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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Oven Dried Cherry Tomatoes - How to Store the Oven Dried Tomatoes

If you are buying your favourite sun dried tomatoes from stores, am sure after going through this post, you will definitely change your mind and make your own dose of those dried tomatoes at home. This method may be bit time consuming but trust me its really worth to give a try. Recently i tried my hands in making some oven dried tomatoes at home, they simply came out fantabulous. With less money, your oven dried tomatoes are ready to be used. Later i just prepared a small bottle this herbed oven dried cherry tomatoes with olive oil along with rosemary sprigs, needless to say am really happy with those oven dried tomatoes. You may think sun dried are better and cheaper when compared to oven drying, but if you live in a Country where you can see sun rarely its better to make oven dried ones na. Actually its summer here, but the Sun god is playing hide and seek with us, my yearly dose of vathals are still waiting to be prepared and dried  since Sunny days are very rare here now, its often raining or either chilled since few days.However if you are having hot sunny days,you can make your sun dried tomatoes easily too.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Eggless Butterless Pizza Muffins

Eggless butterless pizza muffins, yes this muffins are eggless and butterless, one can have this pizza muffins easily without any guilt. Pizza muffin with a medley of veggies is our favourite now, everyone at home enjoyed thoroughly for their yesterday's dinner with some salad. When served warm, the mozzarella bites i have added in this muffins makes this muffins more delicious and very cheesy. Since this muffins are kid's friendly, you can pack them very well in a kid's lunch box. Also i used half a cup of whole wheat flour along with all purpose flour,obviously this pizza muffins are quite healthier.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Pesto Pizza Sticks/Coriander Almond Pesto Cheesy Pizza Sticks

After an addictive pizza pinwheels, today's post is all about one of our another favourite, pizza sticks. Pizza sticks can be prepared easily at home with a simple dough prepared either with baking powder,baking soda combination or else with a yeasted dough. However i prepared this pizza sticks with the leftover pizza dough which i keep aside after having pizza during our weekend. I finished that leftover pizza dough as this beautiful, cheesy and very aromatic sticks with homemade pesto prepared with coriander leaves and almonds. This aromatic pesto works wonder in this bread sticks, trust me these pesto pizza sticks are dangerously addictive and one cant stop munching them, the melted cheese with this aromatic pesto takes this easy breezy pizza sticks to an another level, yes the warm pizza sticks tastes absolutely delicious and kids will go crazy if they see this beauties.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pizza Pinwheels/Pinwheel Pizzas

Pizza, this incredible dish is very much liked by everyone at home. My kids are ardent fan of pizzas and i'll make pizzas quite often at home. Yes i love to make pizzas at home, and we go very rarely for store bought pizzas or order pizzas from the famous pizzeria. However this week's blogging marathon is going to be pizzas in different forms aka pizza snacks. When i picked this theme, i know i'll be making pizza pinwheels from the list of different pizza snacks given by Srivalli under this theme's list,as my lil one love pizza pinwheels very much.Initially i wanted to make this pinwheels with storebough pizza crust but as usual i ended up with my usual homemade wheat pizza crust since its really very easy to prepare at home with flours,yeast,olive oil,salt and sugar.

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