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Friday, October 24, 2014

Drumstick Leaves and Potato Cutlet/Aloo Tikkis with Drumstick Leaves

Cutlets or tikkis can be an excellent evening snacks depending upon the way how they are prepared. Some fry their cutlets by deepfrying while other goes for shallow fry, but pan frying makes some excellent guilt free cutlets. I make varieties of cutlets to feed easily vegetables to my kids as this is a best way to sneak vegetables. Kids love cutlets very much even if they are loaded with veggies. Vegetable cutlets are can be enjoyed thoroughly for evening snacks with your cup of tea or coffee without any guilt. My today's post goes for the healthy vitamin rich Drumstick leaves. Drumstick leaves are well known for their health values. We South Indians makes varieties of foods with this incredible Iron rich greens.I get this greens easily from Indian grocery very much fresh and i dont forget to grab a bag of these greens without any fail whenever i go to our usual Indian store. Indian greens are very much rare here but Thank god, these drumstick leaves are easily available now.

drumstick leaves aloo cutlets, Aloo tikkis with drumstick leaves

Ragi Kuzhipaniyaram/Fingermillet Masala Paniyaram

Tea time is the best moment of the day for most of us after an hectic day, obviously tea time snacks are must and they need to be quite filling as well as healthy to enjoy before the dinner. Most of our tea time snacks goes for healthy stuffs but however kids love to have very much some junk foods. Mostly i'll try to keep away those junkies from my kids and feed them with healthy snacks. One of our recent snacks was this nutritious, healthy fingermillet paniyaram. This paniyaram makes an excellent tea time snacks when served with a spicy side dish. A plate of this Indian aebleskiver is quite enough to fill a small tummy and none at home will ask their dinner earlier.This tiny dumplings are simply prepared with ragi batter, which i prepared with whole finger millet grains but not with ragi flour. Yes this paniyaram is not an instant version. A fermented batter is very much needed to make this healthy,nutritious tea time snacks.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kesar Mawa Burfi

 Wishing you all a happy, joyful, safe and colourful Diwali...

Today is Diwali, and Indians all around the world will be celebrating with loads of sweets and savouries. As like every year, today is working day here. Obviously we dont have that much fun as much as like we have in India. Every year i miss the fun and festival mood here but wat to do, its almost going to be ages, i celebrated this festivals of lights in India.However i'll try to make couple of savouries and sweets to celebrate diwali here at home. But this time, since i started my studies i couldnt make anything special and just prepared some murukkus aka chakli and this kesar mawa burfi. This burfi is definitely quite easy to make. A quick burfi to make with simple ingredients, since i had some unsweetened mawa aka khoya at home i simply made this beautiful kesar burfi.

Kesar Mawa Burfi, Saffron Khoya Burfi

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ragi Nippattu/Kezhvaragu Thattai/Fingermillet Nippattu

Are you surprised to read the name of this post?? yep i prepared these thattais yesterday evening with ragi/fingermillet flour along with other usual flours..This time i was quite happy to see my diwali savouries are prepared with wholegrains.One among my recent trial with ragi flour is this thattais.I was quite skeptical to add ragi flour while preparing the thattai dough,however this is the first time am using ragi flour in thattais. Since its my first trial,i prepared a small batch of thattais to check whether they turn crispy or not, for my surprise they turned out excellent. Immediately i prepared my second batch dough for making more thattais.I loved the addition of ragi flour in this thattais since they didnt change the taste or the crispiness of the thattais, however the colour of this thattais will be dark in colour. I am soo excited to share one of my new culinary invention, these crispy ragi thattais to you all.

Ragi Nippattu/Kezhvaragu Thattai/Fingermillet Nippattu