Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ragi Inipu Pudi Kozhukattai/Ragi Flour Sweet Dumplings

Special Kozhukattais for Vinayagar Chathuruthi..i prefer pudikozhukattais , as they r easy to prepare n get cooked easily n healthy as they r steamed, as i was out of stock for rice flour, i tried these kozhukattais with ragi flour, they turned awesome, healthy as well as they ressembles sufficiently like chocolate toffees..Vinayagar Chathuruthi with Ragi kozhukattais went out well n we enjoyed a lot too..Am sending to JFI-Ragi hosted by Madhuram..

1cup Jaggery powder
2cups Ragi Flour
2tbsp Split green gram
1/4 cup Grated coconut
1tsp Cardamom Powder
pinch of Salt

Dry roast Ragi flour in simmer, for a while..

Add 1/2cup of water in a pan n bring to boil, add the jaggery powder, once they get dissolved, put off the stove n strain the jaggery syrup with a strainer, as jaggery may contains sands r other impurities, need to follow this method..

Measure the jaggery syrup, salt n add enough water in case to turn them as two cups..
Bring boil once again, meanwhile dry roast the split green gram(paasiparuppu)..keep aside, add the roasted ragi flour to the jaggery syrup n stir them continously they will turn as thick dough put off the stove..

Add the roasted grams, grated coconut n as well as cardamom powder..keep aside..
Take a small ball from the dough n press in ur fingers..Pressure cook them for 10 minutes in Idly Cooker..

Serve hot..
Tasty Pudi Kozhukattais!!!!


Abhimuthu said... Reply To This Comment

Pullaiyaarai healthy aakeeteenga. nice creative ragi kolukaatais. three recipes per day, Great. Thanks for sharing.

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Aama abhi romba healthy, pullaiyaar pogamaten'nu adam pidikuraru..yenna pannalam..lolz

Indian Khana said... Reply To This Comment

Priya, first time am seeing in blogworld raagi modak...but back in Chennai all our neighbors use to make raagi's really bring back memories...thanks for the wonderful entry :)

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks a lot priti for ur comments..

Purva Desai said... Reply To This Comment

Raagi Flour Dumplings, this is new for me. However they look really inviting.
Thank you for the delicious entry

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

hey priya are u from London??

Which part of london, I am from London too.

Lakshmi said... Reply To This Comment

Nice one..I love healthy wealthy Raagi..

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Indian n LG thanks for ur comments.. am living rite now in Paris, Indian..

Madhuram said... Reply To This Comment

I too have made this one Priya. Actually this is the only dish I have prepared with ragi. Thanks for sending it to the event.