Monday, September 1, 2008

Zucchini Rice

Zucchini a low caloric vegetable, its a versatile vegetable, i have already tried them out as soups, as main dishes as well as gravies, each n every time they turned out excellent, so tried them out as Spicy style of masala rice, the result was amazing n we enjoyed it a lot, another version of Zucchini fried rice with Indian spices...can also be a lunch box menu, as its need only few ingredients n take very less time to prepare..another way to give healthiest foods to our kids..

2cups Zucchini(grated)
2cups Basmati Rice(Cooked)
3nos Bay leaves
2nos Green chillies(slit opened)
2nos Dry Red chillies
1tsp Garam masala powder
1/2tsp Pepper powder
1tsp Cumin seed powder
1no Onion (big)
2tsp of Curry leaves (chopped)
Heat oil in a kadai..Cut the onion into pieces lengthwise...add the bayleaves to the hot oil, followed by red chillies, once they r done add the onion pieces n fry them until they turns transculent...bring the already cooked n refrigerated basmati rice to the room temperature r else if u cook them before doing this dish, keep them aside n let them cool..

Rice shouldnt be hot to prepare this recipe, else they will stick with each other n the spices wont get mixed well with the rice n also will be add the grated r finely chopped zucchini pieces to the onions, add the pepper powder, garam masala powder, cumin seed powder n slightly opened green chillies as well as salt, stir them well, zucchini may leaves water, close the kadai with lid..

Cook in simmer all the veggies, once the veggies r cooked, keep the flame higher until the zucchini water get disappeared, add the cooked basmati rice to the veggies n toss them well until they get well mixed, add the curry leaves to the rice, cook them for a while..put off the stove..

Serve hot with papads r chips as well as any choice of non vegetarian dishes!

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Kiran said... Reply To This Comment

Dear Priya,

I tried this zucchini rice following your recipe and posted it under tried and tasted in my blog.Will definitely make it again.Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe with us.