Sunday, September 7, 2008

Brown Pearl Iced Tea

A real refreshing Tea, very famous in South asian countries, as they r tea lovers..they used to have them daily as hot else cold version..this pearl iced tea is one of the cold we go..

2nos Tea Bags
1cup Chilled milk
2tbsp Sago/sabudana/Javarusi(cooked)
Ice cubes

Heat half cup of water n put the tea bags, bring them to boil..put off the stove, keep aside for a while..then extract the tea , add the cooked sago keep them in fridge, so that sago turns to dark colour..this will looks like brown pearl in iced tea..
While preparing just add the chilled milk, tea with sago ,sugar as per need n ice cubes..Serve immediately..
Enjoy Refreshing Brown Pearl Iced Tea!!!!!!

Sending this post to : AWED Vietnamese


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Oh! This is completely unknown to me! Never knew of a tea with sagoo. This is wonderful Priya. Loved the dressing on the cucumber salad as well. Thanks for sending in your creation for AWED.


Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Hi D, thanks a lot for ur comments..