Monday, June 30, 2014

Eggless Hungarian Kipfels/Eggless Kiffles

Kipfels or Kiffles are Hungarian sweet rolls often prepared for family gatherings especially for birthday, anniversary, wedding or simply for a get together as snack.Usually these addictive pastry style rolls goes for rich dough. Kipfels are traditionally prepared with lards, loads of eggs, butter and cream. Kipfels looks almost like crescent shaped and they are not large. Eventhough Kipfles goes for very rich dough, they also goes for fillings prepared with either nuts, cream cheese,cinnamon or else fruit fillings like prunes, apricots. When its comes to make this super rich Hungarian kipfels are eggless, its seriously a real challenge for us. But still i tried my hands to make this eggs,butter, cream loaded kipfels as completely eggless eventhough i went for butter and cream cheese. Trust me these kipfels are dangerously addictive.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Eggless No Bake Frozen Mango Custard Cheesecake

June is a month of celebration for us, that too towards the last week its almost everyday a birthday. My younger brother,my daughter, my cousin and my SIL celebrates their birthday. Obviously i wont keep myself away from baking. First comes my brother's birthday, usually i'll bake vanilla cake for him, but this time for a change i went for an eggless No bake cheesecake with mango, this King of fruits started showing their head in Indian stores and this time i pickled some Pakistani Mangoes( dont ask me about the name coz i dont have any idea about the name, but the fruit was really very fleshy and prefect for making this cheesecake). Since i was bit busy with other stuffs i couldnt bake him a cake earlier, obviously i went for this quick cheesecake and kept in freezer instead of fridge.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Okra Potato Curry/ Bhindi Aloo Ki Sabzi

Stir fry or curry, however okra aka bhindi and potatoes works wonder together, one of my recent trial with these both vegetables turned out absolutely yummy. This sabzi goes for simple ingredients with few spice powders, and i went for microwave oven cooking for making this fingerlicking curry. Microwave cooking needs patience but you doesnt need to stay next to your oven as we do if you are cooking in stove top. Once the cooking time gets finished,your dishes will be ready to have, actually i love preparing foods through microwave oven, i know some are using their microwave oven just for reheating but trust me you can make varieties of dishes with this kitchen gadget. I have prepared couple of dishes with my microwave oven and still i cook my basmati rice through it,since ever i have started cooking basmati rice through microwave oven i get prefectly cooked basmati rice. You know i can talk for hours about microwave cooking, actually you can prepare a Royal feast with it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vankaya Kura/Masala Gutti Vankaya Koora/Andhra style Stuffed Brinjals

Vankaya means brinjals in Telugu, brinjals are prepared in different way either as gravies or as curries. Personally i love Andhra style stuffed brinjals, when i picked some small green brinjals in Indian grocery few days back, i want to make some Andhra style stuffed brinjals. Back home, i googled for no onion no garlic vanakaya koora aka stuffed brinjal curry, i got hooked to Divya's Masala Gutti vankaya kura as this recipe goes for simple ingredients and they are prepared without both onion and garlic. Actually i never know that vankaya kura or koora can be prepared without onion and garlic, immediately i prepared this nutty masala vankaya koora. This side dish suits awesome as side dish with rice and rotis, however i love this Vankaya kura with rasam rice.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Komaj - Eggless Persian Date Filled Turmeric and Cumin Buns

Komaj, this Persion buns are flavoured with turmeric and cumin seeds which is stuffed with chopped dates, the addition of cumin and turmeric makes this Komaj very different from other bakes,and the most interesting part is these Persian buns are stuffed with dates, so both cumin,dates combination while having this buns sounds very much unique. I have already uses cumin in breads when its comes to savory,but this bread is very much different.Cumin is very much used in Persian cuisine as they are grown abundantly, obviously local Persian dishes are often flavored by cumin in combination with turmeric powder. This sweet and savory bread is served with tea and you can find them in heart shaped buns, this is the way these buns are eaten in Iran. Komaj is this month's bread for We Knead To Bake, a monthly baking event by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen. After 'Pain au lait', a French milk buns we are travelling towards Iran for making this interesting buns Komaj.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Strawberry Rolls with Cream Cheese & Lemon Glaze/Rolls aux Fraises et Glaçage Crémeux au Citron

I dont want to bore again by saying again and again that baking is one of my most favourite passion and i love to make varieties of bakes at home. Baking have became a part of my life and i love to challenge myself by participating in few of the baking challenges.Today my small group of friends are celebrating one among our friend, enthuastic blogger, a sister Shama Nagarajan who blog's about Easy 2 Cook Recipes. I know Shama since a long as a blogger, but before a year we got very closer by chitchatting through the famous social network. Now we talk to each other whenever time permits and the bond between us is growning on day by day.

             Shama wishing you a happy, wonderful and a blessed birthday with your loved ones.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Green Peas, Potato & Puffed Lotus Seeds In Green Gravy/Aloo Matar Makhane Ki Subzi

A healthy dinner at home goes for soft chappathis and a fingerlicking side dish. Most of our dinner will be either rotis or soups and salads. Its been quite a routine at home if i make soups or salads for a monday dinner obviously the next day will be definitely rotis.I love to make different subzis to enjoy along with those rotis. My lil one love potato and peas combination in curries, and this time i prepared that usual aloo matar bit differently by adding makhana aka fox nuts.Makhana or Puffed lotus seeds are known also as foxnuts, these are the seeds of the lotus flower. Makhana or puffed lotus seeds are very versatile and you can make many dishes out of it either as sweet or savory. You can make many delicious, rich dishes with this foxnuts and they can be made with ease.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Green Peas Masala Sundal

Sundal, this beans/legumes sauteed evening snacks filled with proteins is our family favourite. I do varieties of sundal with vegetables or simply go for a tempered ones. This time i tried this green peas masala sundal with dried green peas, which i usually soak overnite. Dried green peas tastes fabulous in sundal than the fresh green peas or than the frozen ones. Personally i love to make curries with dried and soaked green peascoz they will be always in pantry than the fresh and frozen one. Soaked peas,later frozened are more handy and they are available at any moment of the day to dish out of them. I'll never forget to get a packet of dried green peas from Indian groceries,coming to today's post this masala sundal goes for both grated mango and coconut.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Green Peas & Carrot Crispy Balls/Boulettes de Petit Pois et Carottes

Wonder its a French recipe or not,but i learned this dish during my first ever cooking class i went few days back here in Paris. Actually this cooking class was seriously very interesting as i learned to cook and make no cook dishes out of the canned/tinned foods. Instead of opening and heating the canned vegetables, the chef of this cooking class dished out a couple of interesting dishes. I was speechless when she prepared a sandwich with tinned palm's heart,a carrot tart , a cake with tinned french beans etc, one among those recipes i learned from this cooking class is this crispy green peas and carrot balls actually known in French as Boulettes de Petit pois et Carottes.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Coriander & Coconut Milk Paratha

Have you ever tried coriander and coconut milk paratha, sounds different and very interesting na, yea i tried few days back this incredible and very flavorful parathas. Am posting this very different parathas for this month's Shhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge started by me three months back.We are having fun in guessing other's secret ingredients through the pictures each of us have been sharing in our FB group. Trust me its seriously very hard to find out the secret ingredients,each of us have done an excellent job by creating delicious dishes with their secret ingredients which is still a mystery for us.Today you can able to see a couple of bloggers posting their beautiful creations they prepared specially for this event.Am very thankful to each and every members of this group for their participation every month without any fail.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Matar Kulcha/Green Peas Kulcha

Initially when i started blogging, i dont know that much difference between the Naan and Kulchas. I was like both are same then later i came to know the difference, yes Thanks to blogging world.Kulchas is a cousin of Naan, made with baking soda/baking powder instead of Yeast as naan goes for Yeast. This Indian flat bread is made with leavening agents, sometimes they are stuffed with spiced vegetable stuffings.Kulchas is quite a typical Punjabi recipe and Amritsar, a city in Punjab is famous for its kulchas and Naans.Usually eaten with chole aka channa masala, Kulchas makes a filling breakfast or dinner. If they are stuffed, they doesnt even need any side dish to have with.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Spinach Fatayer/Fatayer Sabanekh/Spinach Pastry Triangles

Spinach fatayer which is also known as Fatayer sabanekh is quite famous in Middle Eastern countries. This spinach pastry triangles are prefect finger food, they can be eaten as starters or snacks. Its really very easy to make this spinach pastry triangle and its completely guilt free. Yes these triangles are baked one's and they take hardly very less time to get ready. No cooking is needed, just make the dough and the filling is quite enough to prepare this excellent starter. Chopped spinach spiced with oil, pepper powder, salt and sumac with walnuts and chopped onions are needed for making the stuffing. Usual ingredients makes the dough, its like a child play actually.Actually my lil one enjoyed thoroughly doing this fatayer with me, he did everything by himself i just helped him by giving instructions how to fold and how to fill the rolled dough. See how easy these fatayers are.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Eggless Clementine Gelato with Salted caramel Flakes

Gelato is Italian icecream, this frozen dessert ressembles very much like icecream as most of the ingredients for making gelato goes almost for icecream. Gelato is prepared with milk,cream,sugar,fruits or nut puree as main ingredients as they are prepared by heating process. Eggs are used in this Italian icecream for giving a smooth texture to Gelato. But i tried making mine as eggless. Icecream maker is not need for making this homemade gelato, yes you can prepare gelato by using your blender. Since my theme for this week's blogging marathon is Summer specials,i couldnt resist to post this fruity gelato with salted caramel flakes i bought recently from our weekend trip.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Grated Gooseberry Pickle/Instant Grated Amla Pickle

Summer means pickling, sun dried fryums and obviously mangoes. After posting a simple, very delicious sweet and tangy chaat with mangoes, today am posting an another interesting pickle with gooseberries. This wonderful gooseberries are excellent source of Vitamin C and the precious oil which is extracted from its seeds and pulp are used as a treatmet for hair and scalp problems is highly prized.Amlas aka Gooseberries are cooling agent and its adviced to take them often in your diet while its peak summer. These Indian gooseberries offers 5 different tastes, yes they are sour, bitter,pungent ,astringent often ends in sweet taste which is enhanced if you drink water after having amlas.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sweet & Sour Mango Chaat

Mango, this king of fruit is everyone's favourite at home. Its peak season in India and my mom came back from India with some green mangoes. I was very happy to get those green mangoes, since i have tried couple of delicious dishes with green mangoes, i seriously want to make completely different from the usual dishes with those super fresh mangoes. One of those mangoes my mom brought was between sweet and sour when i chopped it,immediately my mind went for both raita or a simple plate of mango chaat. Finally i ended it to this super attractive chaat,trust me this chaat was extremely delicious with a mixed taste between sweet, sour and bit spicy.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rendez Vous With A Foodie - Sujatha Ram of Indian Veg Kitchen

Twice a month am introducing newbie bloggers to this immense blogging virtual world, just to showcase their blogs with their guest posts they prepred specially for me and i named the event as Rendez vous with a foodie. Many new fellow bloggers came towards me to join this event and shared their fabulous dishes since ever i started this event. Happy that this event is going successfully since a year. I came to know more about my guest hosts through their replies they shared for my questions along with their guestposts. Each and every posts of my guest hosts are unique in their own way.

Today's guest is an another wonderful sister i have met recently through Facebook, she was very kind and very humble and very sweet too. We are good friends since ever we started chatting and its really wonderful to know this busy working mom of two kids.I wonder always how working woman, busy mom feed their blog quite often. One among those active blogger aka mummy aka working woman is Sujatha Ram of Indian Veg Kitchen, my today's guest. Seriously i'll appreciate her for being active in this bloggy world often eventhough she is tighted up with many commitments. I have many favourites at Suja's space, love her bright and stepwise pictures. Everytime i bloghop her space, she never forget to make me drool. Have you ever heard about Karama Upma, a Tirunelveli special Upma prepared with rice flour, Suja shared this completely unknown dish with us. Trust me, if you go through her space, you will definitely spend your time in a wonderful way, please dont forget to keep aside few paper towel coz you wont stop drooling there.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vegan Hash Browns/Hashed Browns

You might have noticed that past two days am posting breakfast dishes, today is also an another easy breezy breakfast dish prepared simply by shredding the potatoes. This simple shredded potatoes when pan fried makes this addictive hash browns. Hash browns are staple breakfast food at diners in North America, and they are often fried on large quantity through stovetop or grill. In United states, hash browns are referred to shredded pan-fried potatoes and its considered as a breakfast dish, while potatoes diced or cubed, panfried are considered as country fried potatoes or home frieds. People says that hash browns are developed out of Swiss's farmer's breakfast Rosti, this dish is also  hash browned potatoes with meats,vegetables or else cheese.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Johnny Cake/Jonny Cake

After Griddle scones, today we are landing towards one of the early American staple food prepared with cornmeal called Johnny cake. Johnny cake is also known as journey cake, jonny cake, shawnee cake and johnny bread. Johnny cake goes for yellow cornmeal,this food might have been probably originates from the native inhabitants of North America and it is still eaten in West Indies, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Colombia, Bermuda and also in United States.Johnny cake is a type of pancakes or a unleavened cornbread prepared with cornmeal,water and milk.Johnny cakes may also prepared using leavening or without also with eggs or not. Like pancakes, they are often served with maple syrup,honey or with an other sweet toppings.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Griddle Scones/Girdle Scones

Scone is a single serving quick bread or a cake, they are prepared with flour or oatmeal with baking powder, lightly sweetened and glazed occasionally. Usually scone was round and flat but today scones exists also in triangle shaped. When sold commercially scones will be usually round, but when prepared at home, they may take various shapes like rounds, squares and triangles. Baking scones at home is very easy to make and you can make them either as sweet ones or savoury ones just by adding any ingredient of your choice. Personally i love to add chocolate chips, raisins or simply nuts in sweet scones. While savory scones can be prepared with cheese, onions or with varieties of chopped herbs.

Flaky Coriander Mathiri/Khasta Dhaniya Mathiri

Mathiri is one of most famous North Indian snacks, i always want to make at home. There are two varieties of Mathiris,one is the thin,flat and very crunchy mathiris prepared by rolling the dough as thin disc which is later shaped with a cookie cutter, the next one is the thick,spicy and flaky ones. Mathiris are in my to do list since a long, but i couldnt make them earlier for some reason. But today i got an opportunity to make this thick,spicy,flaky mathiris for a cook challenge, yes this mathiris are this month's challenge for the Southern team of the  South vs North Challenge an event owned by Divya Pramil. This month's host for the Northern team is me and i have challenged our opposite team with my native's special Munthiri Pakodas/Cashew Pakodas while Nupur of Uk Rasoi challenged us with this thick flaky Mathiris as the theme for this month is Evening Snacks, yes we have themes from last month and seriously am enjoying this themed challenges, so that we can cook from each category as some foods are very unknown for both teams na.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Munthiri Pakoda/Cashew Pakoda

Cashew pakodas, this pakoda is quite a famous snacks in South India, especially in my native. Whenever my grandma visits us she never failed to get a kg of this pakoda and onion pakoda from a famous snack stall in Pondicherry, obviously this cashew pakoda is something very close to my heart.Actually i make this pakodas very rarely at home as i dont like deepfrying. But since few days the Paris weather is too nasty and my kids started bugging me for some crispy fritters for their snacks. As am the host of this month's  South vs North Challenge an event owned by Divya Pramil i prepared this crunch munchy cashew pakodas to challenge our opposite Northern team as the theme of this month is Evening Snacks.The concept of this event is to exchange an Indian recipe between two teams. One team is Southern team (food bloggers  born and brought in South India) and the another one team is Northern team (food bloggers born and brought in North India). Every first of a month, a blogger from each team will challenge a recipe from their origin and the opposite team have to cook the recipe challenged by the other team.