Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fresh Salad in Yoghurt Sauce

Fresh salad r always refreshing while its too hot..yoghurt dressing is quite interesting, very different from other seasoning n no need of any oil,as we r using mayonnaise, which gives a superb tasty seasoning to fresh salads, its very healthy n very refreshing, even kids will love to have it..

1no carrot
2nos Tomatoes
1no Cucumber
1no Corn Kernel(small tin)

Cut carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes into small pieces as u wish, put everything in a large bowl..drain the cornkernel(tinned) n add with the veggies...keep aside..

1cup Yoghurt
1/2tsp Any herbs(Basil)
1/2tsp Pepper powder
2pinch Salt
1Tbsp Mayonnaise

Take a bowl, add yoghurt with any herbs as u wish, pepper powder, salt n mayonnaise n beat together until they turns soft n fluffy..

Mix yoghurt seasoning to the fresh salad n serve it.
Enjoy fresh salad, serve it immediately else they turns watery..

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