Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ragi Chappathi Rolls with Spicy Potato Masala/Potato Stuffed Fingermillet Chappathi Rolls

Ragi, this grain is very versatile and you can dish out many tremendous dishes with it, i have been using this grain as flour, vermicelli, semolina and as whole. Thank god i get this grain very much easily in Indian stores here in Paris, i can get ragi rava, flour and whole easily in Indian provisional stores. Still ragi vermicelli is not easily available here but i dont forget to carry them or ask my relatives to send a parcel from India. Obviously my pantry is now loaded with varieties of millets,you might have noticed that most of my recent posts are with millets, yes am cooking with them atleast thrice a week and i couldnt stop myself to create different dishes with these incredible grains,one of my recent addiction. Ragi chappathi is one among the rotis i make quite often for our dinner, if there is some leftover i'll pack them carefully and freeze it for further use. Last time when i made ragi chappathis, i freezed a couple of them to make rolls with paneer or potato masala for my kids snack as they love chappathis very much at anytime of the day.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Crispy Barley Dosa/Barley Dosai

Barley, this incredible grain is used rarely in our cooking especially in Indian cuisine, but trust me they are very versatile and you can many delicious dishes from breakfasts to sweets. Initially i was one among those who dont like to take risk when its comes to culinary adventures,but now i know i'll definitely end up with something interesting if i get into trials. Actually barley was one among the wholegrains i never want to take earlier in my menu, when i came to know the health benefits of this grain, slowly i started adding them in many dishes. Now i can dish out anything with this grain, its been a while am making barley dosas at home which tastes and looks exactly like our usual regular dosas, the picture itself speaks a lot. Yes none yes none at home will notice the addition of barley here, i used pearl barley in this dosais for a better result. If you get whole barley grains dont forget to get them, feed your family with healthy stuffs.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gibassier - A French Anise & Orange Flavored Loaf

Gibassier is a French loaf which makes an excellent bread for breakfast, this bread is prepared with candied orange, orange blossom water and aniseed which is later topped with plain or vanilla sugar. Gibassier is baked during christmas season when orange is found abundantly, some old French stories says that earlier during xmas,orange is given as a gift from Santa to poor childrens. When you check for Xmas special French bakes most of the breads or cakes have this citrus fruit in it. Gibassier is also named as large cookie from Lourmarin as they looks like oval shaped leaves.Gibassier sounds as much as like Italian Panettone, and its believed that it must apparently be torn apart with the hands when served to bring good luck in the New year.

Ragi Vegetable Uthappam/Finger Millet Vegetable Oothappam/Vegetable Ragi Uthappam

Usually uthappam is prepared with lightly sour dosa/idli batter, this thick spongy dosa makes an excellent breakfast, tiffin or simply for a dinner.Actually my kids love uthappams made from Idly batter prepared with rice-urad dal mixture,since am becoming a health nut i seriously want to give a try to some healthy versions of uthappams.Uthappams,this spongy dosas always goes for simple onion or onion-tomato topping, but trust me even a mixed vegetable mixture makes an excellent toppings too. Ragi replaces very well the rice here,since i dont want to go for parboiled or raw rice i used brown rice. Trust me whole fingermillets aka ragi gives an incredible nutritional value to this beautiful dish. May be the colour of this uthappams will intrigue many, but one should give a try to this nutritious dosa atleast once a while.