Monday, November 19, 2018

Vegan Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Herbed Finger Millet Bread Rolls/Herbed Ragi Bread Rolls

I have been baking for a long at home with healthy ingredients. Baking breads or cakes at home is definitely one of my favourite passion after cooking and crocheting. Baking makes me happy, its quite therapeutic and definitely a fun to knead and shape the bread doughs as you desire.Today's post is one of my recent bread rolls which i baked few days back for our dinner as i couldnt grab store bought bread rolls. Since i came earlier to home, i prepared a millet based bread dough to bake out some easy bread rolls with some herbs and sun dried tomatoes in it. I simply love adding millets or millet flours in my cooking quite often just to feed my family members easily without their knowledge. Obviously making breads or bread rolls out of the nutritious millets is definitely a wonderful way to sneak them in our diet.

Sundried tomatoes Ragi Bread rolls

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Barnyard Millet & Semolina Laddoos/Thinai Rava Laddus

Who will say no to Semolina ladoos aka rava laddus, definitely not me, everyone at home enjoy this incredible Indian sweets. One of the most popular Indian sweets is rava laddoos. Yes we, Indians usually prepare this easy breezy sweets quite quickly with simple preparation. Usually with just three ingredients, one can make these dangerously sweets with less efforts. Even in my Diwali sweets list, rava laddoos have their own place.However my today's post is definitely a must to try, if you want make these tremendous laddoos with an healthy twist. Adding millets to the usual rava laddoos makes them more interesting, healthy and nutritious as well. Kids enjoy these cute laddoos, as the addition of millets makes its more aromatic and dangerously delicious.Apart from adding barnyard millet aka thinai in this sweets, i didnt make any changes.

Thinai Rava Laddoo, Barnyard millet Laddoo

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Ragi Halbai/Fingermillet & Coconut Halwa

Halubai or Halubai, this sweet is quite popular in Udupi,Mangalore and Malnad regions of Karnataka for festivals or celebrations. Often made with rice, jaggery and coconut, this sweet can be prepared well with Semolina aka Rava and Fingermillet aka Ragi. I have already tried making this Halubai with Semolina and you can find here for an another event. And my today's post is going to an another version of Halubai cooked with a millet which is quite interesting and healthy to add in our diet. I have been cooking with ragi flour aka fingermillet flour for a while. I do add them in my parathas, in most of my bakes and not to forget that this millets have their own place in my pantry. Healthy and definitely a nutritious millet to add often in our weekly diet, this millets are one of my favourite. However this millets are used for making many traditional village style sweet dishes like ragi jaggery adai, simli etc.. Coming to my today's Halubai, its a must to try as this sweet is definitely a delicious one.

Ragi Halbai, Ragi Halwa

Monday, November 12, 2018

Cashew Coconut Milk Pulao

We love briyani during anytime of the day, obviously i will definitely make biriyani atleast twice a month especially on week-ends. Most of our Sunday lunch will be either biriyani or pulao. Served along with a rich, creamy curry or side dish, one can finish their lunch or dinner happily without any fuss. I have already dished out couple of pulao and my space have varieties of pulao cooked either with vegetables, seafoods or meats. However my today's recipe is one of easiest pulao one can dish out quickly without any hassle. Even if you ran out of vegetables or meats, this dish will make everyone happy as this dish is full of flavors. With a handful of cashewnuts, garam masala and homemade coconut milk is quite enough to prepare this pulao.