Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mixed Vegetable Mozzarella Pie

Am addict to mozzarella, i love those cheese in salad, sandwiches, pizzas...here comes one of the simple recipe from kitchen but with plenty of vitamins n calcium...i prepared these pie within 30minutes with the leftover salad..Simple, tasty n cheesy pie within few minutes...

1cup Mixed Vegetable
5nos Mozzarella pieces
5nos Tomato pieces
1no Pastry sheet
1tsp Olive oil
1/4tsp Basil leaves(dry)
1/2tsp Soya sauce
1tsp All purpose flour

Take a large bowl add the mixed vegetable(Grated carrot, Cornkernels,Chinese cabbage,Celery ), olive oil, salt , basil leaves n pepper, mix everything well...dust the pastry sheet with all purpose flour n roll them well, with bowl r a cup cut the pastry sheet into small round sheets...

Preheat the oven at 350F...take the tart mould n grease it..place the pastry round sheet n fill it with mixed vegetable mixture...now arrange the tomato piece n mozzarella piece over the veggies..finish like this , completely the pastry sheet, u may get approximately 5 pies...

Bake them for 30minutes in 350F...Cheesy Pie is ready to serve....garnish each pie with soya sauce.

Monday, September 29, 2008

5000 Visitors Celebrating with Rose Badam Milk

Cant Believe!!!!!!!! Its not even a month i opened this Blogspot..already my visitor hits r more than 5,000....was very happy n wish to celebrate this hit with my family n my friends..so prepared this quick n healthy as well as tasty drink with rose syrup n badam (almond nuts)...Am very grateful to all my visitors n friends for giving me a very big support n for leaving their wonderful comments, this really give me much enthu n giving me more energy to continue..


20nos Almond nuts
2cup Milk
2tbsp Raw rice
5nos Cardamom pods
2tsp Rose Syrup
1/4cup Sugar (can increase as per ur need)

Soak almond nuts in hot water for an hour...soak the raw rice in hot water for half an hour...peel the skin of the almond nuts n grind both almond nuts n raw rice with enough water into fine paste..bring the milk with sugar to boil add the grounded paste n stir them continously for a while, dont forget to stir else the paste will get stick to the bottom of the pan...crush the cardamom pods n add to the hot almond milk...put off the stove...add the rose syrup to the milk, mix everything..keep aside n let them cool...

Can strain the rose badam milk n serve them chilled with ice cubes r else can serve them without straining too..

Yummy, Healthy n Tasty Rose Badam Milk is ready..

Okra Kurkure

Okra, which is commonly referred to as "lady’s finger", is of West African origin. Okra is a fibrous, green vegetable pod that contains many tiny white, edible seeds. It is available all year round and is a tropical plant growing particularly in warm climates.Okra can also be used in stir-fries and may be baked, grilled, boiled or steamed. It takes less than five minutes to cook.One hundred grams of Okra contains about 33 calories, 2.0 grams of protein, 7.6 grams of carbohydrates, with 0.1 grams fat. It is a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, n also iron...usually we prepare them as curries, for a change i tried it out as fritters...they turned really crispy n they vanished within few minutes..kids will love them for the sure...

20nos Okras
2tbsp Gram flour
3tbsp Rice flour
1tbsp Corn flour
1tsp Red chilly powder
3nos Garlic pods
1/2tsp Fennel seeds
Oil for deepfrying

Wash well the okras n pat dry them, discard the top n bottom...cut them lengthwise n keep aside, grind the garlic n fennel seed with water into thick paste..now add the gram flour, rice flour, cornflour, grounded paste, redchilli powder n salt..mix everything, just sprinkle some water so that the flours will get well stick to the okra pieces..keep them on the counter for 10 minutes...

Heat oil n fry them as deep fry..dont overcrowd, fry them in batches...drain the excess of oil in a paper towel..

Serve them as snacks r else as side for any rice dishes of ur choice...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oats Idli

Rolled Oats, which are commonly referred to as just "oats" are crushed grains of oat that have been rolled into flakes. The flakes are steam treated in order to soften them and make it easier for the body to digest the grains.Oats are a common breakfast dish and are an excellent source of iron, dietary fiber and thiamin. They also contain antioxidants that are believed to protect the circulatory system from diseases such as arteriosclerosis, which affects the arterial blood vessel.One hundred grams of dry, rolled oats contain about 380 calories, 67 grams of carbohydrates, 16 grams of protein and 6 grams of fat... they r nearly equivalent in quality to soya protein..very good for breakfast..i tried out as idli n dosais, authentic dishes of TamilNadu with oats..really its came out well..

1cup Parboiled rice
3/4cup Urad dal
1cup Rolled oats
1tsp Fenugreek seed
1inch Ginger
2nos Green chillies

Soak Urad dal with fenugreek seeds n rice separately for atleast 5 hours r overnite...grind the urad dal with finely chopped ginger n finely chopped green chillies until they turns soft..while grinding the urad dal, soak the rolled oats with 1 cup of water n keep aside, once the urad dal r well grinded, take off from the grinder in a large bowl, now add the soaked parboiled rice to the grinder n grind them coarsely..before taking them out add the soaked oats n grind them coarsely too, take off from the grinder n mix them with already grinded urad dal..add salt as per taste n keep aside for fermentation..u may see the batter would have rised n doubled their inital quantity..

Take the Idli plates, heat the pressure cooker r idli cooker, grease the idli plates n fill with the oats idly batter n cook them for about 10 minutes..take out the plates n remove the idlis with spoon carefully n serve them hot with any spicy sides...

Hot Oats Idlis are ready to serve!!!!!!!!!Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tofu Fried Rice

Tofu is low in calories, contains beneficial amounts of iron..These tofus r prepared from soyamilk, these r similar to cheese that we get from milk..Can get very easily from Chinese stores, to make this receipe u need to get extra firm Tofu as they r available in two types..one is extra firm tofu n another one is Silken tofu..silken tofu r very good for preparing desserts...This fried rice is prepared exactly with our Indian spices...we really enjoyed it lot...its very easy to prepare n healthiest dish...Sending this fried rice to RV & Sudeshna's FF7SOL-Tiffin Box..

2 cup Basmati rice (cooked )
1 cup Extra firm tofu( pieces)
1 no Onion (big)
1 nos Tomato (big)
2 tsp Ginger garlic paste
1/2 tsp Pepper powder
2 nos Green chillies
1/2 tsp Cumin seed powder
1 tsp Garam masala powder
3stalks Cilantro leaves
5nosCurry leaves
2 nos Bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cloves
3 tsp Oil
Salt as per taste

Cut the tofus as small cubes..marinate them with pepper powder, cumin seed powder,garam masala powder, salt for half an hour with a spoon of oil..heat 3 tsp of oil in a kadai, add the whole spices (bayleaves, cloves, cinnamon sticks) n let them fry until they turn brownish, cut the onions finely lenghtwise, cut tomato as small pieces, add the onions n tomatoes pieces to the fried whole spices, stir them continously, once the onion is transculent add the ginger garlic paste n green chillies slightly opened, stir them continously until the raw smell goes away, now add the marinated tofu pieces, put the flame in simmer n stir them well until the oil get separates..

Add the already cooked basmati rice to the masala n stir them well until they gets well mixed, add the curry leaves as well as chopped cilantro leaves to the rice, add salt if needed, keep always the flame in simmer, else the rice will get sticks to the bottom of the kadai...

Serve hot with any type of Raitas r else with chips r papads...Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cheesy Green Peas Pulav

Green peas are bursting with nutrients. "They provide good to very good amounts of 8 vitamins, 7 minerals, dietary fiber and protein," according to the website The World's Healthiest Foods. "Green peas' supercharged nutritional profile can supercharge your health." Green peas also serve as a very good source of folic acid and a good source of vitamin B6..Green peas are also a good source of iron, a mineral necessary for normal blood cell formation and function, whose deficiency results in anemia, fatigue, decreased immune function, and learning problems. Paneer is widely used in Indian cuisines n also even in some Middle east coutries n South Eastern Asia...Let go wat all we need for this awesome recipes is..

2cups Basmati Rice
3cups Coconut milk
1/2cup Green peas(frozen)
1/2cup Paneer Grated
1inch Ginger chopped
10nos Garlic pods
1/2tsp Cumin seeds
2nos Green chillies
1tsp Coriander leaves chopped
1tsp Butter

Wash thoroughly basmati rice with enough water, now add the 3cups of coconut milk, butter n salt n cook them in rice cooker r else in pressure cooker until 2hiss n put off the stove, adding butter will help the rice to be a bit firm n wont get stick together ...keep aside n let them cool..chop the garlic pods,cut the green chillies lengthwise n keep aside...

Heat the oil in a Wok r non stick pan, add the cumin seeds n let them crack, add the ginger pieces, garlic pods n green chillies, fry them for a while, now add the frozen green peas n stir them...add the grated cheese to the veggies n add immediately the already cooked basmati rice n stir just a while n put off the stove...garnish the pulav with coriander leaves...

Serve hot!!! Enjoy the Cheesssssssssssyyyyy Green Peas Pulav....

Mushroom Cream Omelette

Quick, easy mushroom omelettes... Five medium mushrooms contain only 20 calories, 3 grams of carbohydrate, and are virtually fat free.Mushrooms are an under-recognized source of potassium, an element that helps regulate blood pressure, helps keep the right balance of water in fat and muscle tissues, and helps ensure the proper functioning of cells.With a significant amount of selenium in every serving, mushrooms could turn out to be important ingredients in a cancer-fighting diet, especially in lowering the risk of prostate cancer, making them as omelette will be perfect n also very easy to feed kids, as well as ppls wont like to have mushrooms...

3nos Eggs
1cup Button mushrooms chopped
1/4cup Fresh Cream
1/4tsp Pepper powder

Whisk the eggs with fresh cream, pepper powder n salt.. keep aside...heat oil in a pan, add the chopped mushrooms to the oil n fry for a while, mushrooms may leave some water, thats y they r need to be fried for a while until the water gets evaporated...

Add the fried mushrooms to the already whised spiced egg, n mix everything well...heat a tsp of oil n pour a ladle, cook them until they get well cooked...

Healthy Mushroom Cream Omelette...

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ragi N Silken Tofu Cookies/ Vegan Ragi Cookies

I never tried cookies with silken tofu till today....today i tried it out with ragi n silken tofu as cookie..they turned out awesome, no words to say how they tastes, really they wer divine..Real Feast for Vegan Lovers..a protein packed baked cookies for everyone...

1/2cup Ragi flour
1cup Maida flour
2Tbsp Roasted Rava
1/2cup Silken Tofu
1/2cup Powder Sugar
1/4tsp Baking soda
1/2cup Vegetable Shortening
1tsp Cardamom powder
1/4cup Almond n Cashew nuts

Mix the vegetable shortening n powder sugar using a cake mixer, beat slowly until they turns creamy, add the maida flour, ragi flour, silken tofu, baking soda,roasted rava n the nuts to the creamy sugar n vegetable shortening, mix slowly until they turns smooth dough..dont add water at all..

Take a small ball from the smooth dough n flatten them in ur palm n press with a fork, meanwhile preheat the oven set it for 350F..arrange the unbaked cookies in a parchement paper , place the parchement paper in the middle rack of the oven n cook for 30minutes..

Tasty n Healthy Cookies !!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chocolate Glazed Gulab Jamuns

Gulab Jamuns with Chocolate!!! yeah its a quick n easy sweet dish, whenever i buy the tinned gulab jamuns, we wont have them immediately, they will always stay in our fridge for two days, to give a twist i used to prepare these chocolate glazed gulab jamuns, no need to say how delicious they will be... also they will vanish immediately...just need to prepare the chocolate sauce in microwave..thats it..

5nos Gulab jamuns (tinned)
2tbsp Chocolate powder
2tbsp Fresh Cream
2tsp Sugar powder
1tsp Almond Flakes

Take a microwave bowl, add the chocolate powder, sugar n fresh cream together, mix everything well..heat them in microwave just for a minute...meanwhile squeeze out the sugar syrup smoothly from the jamuns n arrange them in a bowl...now pour the hot chocolate syrup over the jamuns..keep in fridge for an hour...

Just sprinkle the almond flakes while serving..

Yummy Chocolate Glazed Gulab Jamuns !!!

Green Jelly

I love jellies, i never thought making jellies at home might be this much easier, with simple ingredients we can get jellies at home itself, the most important ingredient to prepare these jellies is Agar agar known as china grass, this is a vegetable subsitute of gelatin papers n this is an algae, can get very easily in Chinese stores...here we go...

1cup Water
1/2 cup Sugar
2 tsp Cardamom powder
1/2tsp Green colour r any other food colours
1/4 cup Agar agar

Heat water in a heavy bottomed pan, once they starts boil add the finely chopped agar agar pieces to the boiling water, once they starts boiling n get dissolved put the stove in simmer n add sugar, food colour( i used green food colour) as well as cardamom powder, stir them continously until the sugar gets well dissolved, take a icecube tray n pour with a tablespoon of green syrup, finish the green syrup..n keep them in fridge for 1 hour...

Take out of the icecube tray the jellies, with a help of a spoon, have them as desserts... relishing desserts n kids will love this jellies...can store them in fridge for 4 to 5 days...

Can also add fried chopped any nuts to the jellies too...its completely optional...

Can also use any type of essences to give flavour to this jellies, as i didnt have any essence i did with cardamom powder...

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Schezwan Chicken n Babycorn Fry

Schezwan chicken n babycorn fry goes well with chinese fried rice, it was very easy to prepare if u have all the ingredients besides u...one of the easiest dish, n very tastiest dish too..

1cup Chicken boneless pieces
6 nos Babycorn pieces
1no Onion big size
2 tsp Corn flour
2tbsp Soyasauce
5 nos Dry red chillies(adjust as per ur taste)
1tbsp Tomato ketchup
5 nos Garlic pods
2 nos Spring onions
1tbsp White vinegar
3tbsp Oil
Salt as per taste

Mix the corn flour with 1/4 tsp of salt to the boneless chicken pieces n keep aside...dry roast the dry red chillies n grind them croasely, cut the onion into big pieces, cut the garlic pods into 2 pieces..deep fry r shallow fry the chicken pieces until they r well cooked..
Once they r cooked, take them off n drain excess of oil in a paper towel, dont let them cool else they may stick with the paper towels, start immediately the preparation of this dish...
Cut the babycorns as ur wish r can add them without cutting them into small pieces..now heat a pan, add oil, when the oil is hot add the onions n garlic n fry them, dont cook them well...once onions change they colour slightly add the babycorn pieces, followed by chicken pieces, mix everything well n let them cook for a while, add the soyasauce,white vinegar, tomato ketchup to the chicken n babycorn pieces, check for the salt here if its not enough add salt as per taste, stir them well, once they r well mixed add the red chilli flakes to the chicken pieces , stir them to mix well n put off the stove, garnish with chopped spring onions...

Serve hot with any chinese rice dishes...adjust the red chilli flakes as per ur taste...if u need spicy go on..


On the way to Eat Healthy - During Pregnancy by Sangeeth

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Spicy Mozzarella Sandwich

Spicy n cheesy sandwich, perfect for lunch with simple salad...i prepared them a bit spicy with our famous indian spice, the great Red chilly powder...This sandwich goes directly to RV & Sudeshna's Foods For 7Stages Of Life..

1no Mozzarella Cheese
2nos Tomatoes
1/4tsp Red chilly powder
2pinch Pepper powder
1tsp Olive oil
6nos Bread Slices

Cut the cheese n tomatoes in circular shape...add the red chilly powder, pepper powder, olive oil n salt to the cheese n marinated them for half an hour..

Preheat the oven at 350F..fill the bread slice with the marinated cheese pieces followed by tomato pieces n by another bread slices..make three sandwiches like this....grill them for 5 minutes...

Serve hot with salad...

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Bok Choy Omelette

Bok Choy, famous chinese cabbage as they get easily cooked as stir fry, was thinking to prepare them as omelette, coz its kinda hard to feed kids, as those cabbages were laying in my fridge, i tried them as omelette..they tastes too good, another healthy omelette from my kitchen..

3nos Eggs
1cup Bokchoy Chopped
1/2no Onion Chopped
1/2tsp Pepper powder

Heat a tsp of oil in a pan, add the chopped onion to the hot oil n stir them until they turns transculent,now add the chopped bokchoy pieces n cook them for a while, add pepper powder n salt to the veggies..keep aside n let them cool..

Whisk the eggs n add the already cooked n spiced veggies, mix everything well...heat a small pan n heat a tsp of oil, pour a ladle n cook them well...

Tasty Bok Choy Omelette is ready!!!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Wheat Bread Puttu

Bored of usual sandwich as well as bread toast, give a try to this wheat bread puttu, a very good n healthiest snacks for everyone..this dish is prepared with wheat bread n also one of the easiest way of preparing a snack with bread..Kids will surely love this..even adults will like this bread puttu...

8nos Wheat Bread Slices
1/4cup Butter r ghee
10nos Cashew nuts
2tsp Cardamom powder
1/2cup Grated Coconut
1/2cup Sugar

Grind the bread slices in a food processor coarsely n keep aside..heat a kadai, add the butter r ghee n let them melt, break the cashews into small pieces, once the butter r ghee is hot add the cashew pieces n fry them until they turns brownish, now add the grated coconut r dessicated coconut, keep the flame in simmer n fry them for a second, now add the coarsely powdered bread pieces to the ghee n turn them for a while, add the sugar to the bread puttu n stir them for a minute,add cardamom powder to the puttu, stir them for a while n put of the stove...

Serve hot, kids will love for the sure..can prepare them with any sort of bread slices..


Beets Omelette

Omelette with Beetroot!!! yeah they tastes bit sweet n very healthy, cooked beetroot is a great source of folate that can protect you against high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Beetroot can be stored in the refrigerator or on a cool, dark shelf. It'll normally keep for a few weeks when it's young and fresh. here we go for the omelette..

1no Beet
3nos Eggs
5nos Curry leaves
1/2tsp Pepper powder

Peel the skin n wash thoroughly the beetroot, pressure cook it upto 2 hiss..keep aside n let them cool, grate them, meanwhile beat the eggs with pepper powder n salt for a while, now add the grated beetroot n curry leaves n mix everything well, check for the salt..

Heat tsp of oil in a small pan, pour the beet n egg mixture n cook them well until they turns brown..

Tasty, spicy n bit sweet Beets Omelette!!!!! Serve them hot !!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zucchini Idli

Idli with Zucchini..a real fusion..i tried this idlies with zucchini just to give a trial..but the result was wonderful..as we know zucchini is a low calorie vegetable, can have them largely while dieting, this vegetable will get cooked easily n good for health..its one of my creation...

1cup Idli Batter
2cups Zucchini grated
1tsp Ginger grated
2nos Green chillies

Grind grated Zucchini, grated ginger n green chillies together finely...grind them well without not even a single drop of water, as zucchini contains sufficient water, once they get grinded they looks somewat watery...make the idly batter as thick batter, so that once u add the grounded paste they will be in correct constitency for making idlies..add the grounded paste to the idli batter n mix them well..

Take the idli plates, grease with enough oil..pour a ladle of zucchini Idli batter n cook them in pressure cooker r idli cooker for 10 minutes..Take off from the idli plates n serve hot with any choice of chutney..U wont find more difference from usual idlies but ginger n green chillies will enhance the flavour of this idlies..

Low Caloric Zucchini idly, perfect breakfast while dieting!!

Bok Chay Pappu/Sambhar

Bok chay is a chinese cabbage, this chinese leaf vegetables r commonly used in Chinese cuisine..the leaves n the stem are really very tender, they get cooked very easily, they need just few minutes to get cooked well...they r usually prepared by the chinese as stir fry, i tried it out them with toor dhal as pappu/sambhar with usual ingredients, they tastes awesome.. when served with pickles with rice topped with ghee, no words to explain, really heaven...

2cups Bok Choy chopped
1no Onion chopped
1no Tomato chopped
1cup Toor dhal
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
3nos Green chillies slit opened
1/4tsp Mustard seeds
1/4tsp Urad dal
1/4tsp Asafoetida powder
2nos Dry red chillies
1tsp Lemon juice
2pinch  Sugar
3nos Curry leaves

Pressure cook toor dal with turmeric powder upto 3 hiss...keep aside n let them cool..heat enough oil in a pan, add the mustard seeds, urad dal, asafoetida powder n red dry chillies n let them splutters..add the chopped onions, chopped tomatoes n slit opened green chillies n stir them until they get well cooked, now add the chopped bokchoy n stir them well, add enough salt n 2 pinch of sugar n stir it until they shrinks..add enough water as per ur need to the cooked toor dal n add them to the veggies, cook them well until all the veggies get well cooked, add the lemon juice n curry leaves n put off the stove...

Mildly Spicy Bokchoy Pappu is ready to serve!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Coriander Onion Chutney/ Kothamalli vengaya Thuvaiyal

Simple, quick n tangy chutney, goes awesome with hot idlies, dosais also with sambhar, rasam rice dishes...

2cups Coriander leaves
1/4cup Curry leaves
2nos Green chillies
2nos Dry Red chillies
1inch Ginger chopped
5nos Garlic pods
1no Onion chopped
1tsp Urad dal
1no Tamarind(blueberry size)
1/4tsp Mustard seeds

Heat a tsp of oil n add the urad dal, red chillies, green chillies n let them splutters, now add the ginger, garlic n chopped onions n stir them until the onions turns transculent..

Add now the Coriander leaves (keep the stem intact coz they r also rich in vitamins), curry leaves n stir them until they shrinks..add the tamarind n put off the stove, keep aside n let them cool..

Grind them with enough salt n water a bit coarsely, heat again oil in a pan, add the mustard seeds n let them splutters, add the grounded paste to the mustard seeds n stir them for a while until the oil gets separated...

Tangy n Spicy Chutney !!!!

Tomato Bhath

Tomato bhath a simple recipe, can say that they tastes neither upma nor kichadi...Easy to prepare with very easy simple ingredients, tastes awesome when served with coconut chutney..

1cup Roasted Rawa
2nos Ripe n Juicy Tomatoes
1tsp Ginger chopped
2nos Bay Leaves
2nos Cloves
1no Cinnamon stick
2nos Green chillies (slit opened)
5nos Curry leaves

Heat oil in a pan..add the bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon sticks , fry them until they turns brown.. chop the tomatoes into small pieces, add them to the fried whole spices, with chopped ginger n slit opened green chillies, close the pan with lid keep the flame in simmer,cook them until tomato pieces turns mushy..add 2cups of water n enough salt n bring them to boil..once they starts boiling, add the roasted rawa n cook them well until take off from the bottom of the pan..add the curry leaves n put off the stove..

Tomatobhath is ready, serve them hot with coconut Chutney....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Coriander Masala Chappathi

Coriander leaves are also known as cilantro, the fresh leaves are an essential ingredient in many South Asian foods..All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are the most commonly used in cooking. Coriander has been used as a folk medicine for the relief of anxiety and insomnia in Iranian folk medicine..Coriander leaves r rich in Vitamin C.. i tried chappathis using those excellent vitamined leaves..they r greenish as well as tasty..

2cups Wheat flour
2tsp Ghee
Maida for dusting

To Grind:
1cup Coriander leaves
1/4cup Mint leaves
1no Green chilly
1tsp Ginger pieces
6nos Garlic pods
1/4cup Curd

Grind everything from list 'To Grind' finely as in picture..Take a large bowl add the wheat flour,salt n ghee also add the grounded paste..knead everything as soft dough..keep aside for half an hour..

Make 10 to 12 balls from the dough..dust them with maida flour n roll them as chappathis..heat a tawa n cook them both sides until they get well cooked with a teaspoon of oil r ghee...

Serve them hot with any choice of side dish...

Cream Corns

Bored of preparing dinner, so tried it out this simple recipe with tinned cornkernels..really very easy to do, just need cream n onion, can add any sort of dry herbs to give them awesome flavour...goes excellent with garlic bread r else simply with toasted bread slices...

1cup Cornkernels
1no Onion chopped
1/4cup Cream
2tsp Corn flour
Pepper powder
1tsp Basil Leaves (dry)
1tsp Olive oil

Heat oil in a pan, add the chopped onion n cook them until they turns tender, now add the corn kernels with enough salt ,cream n pepper powder, cook them for a while, add the enough water n bring them to boil..make a thin batter with water n corn flour n keep aside..once they start boiling add the cornflour batter n cook them until they turn thick..sprinkle the basil leaves n put off the stove...

Yummy Cream Corns!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is shallow fried potatoes cooked in thick curd with spice powder, they r very famous in North India, usually they r served with naans, parottas etc...here is the recipe of those awesome potatoes cooked in thick curd..

5nos Baby potatoes
1cup Thick Curd
1tsp Ginger garlic Paste
1/2tsp Red chilli powder
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
1tsp Coriander powder
1/4tsp Cumin seed powder
2pinch Pepper powder
1tsp Coriander leaves chopped
1tsp Green chilly Chopped
2nos Bay leaves

Pressure cook the baby potatoes upto 2 hiss, keep aside..let them cool... peel the skin n make small holes with a fork on the potatoes, shallow fry them..

Take the thick curd n add the turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin seed powder, pepper powder n ginger garlic paste with enough water, mix everything well..

Heat oil in a pan, add the bay leaves n green chillies, let them get fry..add the spiced curd n shallow fried potatoes n cook in simmer until the oil get separates..garnish with chopped coriander leaves...

Moongdal Tadka / Spicy Moong dal

Simple, quick dal prepared with moongdal, this dal goes well with hot rice served with papads n also as side dish for chappathis..they r also served commonly in bengali homes for lunch n also for dinner..

1cup Split moongdal
1tsp Green chillies (chopped)
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
1/2tsp Cumin seeds
2nos Bay leaves
1no Dry red chilly
1tsp Ghee
1/2tsp Sugar
1tsp Coriander leaves chopped

Dry roast the split moongdal until they turn slightly brown..pressure cook them with a cup of water upto 2 hiss...keep aside n let them cool..blend them a bit coarsely..add sugar n salt to the dal

Heat ghee in a pan, add the bay leaves, cumin seeds n red chillies, n fry them for a while, now add the green chillies n fry it..now add the cooked moong dal to the pan, bring it boil..add the coriander leaves n put off the stove...

Tasty n simple tadka!!!

Dahi Murgh / Spicy Curd Chicken

Dahi means' thick curd' n murgh means 'chicken'..chicken prepared in thick curd with spices is dahi murgi..its a typical bengali recipes, easy to prepare..they tastes awesome, can be served with rice dishes n also can be a side for parathas, kulcha, parotta...

10nos Chicken pieces
2tsp Garlic n ginger paste
1/4cup Green chilli paste
2tsp Garam masala powder
2nos Onion chopped
1tsp Cumin seeds
1cup Thick curd
1tsp Lemon juice
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
2tsp Coriander leaves chopped

Wash thoroughly the chicken pieces with turmeric powder, marinate them with thick curd, salt n lemon juice, keep them aside n dont disturb them for an hour..

Heat oil in a kadai, add the cumin seeds n let them crack, now add the chopped onion n stir them until get turns tender, add the ginger garlic paste, green chilli paste n cook them until the raw smells goes on, now add the marinated chicken pieces with curd, cook them until they change their colour..add now the garam masala powder n check for salt, if needed as salt as per need, close the kadai with the lid n cook in medium flame..

Once the oil get separates from the chicken, put off the stove n add chopped Coriander leaves..

Serve them hot as side dish!!

Herbal Juice

Herbal Juice, greenish colour juice with plenty of vitamins, rich in iron n healthy without any calorie..very good to take before breakfast in empty stomach, people who need to take iron tablets can replace those tablets very well with this juice...good to take daily before breakfast r else twice a week...Am sending this herbal juice to Sadhana & Muskaan's Home Remedies Event..

1cup Coriander leaves
1cup Mint Leaves
1/4cup Curry leaves
1tsp Lemon juice
1tsp Ginger chopped
2pinch Pepper powder

Blend coriander leaves, mint leaves, curryleaves with chopped ginger with 1 cup of water..blend them finely n strain the juice with a strainer, can also add water as per ur need..

Mix the lemon juice, salt n pepper powder to the strained juice n serve them..

Healthy herbal Juice!!!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cream Tomato Soup

Lovely n colourful soup, perfect while the climate is cold as well as perfect for dinner, i took this recipe form Sia's Monsoon Spice, a splendid soup to enjoy with family..

5nos Ripe n Juicy Tomatoes
1no Carrot chopped
1no Onion chopped
2nos Bay leaves
1/4cup Milk
2tsp Corn flour
1tsp Olive oil
1/4tsp Pepper
1/2tsp Sugar

Heat the olive oil in a pan add the bay leaves n chopped onion n cook them until they get well fried, add the roughly chopped carrot pieces n stir them well..meanwhile chop the tomatoes n add them to the already cooking veggies, add enough water with salt n cook them until the veggies get cooked well...

Keep them aside n let them cool..now blend them in a mixie r with a hand blender, strain the soup n add pepper powder n sugar n bring them to boil.. make a thin sauce with milk n corn flour..add this to the boiling soup n stir them until they turn thick..put off the stove..

Serve hot with toasted bread.

Moongdal Vada

Simple, tasty , quick n easy evening snacks, I took this recipe from Sia's Monsoon spice, they took really less time to prepare, its such a simple recipe n quick to do, was really a big hit in our home..here we go for those awesome crispy vadais..

1/2cup Split moong dal
1/4cup All purpose flour
2tsp Rice flour
1no Onion chopped
1no Green chilly chopped
1/2tsp Red chilly powder
1/4tsp Cumin seeds
1tsp Ginger chopped
2tsp Coriander leaves chopped
Oil for deep frying

Soak moongdal for 2 hours..drain the excess of water with a strainer, take them in a large bowl..add the all purpose flour, rice flour, chopped onion, chopped green chilly, red chilly powder, cumin seeds, chopped ginger as well as the coriander leaves with enough salt..knead them well with enough water..

Make small balls from the batter n press them as vadais...Deep fry them in hot oil n fry them until they turn brown..

Serve them hot with any choice of chutneys..

Cauliflower Spicy Rice

Cauliflower spicy rice is one of the lunch box menu...who were bored of usual lunch box menu can try this..if am bored to cook, will do this dish very often coz its very easy to prepare n very tasty too...quick, easy, tasty as well as healthy rice dish..

10 nos Cauliflower florets
1 cup Cooked basmati rice r left over rice
1 no Onion chopped
2 nos Green chilli slightly opened
1/2 tsp Cumin seed powder
1/2 tsp Pepper powder( can decrease r increase)
1 tsp Garam masala powder
1/4 tsp Mustard seeds
1/4 tsp Cumin seeds
5 nos Curry leaves
2 tsp Oil
Salt as per taste

Heat oil in a pan..add mustard seed n cumin seed n let them splutters, now add the finely chopped onions n stir they until they turns transculent, meanwhile heat 1 cup of water in a pan , once the water is hot add the cauliflower florets with a pinch of turmeric powder n cook them until they turns slightly tender , drain them in a colander n keep side.

Add the slightly opened green chillies to the onions, n cook them for a while with cumin seed powder, pepper powder n garam masala powder n salt as per need, add the already cooked cauliflower florets to the onion n green chillies n stir them continously...

Cook the spiced cauliflower florets for 10 minutes in simmer with the lid closed...meanwhile if have ur left over rice in fridge, bring them to room temperature, if u would have cooked ur rice before making this dish, keep aside n let them cool..if the rice is hot they will stick together n the spices cant be well mixed with the rice..check the florets for salt n spices, if everything is correct add the cooked rice to the cauliflower n the spices ..add the chopped curry leaves n put the flame in simmer n turn them well until the spices n cauliflower florets get well mixed..

Papads, potato chips goes well with this dish...if u need more spicy add pepper powder as ur need..



Sandesh is a Bengali sweet prepared with fresh home made Paneer (cheese) n sugar, one of the easiest North Indian Sweets n really tasty too...Paneer is a soft n mild cottage cheese can prepare them very easily in home itself...

1/2cup Paneer (fresh)
1/4cup Sugar
1tsp Cardamom powder
4nos Pistachios chopped
1tsp Rose essence (optional)

Grind finely sugar n cardmom together, if u dont like cardamom pieces in ur mouth while eating sandesh can sieve them, as i like i didnt sieve...take a large bowl crumble first the fresh paneer n now add the sugar n cardamom mixture n the essence(but its completely optional) n mix them well with ur fingers..take a small quantity of this paneer mixture n make them as golf size balls, arrange them in muffin paper cups,keep them in fridge for half an hour n serve them chilled...

Relishing n easiest Sandesh is ready to eat..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Peanut Chikki/Kadala Mittai

One of my favourite sweet is peanut chikki..whenever i go to Indian grocery, we always used to pick these mittai..everyone at home like to have them..last time when i went to indian grocery, i took a packet of raw peanuts, thought of making chutneys..back  home i tried it out as kadala mittai..no wonder they vanished within few minutes..i never thought i can prepare them very easily..here we go..

1cup Jaggery
1 1/2cup Roasted Peanuts
1tsp Cardamom powder
1pinch Salt
2tsp Rice flour

Heat 1/4cup of water n add the jaggery in a thick bottomed pan...heat it in medium flame until the jaggery get well dissolved...strain the jaggery water with a strainer, this helps to omit the mud n other impurities presents in the jaggery...

Heat now in high flame, they will start bubbling vigorously...stir them continously, once they turn thick, just put a drop of the jaggery in cold water n roll them, if u r able to roll them, its perfect to add the roasted peanuts n cardamom powder as well as salt..add everything n stir them well...

Prepare a plate, sprinkle the rice flour , now pour the peanut n jaggery mixture to the plate..take a small ball n roll them in our palm..let them cool n arrange them in air tightened box..

Yummy Kadala Mittai!!!!!

Curryleaves Masala Fish Fry

Fish fry with curryleaves masala, no words to say how yummy they r!!!!..they will smell awesome, handful of curry leaves grinded with splendid spices, this fish fry tastes awesome...

1/2 kg Fish r any fish filets
1/2tsp Turmeric powder
2tsp Rice flour
Oil for shallow frying

To Grind:
1tsp peppercorns
5nos Shallots
1tsp Coriander seeds
Handful of Curry leaves
2tsp Coriander leaves
1/2tsp Cumin seeds
1tsp Red chilli powder
1no Cinnamon stick(big)

Wash thoroughly the fish with turmeric powder..keep aside..grind all the ingredients into fine paste with enough water..take the grounded paste in a bowl, add salt n rice flour, mix everything..the masala paste shouldnt be watery, add enough rice flour to make them thick..rice flour will helps to get stick the masala well to the fish r fish filets, while frying they wont get stick to the pan..add the fish to the masala n mix everything well, check for the salt n keep aside for 1hour..

Heat oil in a pan, shallow fry the marinated masala fishes until they get well fried..

Monday, September 15, 2008

Italian Bolognaise Sauce/Bolognese sauce

One of the famous Italian sauce is Bolognaise sauce, prepared with minced meat, tomatoes with a hand ful of spices n herbs, this sauce tastes awesome with pastas...the origin of this sauce is from Bologna in Italy..Bolognese sauce is sometimes taken to be a tomato sauce but authentic recipes have only a small amount of tomato. Learned this sauce from one of my Italian friend, its became one of my fav sauce with pasta..

1no Onions(chopped)
1/2kg Minced Meat
1no Whole tomatoes (canned)
1cup Tomato puree
3nos Bay leaves
3sprigs Thyme
2tsp Coriander seeds
5nos Cloves
1no Cinnamom stick (big)
1tsp Basil leaves
3nos Rosemary sprigs
2nos Dry Red chillies
1tsp Pepper powder
3tsp Olive oil
Take a small muslin cloth, put the coriander seeds, cloves, cinnamon stick,rosemary sprigs, dry red chillies into the muslin cloth n tie them well, they will looks like a small bag, keep aside..

Heat Olive oil in a large pan, add the bay leaves n thyme sprigs n fry them..now add the chopped onions cook until they turns tender..add the minced meat (here i used goat minced meat, can also use beef minced meet)..cook them until they change the colour, now add the canned whole tomatoes, tomato puree n also pepper powder, salt n basil leaves.

Add the muslin bag with spices now..add enough water(adjust ur sauce as per ur need) to the meat n tomatoes sauce..cook them atleast for one hour in simmer..remove the muslin spice bag while serving..

Serve hot with any sort of Pastas..
Tasty n Colourful Italian Bolognaise Sauce is ready..

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Easy Channa Masala

Channa masala, yummy side dish for pooris, parathas n for chappathis, there r some many ways of preparing this garbanzo beans masala..here is my simple version of preparing this masala..

1cup Channa(chickpeas, Garbanzo beans)
1no Onion chopped
1/2tsp Cumin seeds
2tbsp Besan flour
1tsp Garam masala
2tsp Coriander leaves(chopped)

To Grind:
1no Tomato(ripe n juicy)
1tsp Peppercorns
1tsp Cumin seeds
1tsp Fennel seeds
2nos Green chillies

Soak dry chick peas overnite..can also use the canned one..pressure cook the soaked chick peas with enough salt upto 2 hiss..put off the stove, once the steam released,drain the water n grind 1/2cup of the cooked chick peas n keep aside..

Meanwhile grind all the ingredients from the list 'TO GRIND' with half cup of water into fine paste n keep aside, heat oil in a pan, add the cumin seeds, fry until they splutters, now add the chopped onion n cook until they turns tenders, keep the flame in simmer n add the besan flour n fry along the onions..add the grounded paste of spices to the onion n besan flour...they may turn thicker, stir them for a while in simmer, add the already grounded chick peas as well as the rest cooked chick peas to the masala also the garam masala...add enough water to turn them as gravy..add salt..cook them for a while in medium flame..add the chopped coriander leaves n put off the stove...

Easy Channa masala is ready to serve!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pepper Prawns

Pepper prawns, a spicy side dish for any sort of rice dishes... important ingredients to make this prawns is pepper, here i used  coarsely grounded pepper powder..its really very easy to prepare these pepper prawns..

30nos Prawns
3nos Onions
1/2tsp Turmeric powder
1tsp Red chilly powder
1tsp Peppercorns
1/2tsp Cumin seeds
5nos Curry leaves
2tsp Coriander leaves

Wash thoroughly prawns n keep aside...chop finely onions..grind coarsely the peppercorns, keep aside..

Heat oil in a pan, add the cumin seeds n let them splutters, add the finely chopped onion , turmeric powder n stir them until they turns tender, add the washed prawns n also red chilly powder, turmeric powder, curry leaves n salt, cook everything in simmer with lid closed..add a half cup of water n also half tsp of grounded peppercorns powder to the prawns n cook well until the oil get separates..add the coriander leaves n the rest of peppercorns powder.. put off the stove..

A perfect side dish!!!!

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Lotus Root Dal Gravy/Thamaraithandu Paruppu Kuruma

Lotus Root r Lotus Stem??? watever these white roots r available easily in chinese stores, as am living in Chinatown i have seen these roots but never thought of trying them in our desi cooking..they r in frozen sections n really dead cheap here, thought of making them as kootu, i pressure cooked the channa dal but suddenly got an idea to prepare them as gravy..my culinary experiment turned awesome with pepper prawns, we had a superb lunch today..Am very proud to present u all my awesome creation..

1 1/2cup Lotus root
1/2cup Channa dal
1no Onion
1no Tomato
2nos  Green chillies(slit opened)
1tsp Ginger
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
5nos Curry leaves
2tsp Coriander leaves
Whole spice(bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon sticks, kapok buds)

To Grind:
1tsp Peppercorns
1tsp Cumin seeds
1tsp Fennel seeds
3nos Red chillies
2tsp Poppy seeds
3tsp Coriander seeds
1/4cup Grated coconut

 Chop the lotus roots first n pressure cook them upto 3 hiss with green chillies, turmeric powder n ginger pieces...pressure cook the channa dal too..keep both pressure cooked channa dal n lotus root aside...chop finely onion n tomatoes..grind all the ingredients from the list 'To Grind'..keep aside

Heat oil in a pan, add all the whole spices n fry them until they turn brown..now add the chopped onion n tomatoes n stir them until they turns tender, add the grounded paste to the onion n tomatoes pieces..stir them for a while..once the oil get separates a bit from the veggies, add the already cooked lotus roots n cooked channa dal..cook them in simmer with lid closed until everything gets cooked well..add the cilantro leaves to the gravy n put off the stove..

Serve them with hot rice r else as side for any breakfast dishes..

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cornkernels Cream Hummus

Usually hummus r prepared with chickpeas, for a change i tried it out with tinned sweet corn kernels with cream n perfumed with dried basil leaves...tasty dip for toasted bread as well as for cooked shrimps, grilled meats etc...

1cup Corn kernels
2tsp Double cream
1tsp Lemon juice
1tsp Red chilli sauce r pepper powder
1tsp Dry Basil leaves
1/2tsp Mayonnaise
pinch of salt

First grind finely corn kernels with lemon juice n salt..take them in a large bowl.add the double cream, mayonnaise, red chilli sauce r pepper powder to the grinded corn kernels n beat well with a fork..

Serve them with toasted bread r else with any sort of vegetables as well as meats, prawns..can also use them as dressing for salads..

Rajma Paneer Podimass

Rajma n Paneer, different combination na!! healthy n tasty side dish for sambar rice..paneer will get blend to the spices n this podimass will tastes excellent while having..easy to prepare, only thing we need to soak earlier rajma beans, thats it..else its an easy side dish..

1cup Rajma(dry)
1/2cup Paneer grated
1no Onion
1tsp Ginger
2no Green chillies
1tsp Fennel seed powder
2tbsp Coconut grated
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
1tsp Coriander leaves
1/4tsp Mustard seeds
1/4tsp Urad dal
1no Dry red chilly
1/4tsp Channa dal

Soak dry rajma overnite..drain the water n pressure cook with 1/4tsp of salt upto 3 hiss..chop the onions, green chilly n ginger n keep aside..strain the cooked water n smash the pressure cooked rajma with ur finger..

Heat oil in a pan, add the mustard seeds, urad dal, channa dal n red chilly n let them splutters, add the chopped onion n green chilly pieces also the ginger with turmeric powder n cook them until onion turn transculent, add the smashed rajma pieces to them with enough salt n stir them continously to get well mixed with the onions..keep the flame in simmer n cook for a while..add the grated paneer n grated coconut to the rajma n stir occasionally until they get well cooked..add the coriander leaves n put off the stove..

Perfect side dish for Sambhar n rasam..

Soyachunks Fried Rice

Fried rice with soyachunks/soya granules a very good source of proteins..easy to prepare n tasty fried rice ready within few minutes..kids will love this..didnt used MSG (ajinamoto)in this recipe..

2cups Basmati Rice (cooked)
1cup Carrots, French beans n Cabbage (chopped)
1/2cup Soyachunks
1/4cup Tomato ketchup
1/4cup Green chilly sauce
1/4cup Soya sauce (light)
1no Onion (chopped lengthwise)
1/2tsp Pepper powder
1tsp Vinegar
2nos Spring onion

Heat oil in kadai r wok..add the finely chopped onions n stir them for few seconds, dont cook well, add the finely chopped carrots n beans with the onions n stir them to get mixed well..

Cook the soyachunks in hot water with salt until they double their volume..drain them n squeeze out excess of water, keep aside.. now add the green chilly sauce, soya sauce, tomato ketchup, pepper powder, salt, vinegar to the vegetables..cook them for while, try to keep the vegetable crunchy, add now the chopped cabbage n cook for a while..add the already cooked soya chunks to the vegetables n mix well with all sauces..
Close this with a lid for a while, keep the flame in simmer..once the oil get separates from the veggies add the already cooked basmati rice to the vegetables, stir well until the rice gets well mixed, put off the stove.. garnish with finely chopped spring onions..its compeletly optional..

Serve hot with side dish of ur choice..

Kalakand/ Milk Burfi

Kalakand(milk burfi) is one of the popular Indian Milk sweet, can do this in two ways, one is fresh paneer with powdered sugar n powdered milk r else with sweetened milk..another one is with ricotta cheese n powdered sugar n milk..i did this milk burfi within 20 minutes in Microwave with ricotta cheese, yeah can do this sweet in microwave very easily..u wont believe that its tasty n similar to pedas that we get from sweet stalls.. Its a real feast to Milk sweet lovers...

1cup Ricotta cheese(full fat)
1cup Sugar
2cup Milk Powder(low fat)
1/4cup Pistachios n Almond pieces
1tbsp Butter

Take a microwave bowl, add the ricotta cheese, sugar, milk powder n butter n stir them continously until the cheese gets well mixed, this may looks as creamy paste..keep the microwave in high temperature for 5 minutes n cook this milk mixture, they may doubled their volume, stir them once, keep again in high temperature for 20 minutes n cook again..

Keep an eye while doing this, u may see the milk mixture might have turned slightly brownish colour at the edges..now transfer to a flat dish r plate, sprinkle the almond n pistachios pieces on the top as u desire..keep aside n let them cool..once they r cooled cut them any shape as u wish..can store them for 2 day in room temperature..

Tasty n yummy Kalakand(Milk burfi) r ready to have!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Chickpeas Vegetable Masala Vadai

Chick peas r also know as garbanzo beans, kondakadalai,Chana..they r highly rich in proteins..they r low in fat, usually we used to make masala, gravy..am bored of all those, i tried it as masala vadai with a cup of mixed vegetables, they turned awesome n more crispy n also healthy coz of vegetables i have added to prepare them as vadais, perfect snacks r side dish for any sort of rice dishes..

1cup Chickpeas(dry)
10nos Shallots r green onions
1cup Mixed vegetables(grated)
2nos Green chillies
1tsp Ginger chopped
1tsp Fennel seed
3no Cloves
5nos Curry leaves
2tsp Coriander leaves
Oil for deepfrying

Soak dry chick peas overnite r for 6hours...drain the water n grind themwith cloves n fennel seeds, without water in a mixie jar, dont add water,if the batter is watery u wont get the crispyness..grind them bit coarsely..meanwhile chop finely shallots r green onions(i used green onions) green chillies..take off the vada batter from the mixie, add the chopped onions, chopped green chillies,grated vegetables(i used carrots, cabbage n green bell pepper), chopped ginger, curry leaves n coriander leaves with salt..

Heat oil for deep frying, once the oil is hot, take a small ball from the batter n flat them as small vadais, put them in hot oil n cook them until they turn brownish colour..drain the excess of oil with a paper towel..fry them in batches..

Tasty Chickpeas Vadais r ready!

Chicken Chunks Onion Omelette

Omelette with masala chicken chunks, they tastes awesome..they goes very well with any sort of rice dishes r else with simple toastes bread slices..can also serve them as appetizier..

1/2cup Boneless chicken chunks
2nos Eggs
1no Onion
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
1/2tsp Pepper powder
1tsp Garam masala powder
5nos Curry leaves

Heat oil in a pan, add the chopped onion n fry them for a while, add the chicken chunks n cook for a while, add a bit salt n garam masala powder with 2tsp of water..

Beat eggs with turmeric powder , pepper powder n salt..keep aside..once the chicken chunks r cooked add them to the egg mixture..

Heat oil in a round pan , pour a ladle of egg n chicken mixture, cook them well on both sides until they turns brownish..

Tasty Omelette!!!

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Hyderabadi Chicken 65

Am a great fan of Hyderabadi style of briyanis..for a change i prepared hyderabadi chicken 65 with boneless chicken, its a excellent appetizier also can serve them as side dish...This goes to Garnishing tips N Technique for Indian foods by Food Fanatic..

2cups Boneless chicken pieces
1tsp Ginger garlic paste
1tsp Fennel seed powder
1no White Egg yolk
2tbsp Corn flour
1/4tsp Red food colour
1tsp Cumin seed powder
1/2tsp Salt
Oil for deep frying
2no Green chillies
5nos Curry leaves
Spring onion( for garnishing)

To Mix:
1cup Thick yogurt
1tsp Pepper powder
1tsp Garam masala powder
1/2tsp Turmeric powder

Mix white egg yolk, food colour, cumin seed powder, ginger garlic paste, fennel seed powder, salt n corn flour into thick paste, squeeze out excess of water from the chicken pieces n mix with the spices..marinate the chicken pieces for atleast one hour..heat oil for deep frying, fry them in batches until they get well cooked...

Heat oil in another pan, fry the curry leaves n slit opened green chillies..meanwhile mix all the ingredients from list (to mix)..

Once the green chillies r well fried, add the thick paste of yogurt n all spices, stir them continously in simmer, once they start boiling add the already fried chicken pieces n cook them until the oil get separates, its should be dry..chicken pieces will get well coated with the yoghurt gravy..

Yummy Hyderabadi Chicken 65 is ready!!!