Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Imam Bayildi/Turkish Stuffed Eggplants

Imam Bayildi is a Turkish dish  calls for whole eggplants, which is later stuffed with a mixture of onions, garlic and tomatoes simmered in olive oil. Its is one of the most known and popular Turkish olive oil based dishes, you can serve this dish either at room temperature or warm. Imam Bayildi literally means The Imam Fainted, a funny name rite. Actually many tales do exists to tell us the reason behind this funny name. Wikipedia says that this name is derived from a tale of a Turkish imam who fainted once he heard the cost of the ingredients or the amount of olive oil used to cook the dish. An another folk relates that an imam married the daughter of an olive merchant and her dowry consists of twelve jars of finest olive oil.. Everday she prepared an eggplant dish with tomatoes and onions, on the thirteenth day, there was no eggplant dish at the table. When the imam heard that there was no olive oil, the imam fainted. Seriously these both tales made me laugh.

Imam Bayildi, Turkish Stuffed Eggplants

Monday, July 25, 2016

Pearl Millet Cucumber Idli/Kambu Vellarikaai Idli/Pearl Millet Cucumber Steamed Cake

Kadamb/Taushe idli/Southekayi Kadubu/Thoushe Muddo - This is how Cucumber idli is know in Konkani cuisine. Though cucumber idli is usually prepared with either rice rava or semolina, my version of cucumber idli is completely different from the traditional one. Do you know, traditionally this cucumber idli is steamed in Turmeric leaves to give a nice aroma after cooking. However my today's post is not a traditional one, and i may say proudly that its one of my creation which is tweaked by myself after going through many cucumber idli posts. Since i dont want to make this idli with rice rava or semolina i opted for a usual pearl millet idli batter in which i mixed a grounded paste of cucumber-green chilly and some grated cucumber. Trust me this idlis came out with a nice flavor and delicious as well.

Pearl Millet, Cucumber Idli, Kambu Vellarikaai Idli

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tomato Masala Kurma/Kongunadu Thakkali Kurma

If you are searching for a fingerlicking goodness gravy for rice or a lipsmacking side dish for idlies or dosas, then you should give a try to this flavourful kurma. Simple to make, this kurma is highly flavourful as this kurma calls for poppy seeds, fennel seeds, roasted gram and grated coconut which is grinded as fine paste to give the aroma to this fingerlicking kurma. Usually chopped tomatoes are sauteed until they turn mushy to prepare kurmas, but my today's recipe calls for tomato puree which is simply prepared by deskinning and deseeding the tomatoes.  The best part of this kurma is this gravy can be served with anything. You can prepare this kurma for your breakfast and you can serve again for lunch with rice or else for your dinner with rotis.

Tomato Masala Kurma, Tomato Kurma

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Eggless Checkerboard Pull Apart Bread with Tangzhong Method

One more checkerboard bread, though i want to make something different. To be honest, this bread was my favourite as these cuties came out extremely spongy and super soft. Yes i prepared this bread dough with tangzhong method. Whoever bake their own bread at home knew very well about this famous Tangzhong method. This method have its origin from Japan, and very much used by home cooks to get a nice fluffy, spongy breads at home. Breadflour and water cooked together makes a pudding like paste and this paste is added to the bread dough, this is how tangzhong method consists.I have already tried couple of breads with this method and everytime the bread prepared with tangzhong method is a big hit at home.

Eggless Checkerboard Pull Apart Bread