Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kladdkaka/Swedish Gooey Sticky Chocolate Cake

If you are a chocoholic person, am sure this Swedish Chocolate cake will definitely become your most favourite. Trust me am very sure in it. Yes this chocolate cake is not only the best i have ever eaten but its one of the easiest cake one can bake out just like that. This cake is a one bowl cake, no need of modern gadget just a whisker is needed to whisk the batter. Within 20 minutes, this gooey,oozy chocolate heaven will get ready to please your tastebuds. Do you know this Swedish chocolate cake aka Kladdkaka is a very famous cake in Sweden and everyone's favourite there.This cake came out with delicately crisp and chewy top with a super soft and fantastic gooey inside. To be honest, this sticky Swedish chocolate cake is a cross between brownies and chocolate souffle.

Kladdkaka, Swedish Chocolate Cake

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Äppelkaka/Swedish Apple Cake

Apple cake is quite common in most of the International cuisine, obviously when i picked Swedish recipes for this week's theme, i looked for Swedish version of Apple cake. And the description of this Swedish apple cake pulled me to give a try to this pie like Swedish cake. Actually a pie crust like dough is used for making this fantastic apple cake. With a crispy outer and a succulent apple slices loaded inner, this Swedish apple cake will definitely please your tastebuds. This apple cake is quite a common dessert in Sweden, which is served around the year either for snacks or else for lunch or dinner after a meal. Usually served with a traditional accompaniment aka Vanilla sauce, this cake makes a fabulous and delicious dessert to enjoy without any guilt.

Äppelkaka, Swedish Apple Cake, Apple Cake

Friday, March 17, 2017

Mandel Kakor - Swedish Almond Butter Cookies

To be honest, i have been exploring Swedish cuisine recently and all the credits goes to this week's blogging marathon's theme. Yes am running this week's blogging marathon with Swedish Recipes as theme. Though this cuisine is not that much familiar to me, i have baked and cooked few dishes only after i have started blogging, obviously this week's theme pulled me to go and look for many interesting and fantabulous baked dishes from this cuisine. Am kick starting this week's theme with an extremely delicious, dangerously addictive Swedish butter cookies flavoured with almond extract. Almost shaped and baked like Italian biscotties, these baked goodies are called as butter cookies. Yea even i was bit intrigued about the texture of this cookies before baking, but i was completely wrong, i have fallen in love with this cookies. This cookies can be baked longer for crisp cookies and shorter for chewy cookies. I baked mine as crispy cookies.

Swedish Almond butter cookies, Mandel Kakor

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spiced Clementine Marmalade

Its almost going to be spring season here, obviously citrus fruits like oranges, celementines or manadrins have to leave their place in fruit stalls for spring seasonal fruits and vegetables. What you will do if you have sour clementines at home, actually the last batch of clementines i bought before the season ends turned out super sour.Obviously we dont even want to touch them. Since i dont want to trash them , i cant think anything rather than making some marmalade with those clementines. Needless to say anything sour when cooked with sugar will definitely become sweet na, hence this spiced marmalade. Actually i used cinnamon stick to spice this ultimate marmalade, and trust me this marmalade is a super easy recipe. Yes a simple cooking process, if you love citrus marmalade, am sure you will definitely love this fantastic marmalade.

Easy Spiced Clementine marmalade