Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chole Chaat/Channa Chaat

Channa/Kabuli channa/Chole/Cholay or Chickpeas, this legume is quite known for their high content in Protein and not to forget they are also rich in fiber, calcium, these legumes are definitely suitable to everyone especially for the diabetic peoples. Coming to today's Channa chaat, its quite a healthy meal and anyone can enjoy it during anytime of the day. You can make this lipsmacking channa chaat quickly and easily. This chaat can be simply made with kabuli channa aka white chickpeas or else with kala channa aka black chickpeas. Obviously my today's recipe goes for white chickpeas which is my most favourite.

I searched for a prefect channa chaat through google, but finally i ended up with my own version. Yes my version of channa chaat goes for a saucy kind of chaat,and my family just enjoyed it thoroughly. We completely skipped out the lunch and enjoyed this protein rich chaat for our aftenoon meal.If you are an ardent fan of chaat foods, dont forget to make this chaat for your breakfast. Trust me if you have this chaat, am sure you will definitely have a filling and satisfying meal.

Channa chaat, chickpeas chaat,choley chaat

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jhal Muri/Spicy Puffed Rice/Jhaal Muri

Jhaal muri is quite a famous street food of Kolkata, this spicy puffed rice is the most favourite street snack of many especially among the Bengalis. This street food is very much like bhel, an another popular mumbai street food. This Jhaal muri goes for simple ingredients which is easily available in everyone's kitchen. Jhaal means spices and muri means puffed rice hence this street food is called as Spicy puffed rice. You can make this spicy puffed rice in a jiffy if you have all the ingredients at home, however the traditional Jhaal muri goes for tamarind paste and mustard oil which makes the difference from the mumbai's famous Bhel. You need to make a simple spice mix to coat the puffed rice and this spice mix is the major ingredient for making this street food.

If you read my blog, you may know very well that am running the last week of blogging marathon with Blogger's choice as theme, hence i picked street food/chaat food as theme for this week. After an irresistible Dahi aloo chaat, am taking you all virtually to Kolkata to enjoy this Jhaal muri.

Spicy puffed rice, Jhal Muri, Jhaal Muri

Monday, September 28, 2015

Dahi Aloo Chaat/ Aloo Dahi Chaat

After breakfast around the globe, this week's theme for this long month blogging marathon is Blogger's choice. Valli doesnt want to stick with a theme for this week as this week have just three days to finish this month of long blogging, obviously we marathoners can pick anything to blog about. I didnt searched for a long and i chosed Street foods/Chaat foods for this week's theme. To kick start this week's theme, am posting Dahi aloo chaat, this chaat is quite famous and very known popular chaat recipe in North India, this chaat can be easily prepared at home as this chaat goes for simple and basic ingredients.

To make this alluring Dahi aloo chaat at home, we need boiled potatoes which is pan roasted with a simple spice mix, once they are roasted and well coated with the spices, just top it with beaten curd, green chutney and sweet chutney, few chopped tomatoes, chopped onions.

Aloo curd chaat, dahi potato chaat

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Yeasted Eggless Banana Sandwich Bread

Its been a while i baked a bread at home, summer vacation and few more personnal stuffs kept me away from baking. After two month's break to few baking events finally am kick starting my baking. Usually we make banana bread as quick bread using baking powder but today's bread goes for yeast. Actually this bread tastes mildly sweet and you can make excellent peanut butter sandwich and not to forget you can make fabulous french toast too. If you dont have sweet tooth, you can still make savoury sandwiches with different savoury stuffing or else serve this bread simply with different curries or gravies.I prepared this sandwich bread simply with bananas, you have numerous choice to flavor this bread with different fruits, or else with different spices like cardamom, cinnamon etc. To make this sandwich bread more interesting, you can still add chocolate chips, nuts and many more spreads or syrups like caramel, nutella etc.

Yeasted Banana Sandwich Bread

Mudakathan Keerai Dosai/Balloon Vine Leaves Dosa

Hope you all enjoyed this week's theme of blogging marathon. After a couple of international breakfast dishes, today am taking you all to India, especially to South India. Tamilians makes fabulous dishes out of many medicinal leaves aka greens. Very few people know about the medicinal uses of mudakathan keerai. This plant is scientifically called Cardiospermum halicacabum and is widely known as Balloon vine available in village side.   The leaves, roots, seeds and the baby leaves of the plants are used for medicinal purposes. The plant is used for gastric problem, it is used as a mild laxative, and it also works as an effective anti-inflammatory. People take mudakathan keerai dosai and soup, juice, sambar, kootu, masiyal recipe often to get its nutrition health benefit.

I dont get this leaves here in Paris apart from Drumstick leaves and fenugreek leaves, that too not that much fresh. As i told earlier, i prepared couple of dishes during my stay in India, one among those dishes is this Mudakathan keerai dosai/ balloon vine leaves Indian crepes aka dosas.These leaves are easily available in every markets, though i got these leaves from my aunt's place. She grows couple of vegetables, flowers and greens at home and nothing can beat this fresh and organic home grown vegetables na. When i saw those super fresh balloon vine leaves, i couldnt resist to make this dosas and clicked few pictures to use it later. Thank god, finally i can post this dosas in my space for this week's theme.

Mudakathan Keerai Dosa, Balloon Vine Leaves Dosa

Friday, September 25, 2015

Breakfast Bread Pudding

As per wiki,Bread pudding is a bread-based dessert popular in many countries' cuisines, including and not limited to Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Canada, Cuba, France, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Mexico, the Netherlands, Slovakia, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, India , the United Kingdom, and the United States. The translation of "bread pudding" or even just "pudding", for example "pudín" or "budín" in Spanish; also in Spanish another name is "migas" aka crumbs.

Bread pudding is made with stale bread and milk or cream, generally containing eggs, a form of fat such as oil, butter or suet, and depending on whether the pudding is sweet or savory, a variety of other ingredients. Sweet bread puddings goes for sugar, syrup, honey, dried fruit, as well as spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, or vanilla. The bread is soaked in the liquids, mixed with the other ingredients, and baked.Savory puddings may be served as main courses, while sweet puddings are typically eaten as desserts.

American breakfast pudding, Bread pudding

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Raised Pancakes - Omani Breakfast Pancakes

Food in Oman is similar to those other Middle Eastern countries. "Hummus" and "Tabbouleh" are the staple meal. Typical ingredients used in a dish are beef/mutton/lamb/chicken/seafood, rice, pistachios, dates, yogurt and spices. Pork is absolutely taboo as in all Muslim countries. Because of the presence of the expatriate population, biryani and curries are popularly eaten. As Oman had a historical role in the spice trade, you can taste them in Omani cuisine. Cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, pepper, turmeric and saffron are commonly used in cooking. Food is not pungent as these spices are used in moderation. Mixtures of these spices are ground and then added to the meat dish called "bizaar". "Haree" is a dish made with boiled wheat and flavoured with the usual bizaar and eaten with rice. "Qabouli" is a Pakistani meat dish with potatoes eaten with rice.

Local coffee is known as "ahwa". "Halwa" is an Omani sweet made from flour, brown sugar, saffron, cardamom and rose water. Fresh fruit juices are popular. Salty buttermilk called "laban" is served.My today's breakfast dish for this week's theme for this month long blogging marathon from Omani cuisine is this Raised pancakes.

Omani Raised Pancakes

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Boxty - Irish Potato Pancakes

As per wiki,Boxty is a traditional Irish potato pancake. The dish is mostly associated with the north midlands, north Connacht and southern Ulster, in particular the counties of Mayo, Sligo, Donegal Fermanagh, Longford, Leitrim and Cavan. There are many recipes but all contain finely grated, raw potatoes and all are served fried.The most popular version of the dish consists of finely grated, raw potato and mashed potato with flour, baking soda, buttermilk and sometimes egg. The grated potato may be strained to remove most of the starch and water but this is not necessary. The mixture is fried on a griddle pan for a few minutes on each side, similar to a normal pancake. Traditional alternatives include using only raw potatoes, boiling it as a dumpling or baking it as a loaf. The most noticeable difference between boxty and other fried potato dishes is its smooth, fine grained consistency.

Boxty, Irish Potato Pancakes

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Grenki - Russian Breakfast Toast

Hope you all enjoyed the flaky and very aromatic Somalian flatbread yesterday, today i want to take you all to Russia. Actually i cook rarely Russian dishes,however this time for this long marathon i want to dish out an interesting Russian breakfast. Most of their dishes are meat based breakfast dishes and some goes for eggs, after a day spend in front of my lappy finally i decided to go for a eggy breakfast and finished finding out this interesting and very easy breezy Russian breakfast toast.When i saw this Grenki recipe,i couldnt stop myself away and i tried them the next day for our breakfast. Trust me this grenki are quite easy to make with simple ingredients. Some says to use Challah bread for making this grenki while other says any stale bread slices makes excellent grenki. However i prepared mine with whole wheat bread slices.

Grenki, Russian French Toast

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sabaayad - Somali Flat Bread

For the first day of this fourth week's long marathon, am posting Sabaayad from Somali which sounds almost like Indian flatbread, yes am kick starting my first day with a flaky flat bread which Somalians enjoy for their breakfast.Sabaayad ressembles quite like our Indian flatbreads which is eaten in Somali for breakfast, lunch,dinner or just like as snacks. Usually this flat breads are served for breakfast with meat dishes or fried eggs along with a cup of tea, while for lunch you can serve this breads very well with different curries, however i like mine with jam.

Sabaayad, Somali Flat Bread

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mamidi Allam Niluva Pachadi/Mango Ginger Chutney - An Indian Condiment

Last but not least, my today's post goes to an Indian condiment, Indian cuisine is incomplete without condiments. Each region of India have their own condiments and many condiments have their important place in daily menu. I cant imagine having my South Indian breakfast with chutneys,thogayals or else simply with spice powders. As am running mega marathon for a month with different themes for each week, am posting today a fingerlicking chutney aka pachadi from Andhra cuisine. Mango ginger chutney/Mamidi Allam Niluva Pachadi is nothing but a spicy, easy and definitely a flavorful condiment prepared simply with mango ginger, tamarind, chilly powder and jaggery.

Actually during my trip in India, i couldnt resist myself to buy some fresh mango ginger to make this alluring chutney and made this lipsmacking pachadi for my lunch. I enjoyed thoroughly this chutney with curd rice, both makes a prefect pair and you wont stop yourself having this delicious pachadi. I grabbed this recipe from Prathibha's space and followed the recipe completely without making any changes seriously loved it to the core.

Mamidi Allam Niluva Pachadi, mango ginger chutney

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sambal Kacang/Peanut Chilly Sauce - An Indonesian Condiment

As per wiki,Sambal kacang, peanut sauce or pecel is a sauce made from ground roasted or fried peanuts, widely used in the cuisines of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Africa. It is also used, to a lesser extent, in European (particularly Dutch) and Middle Eastern cuisine. It is also used in Filipino cuisine but very much rarely.

Peanut sauce goes well with chicken, meat and vegetables. It is often used to add flavour to grilled skewered meat such as satays,poured over vegetables as salad dressing such as in gado-gado,an Indonesian salad, or as dipping sauces for spring rolls.

Sambal Kacang, Indonesian Peanut Chilly sauce

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tartar Sauce/Tartare Sauce

Its really easy to whisk out homemade tartare sauce with easily available ingredients, actually making tartar sauce at home was in my list since a long. Finally i prepared some for this week's theme as am running this month's long marathon with different themes.This week's theme is Condiments from countries. After few delicious condiments, i couldnt resist to make this easy breezy tartar sauce with storebought mayonnaise along with gherkins (pickled cucumbers),white onions and parsley, though so many versions exists in this virtual world. Not only with seafoods, this tartare sauce goes awesome with meat or else simply with french fries. My kids just enjoyed thoroughly this mildly tangy and very dangerously addictive sauce with their grilled meat skewers and french fries. This homemade tartar sauce stays prefect for 3-4 days if conserved properly in fridge. The addition of pickled cucumbers aka gherkins gives the crunchiness and chopped onions,chopped parsley leaves gives an excellent flavour to this homemade tartar sauce.

Tartare sauce, tartar sauce

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pico de Gallo / Salsa Fresca - A Mexican Condiment

You might have noticed that am posting condiments from various countries and few more to come as am running this month's Mega marathon. Every week have their own theme and the theme for this week is condiments from countries.After a flavourful green sauce from Argentina and an easy breezy Wafu dressing from Japan, my today's post is going to be a popular, classic and very easy salsa, yes the famous Pico de Gallo/Salsa Fresca or else Salsa Mexicana. This fresh salsa is quickly made with ripen tomatoes, this is the basic ingredient for making this salsa, and other ingredients like white onions, jalapeno peppers, coriander leaves and lime juice are added later. This tomato salsa is a prefect condiment to enjoy with a plate of tortilla chips, burritos, nachos and so on.

 This recipe is easily adjusted to anyone's personal taste. Fresno or Serrano chilis can be used if Jalapenos are unavailable. If you can't handle 'HOT' food simply decrease the amount of jalapenos or use an Anaheim or Poblano chili instead. If you love garlic as I am, use a few more cloves of garlic. So you can make this Pico de gallo with just few ingredients.Adding fresh garlic cloves and lime juice to this salsa definitely makes some difference from usual salsa.

Pico de gallo, Salsa fresca, Salsa Mexicana

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wafu Dressing - A Japanese Condiment

After an aromatic Chimichurri sauce from Argentina, am taking you all to Japan, yes my today's post is Wafu dressing. This wafu dressing going to be a part of this week's blogging marathon theme called Condiments from Countries for this month's megamarathon. Wafu Dressing is a salad dressing which is consists of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and vegetable oil.  In Japan,every house have their own wafu dressing but my today's recipe is quite a different one and this version goes for grated onion to make it extra flavorful. I picked this wafu dressing from here.The author of this site says that if you replace half of the vegetable oil with sesame oil, then the dressing is called as Chuka Dressing, which means Chinese-style dressing in the Japanese culinary world.

Wafu dressing, Japanese Wafu dressing

Monday, September 14, 2015

Chimichurri - An Argentinean Condiment

As per wiki, Chimichurri or chimmichurri is a green sauce used for grilled meat, originally from the Rio de la Plata, Argentina. It is made of finely-chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white vinegar. In Uruguay, the dominant flavoring is parsley, garlic, red pepper flakes, and fresh oregano.Chimichurri is made from finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white or red wine vinegar. Additional flavorings such as paprika, cumin, thyme, lemon, basil, coriander leaf and bay leaf may be included. In its red version, tomato and red bell pepper may also be added.

It can also be used as a marinade for grilled meat. Chimichurri is available bottled or dehydrated for preparation by mixing with oil and water. You may replace the parsley with other herbs as well. Not only to marinate the meats, you can eat this herb loaded sauce along with grilled meats, fish or else simply with pastas.

Argentinean Chimichurri, Chimichurri

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Usirikaya Perugu Pachadi/Gooseberry Yogurt Chutney - Andhra Special

Perugu Pachadi is a yogurt based dip that includes vegetables such as tomato, cucumbers, squash, mango, bitter gourd etc, the vegetables used in this pachadi or chutney can be either raw or cooked.

This variety of yogurt based chutney is quite popular in coastal Andhra Pradesh. In Northern India, this dish is called as raita or dahi chutney. Andhra people makes varieties of pachadi with dals and vegetables, their meal is not complete without pachadis and each pachadi have their important place in a meal. From toor dal to bittergourd, variety of pachadis do exists to serve along with spicy hot Andhra style pickles.

My today's recipe goes for Usirikaya perugu pachadi which is prepared simply with gooseberries aka Amlas. Usirikaya means gooseberries/Amlas/Nellikaai and perugu means yogurt. This pachadi makes an excellent side dish to serve along with dosas,idlies and rotis.I just dished out this healthy and super delicious pachadi after following my aunt's instruction who lived in Hyderabad during my stay in India,trust me this fingerlicking pachadi is one of the best and interesting dish to sneak this healthy gooseberries.

Amla Yogurt Pachadi, Gooseberry Perugu Pachadi

Friday, September 11, 2015

Pindi Channa/ Pindi Chole - Punjabi Special

After a lipsmacking ripen mango cooked in spiced yogurt gravy, am taking you all to Punjab, yes my today's post for this mega blogging marathon is Pindi channa aka Pindi chole or else Rawalpindi Channa. This fingerlicking channa is from Rawalpindi in Punjab and Pakistan. Pindi channa was in my list since a long and dunno why i never tried my hands with them, but finally i prepared this delicious side dish to serve along with Bhaturas as this dish goes awesome for this week's theme. Needless to say that this week's theme for Mega marathon is Indian states,we marathoners are successfully running this week's marathon with many delicious traditional dishes from various regions of India.Coming to my today's recipe, Rawal Pindi Chole,as i told earlier this dish got its origin from a place called Rawalpindi where pindi means Village.

Pindi channa or Pindi chole is quite different from the usual channa curry we make usually to serve along with rotis. But this dish is supposed to be dry and not the liquid like gravy also this dish tastes tangy as this recipe goes for both amchur powder and dry pomegranate seeds. Some recipes calls for dry amlas to achieve the dark brown colour of this dish, but i sticked with the usual tea bags/leaves to get the dark brown colour.

Pindi channa,Pindi Chole

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mambazha Pulissery/Ripen Mango in Spiced Yogurt Gravy - Kerala Special

During my two months stay in India, i couldnt resist to try some of the traditional dishes with easily available fruits and veggies especially the seasonal produce. When i reached my home town in the month of June, i was just tempted to try some mango based dishes coz of the mango season. Eventhough mango is easily available in Paris, who can resist to those super fresh and sweet mangoes available abundantly in local markets na. Obviously i ate couple of ripen mangoes without any guilt and cooked this fingerlicking goodness Mambazha pulissery which is quite a traditional dish and a very popular dish from Kerala especially in Onam Sadya.

Pulissery can be prepared with fruits or vegetables depending upon your tastebuds. The most popular one among the varieties of pulissery available in Kerala cuisine is this Ripen mango pulissery. Actually Keralites do prepare pulissery with pineapple, ripen bananas etc however this ripen mango in spiced yogurt gravy is definitely a famous one. To be honest, this mambazha pulissery was in my to do list since ages, dunno why i never tried them at home, but fortunately i prepared them during my stay in India specially to tickle my tastebuds .

Mambazha Pulissery

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ooty Varki/Varkey - Tamilnadu Special

Tamil Nadu, true home of Indian vegetarianism, is the land of the delicious Pongal, Idli, Dosa, Sambar and Rasam. Tamilian's staple diet is steamed rice and most of their food consists of grains, lentils and vegetables. 'Sadhams' aka rice dishes with different flavours are their specialty. Spices are added for most dishes to give a distinctive taste. Coconut, tamarind, asafeotida are a must for most vegetarian dishes. Desserts such as burfis and payasams are also popular. To get a sample of the tasty cuisine, one can participate in the celebrations of Pongal, a festival more popularly known as Makar Sankranti elsewhere, when Pongal (rice and lentils boiled together and seasoned with ghee, cashew nuts, pepper and cummin seed) is prepared as a custom.

A non-vegetarian lunch, includes curries or dishes cooked with mutton, chicken or fish. The pappad and the pickle finishes a complete Tamilian meal. Chettinad cuisine is a speciality in Tamil Nadu and will be a delight for those who like hot and spicy non-vegetarian food. This type of food has several variations of fish, mutton, and chicken dishes of which the Chettinad Pepper Chicken is a specialty. The Tamil style of Mughali food can be savoured in the biriyanis and paya. Tamil Nadu is also famous for its filter coffee, the making of  this coffee is almost a ritual. Today am taking you all to Ooty, the queen of hill stations for its street food called Varki/Varkey.

Ooty Varki, Ooty Varkey

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Moongadi/Mogar Roti - Rajasthani Special

The cooking style followed in Rajasthan is based on the natural climatic conditions of this desert land. There is scarcity of water and fresh green veggies in the state of Rajasthan, which has an adverse impact on its cooking. In the desert belts of Rajasthan, it is preferred to use milk, butter milk and butter in larger quantities to minimize the amount of water while cooking food. Dried lentils and beans obtained from native plants like sangria are used extensively in the preparation of Rajasthani dishes. Gram flour is the major ingredient in the making of a couple of delicacies such as "pakodi" and "gatte ki sabzi". Powdered lentils are liberally used in the preparation of papad. Rajasthanis are quite fond of chutneys, which are prepared using different spices such as coriander, turmeric, garlic and mint.

Out of all the Rajasthani dishes, dal bati churma is perhaps the best known. For those who are in a lookout for variety, Rajasthan has a lot to offer. Infact, as you travel from one part of the state to another, you'll find that every region has something unique, which reflects in its food as well. After a simple comforting meal from Kashmiri cuisine, am taking you all to Rajasthani cuisine.

Rajasthani yellow moongdal roti, Mogar roti

Monday, September 7, 2015

Mong Khetchir - Kashmiri Special

Kashmiri food makes an extensive use of turmeric and yoghurt. Superb preparation and fabulous aromatic flavor of the Kashmiri food is so alluring that even those who are not feeling hungry end up yearning for more. In Kashmiri dishes, garlic and onion are not used much as in the case of other Indian cuisines. Absolutely rich in taste and exotic in flavor, Kashmiri cuisine has become a popular choice. The strong influence of Kashmiri pandits, who are predominantly meat eaters, explains the reason why the cuisine of Kashmir has more of non vegetarian dishes. Kashmiri thali is preferred mainly for its non vegetarian dishes. However, there are some real mouthwatering vegetarian dishes too, which are relished by all.Kashmiris use ghee to cook meals, though in urban areas, well educated families have started using mustard oil as an alternative, to avoid the intake of high fat in ghee.The cuisine of Kashmir is truly unique and has absolutely no comparison.

Mong Khetchir, Kashmiri Moongdal khichdi

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Vegetable Pol Roti, Sambal & Soya Meat Curry - A Srilankan Breakfast

Srilankan Cuisine ressembles very much like South Indian cuisine.Sri Lankan cuisine is served mainly with  boiled or steamed rice along with a curry of fish, chicken, beef, mutton or goat for non vegetarians or else along with other curries made with vegetables, lentils or fruit for vegetarians.
Dishes are accompanied by pickled fruit or vegetables, chutneys and sambals, especially coconut sambol, a paste of ground coconut mixed with chili peppers, dried Maldive fish and lime juice.Sri Lankan cuisine has influences from colonial powers, foreign traders and the Kerala region of India. Key ingredients are rice, coconut and especially spices, reflecting the island's history as a spice producer and trading post over several centuries.

The most popular type of roti of Srilanka is Pol roti, this stove topped flat bread made either with wheat flour/maida or else Kurakkan flour which means finger millet flour or else a mixture of both flours and freshly scraped coconut. However onions, grated vegetables,chopped green chillies can be added to this mixture before cooking.

Vegetable Pol Roti, Soya Meat curry, Sambal

Friday, September 4, 2015

Bedmi Poori & Aloo ki Sabzi - A Uttar Pradesh Special

Bedmi Poori, if you have already visited North India, you would have surely heard about this Uttar Pradesh special deep fried kachori like puri. Actually this deep fried urad dal stuffed pooris are quite famous in most of cities like Delhi, Agra,Mathura. This pooris are favourite street food too, when served with aloo ki sabzi aka potato curry, you can see heaven in front of your eyes. Both bedmi poori and aloo ki sabzi makes an excellent pair. Bedmi poori is prepared with a stuffing which goes for urad dal, this is the highlight of this poori. When i was searching for a famous North Indian poori i crossed this bedmi pooris, actually they do exists in two versions, some makes this poori by stuffing the cooked urad dal mixture while some add the spiced urad dal mixture directly to the flour and make as pooris. But i sticked with the first method, i found that stuffng makes this pooris more interesting than adding them directly to the flour and make dough out of it.

Bedmi Poori, Aloo ki sabzi

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tortilla Española & Sofrito - Spanish Potato Tortilla & Spanish Tomato Sauce

After a complete weekend Pakistani breakfast, today am taking you all to Spain. This country is very close to my heart coz of my best friend. She is my next door neighbour and friend who never fail to surprise me with many gifts from Spain. Actually she was one who introduced me to this Potato Tortilla. This potato tortilla have their important place in Spanish tapas. Not to forget that this Spanish tortilla makes an excellent breakfast, dinner,lunch or snack. There is a difference between a Spanish tortilla and a Mexican tortilla. The Spanish version is made by frying thinly sliced potatoes in olive oil, then layering those slices in a pan preferably a cast iron frying pan, covering with beaten eggs, and cooking until set. It’s perfect for a weekend meal, this tortilla needs  few ingredients which you likely have in your pantry. It tastes too good warm or either in room temperature, or also you can have it cold.

Spanish Tortilla, SpanishTomato Sauce

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Puri, Aloo Channa Bhaji, Halwa - Pakistani Traditional Breakfast

My today's recipe goes to Pakistani breakfast, if you are my follower you have already noticed that am running a  month of blogging marathon. As i told earlier,this week's theme is combo meals, hence i picked a traditional Pakistani breakfast, as this dish goes for three different dishes. This combo meal is a classic breakfast of Pakistan, obviously you cant eat puri without channa bhaaji and halwa to finish this breakfast prefectly.Pakistani cuisine is a refined blend of various regional cooking traditions of South Asia. Pakistani cuisine is very similar to North Indian cuisine, but incorporates noticeable Afghan, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern influences.The fusion Mughlai cuisine is the most popular cuisine found in most Pakistani restaurants.

A typical pakistani breakfast is called nashta, during holidays or weekends halwa,poori and cholay/Channa is a must and these three dishes are very much appreciated by the locals. Hence i picked this three dishes to serve virtually to you all.

Aloo channa bhaji,Halwa,Puri

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Roti Prata - Singaporean Flat Bread with Vegetarian Curry Sauce

Am so happy to say that  this whole month of september is going to be an another long month of blogging marathon. Actually every year during april and september, we blogger marathoners give a change to our routine three days posts and go for a month of blogging marathon. I have been a part of this adventure and felt like saying that am very much excited to do this non stop blogging for a month because of this marathon. Every long marathon have their own themes, we have already tried Indian regional cuisine with alphabetic order, International cuisine with alphabetic order and last april we did a month of baking. Obviously this month's long marathon also have its own theme and the name of the theme 'BUFFET on TABLE'.

We will be posting combo meals from different countries for the first week, then followed by Indian regional cuisine, then for the third week we go for condiments, then breakfast dishes and we finish this culinary travel with blogger's choice as theme for the last week. Sounds interesting rite.For the first day of this month's long marathon, am posting Roti Prata from Singaporean cuisine which sounds almost like Indian flaky bread parotta, yes am kick starting my first day with a flaky flat bread which Singaporean serves along with a flavourful curry sauce.

Roti Prata - Singaporean Flat Bread