Chicken Biriyani, Country Chicken Biriyani

Friday, August 26, 2016

Cheese & Herbed Sundried Tomato Focaccia

Focaccia, this flat Italian bread is definitely our family favourite since ever i tried at home. You can make fantastic sandwiches with this focaccia bread though this bread can be served as an accompaniment along with a bowl of soup or salads. I brought some Sicilian sun dried tomatoes all the way from Sicily after our summer vacation, as i have seen that Sicilian cant live without this fantastic sundried beauties. Back home i was waiting to make an easy bread with it, immediately i gathered all the ingredients to bake this fantastic Italian focaccia with those flavourful sun dried tomatoes. Trust me, this focaccia bread was our moist favourite, this bread came out extremely aromatic and absolutely spongy with loads of cheese and herbs.

Herbed & Cheese Sundried tomato Focaccia

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Eggless Cloverleaf Brioche Rolls with Chocolate Chips

If you would have went through my previous post, you might have noticed that am running this week's blogging marathon with an interesting theme. 'Pick an appliance and Make 3' is this week's theme and i picked Oven as the star appliance from the huge list of appliances which have their important place in my kitchen. Oven, its my favourite kitchen gadget and cant live without this. Obviously its wonderful to bake some fabulous baked goodies out of this beautiful gadget. After an Italian focaccia bread, am posting an eggless cloverleaf brioche rolls with chocolate chips. Yes you read it, this brioche is completely eggless but not butter free. I cant imagine brioche without butter, trust me you wont miss the eggs in this brioche rolls.

Eggless Cloverleaf Brioche Rolls with chocolate chips

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pain d'Epi/French Wheat Stalk Bread with Caramelized Onions

Pain d'épi is known as the wheat stalk bread which calls for an impressive twist on the classic French baguette. We get these Pain d'épi very much easily in every bakeries here, obviously i never had a chance to bake these wheat stalk shaped bread at home. But finally it happened, and i baked Pain d'épi at home.Epi de Blé is the name given to the bread which looks like wheat stalk or the ears of wheat. This bread is often baked during special holidays and celebrations, this bread calls for an easy preparation and sounds almost like French baguette. Apart from cutting the dough to resemble as much as like wheat stalk, this bread calls for easy ingredients.

Wheat Stalk bread with caramelized onions