Sunday, September 30, 2018

Za'atar Pizza/Man'oosheh/Lebanese Manooshe

Lebanon is a country in Western Asia with Syria, Isreal,Cyrpus as boundaries. A unique cultural history has helped to make Lebanese food the most popular of all Middle Eastern cuisines. Lebanon has been ruled by foreign powers that have influenced the types of food the Lebanese ate.The Ottoman Turks controlled Lebanon and introduced a variety of foods that have become staples in the Lebanese diet, including olive oil, fresh bread, baklava a sweet pastry dessert, laban (homemade yogurt), stuffed vegetables, and a variety of nuts. France took control of Lebanon and introduced the flan, a caramel custard dessert and buttery croissants. I have been running a month of blogging marathon with A to Z International flatbreads and today is my last post of this month's mega marathon. And for the alphabetic letter 'Z', i couldnt think more than Zaatar spice mix, hence i opted for Zaatar pizza for this last post. The manoosheh recipe is often compared to  Italian pizza, hence it is called “Lebanese pizza”.Zaatar manooshe aka Zaatar pizza is the most popular version. Each flatbread is topped with a mixture of za’atar and olive oil before being cooked and are most often consumed at breakfast with tea, but also after dinner accompanied by soft drinks.

Zaatar Pizza, Manoosheh

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Doodhi Molagootal/Bottlegourd Molagootal

A balancing meal calls always for rice, dal and some side dishes, and obviously being a South Indian i cant give up rice for any reason. I usually make different dals or gravies to have with rice especially during weekends as i dont carry my lunch to work. Obviously i plan everything to make some rice based dishes during weekends. And here comes a super easy, protein rich Kerala dal based curry aka molagootal. Actually molagootal resembles quite like Tamilian's kootu, which calls for couple of vegetables and dal. Both when cooked together, dal and vegetables are mashed and served with tempering and spices. Molagootal calls  most of the ingredients almost like kootu, though a coconut based spice paste is added to bring a nice aroma to this Kerala dish. Molagootal is a well known dish in Palakad. Molagootal can also called as mulakushyam in many places. However both dishes are the same and the name varies from place to place.

Dudhi Molagootal, Surakkai Mulakushyam

Yemeni Malawah/Yemenite Malawach

Yemen is known as Republic of Yemen situated in Western Asia, with Sana'a as capital this country is indeed right of Mecca, the holy city for muslims. I have already tried couple of dishes from this cuisine. You might have noticed that am running a month of blogging marathon with A-Z International flatbreads and i grabbed a Yemenite flat bread aka Malawach. Malawach/Malawah is quite a Yemenite Jewish fried bread which is traditional in both Yemeni and Israeli cuisine. Malawah or Malawach resembles very much as a crispy pancake which is served with variety of accompaniments. This bread calls for a similiar preparation technique of puff pastry. Hence this Malawah consists of thin layers of puff pastry which is brushed with fat or oil and cooked in frying pan or baked in oven. Malawah is a staple of all Yemeni Jews.This dish is served always with hard boiled eggs,chopped or crushed flavoured tomatoes and cheese. Through immigration of Yemenite Jews to Isreal, this bread had become a favourite comforts food for Israel of all backgrounds and national origins.

Yemenite Flatbread, Malawah

Friday, September 28, 2018

Xaxaba Diphaphatha/Phaphatha from Botswana

Am running a month of blogging marathon with A-Z International flatbreads.And we are almost nearing the end of this Mega marathon. And my today's flatbread is supposed to start with the alphabetical letter 'X'. X is definitely a complicated alphabetic letter to get a flatbread. Obviously i grabbed a flatbread aka stove topped muffins  from Priya's space which ressembles quite like English muffins from Xaxaba of Botswana.Botswana is officially known as Republic of Botswana is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa. Botwana cuisine is unique which shares some characteristics with other cuisines of South Africa.Sorghum and maize are the main crops grown in Botswana. African cuisine is based towards the meat and grains. Mopane worm which looks like a caterpillar is eaten by the Botswana peoples by cooking them in hot ashes, boiled or dried and fried. Bread flour is not easily available in their diet, hence the flours have been imported for some years, so there are various bread recipes have become a part of the national food. The most common are dumplings like matlebekwane,flat cakes like diphaphatha and fat cakes like magwinya have their own place in a Botswana dining table.


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Warqi Paratha/Lucknowi Warqi Paratha

Indian cuisine shares varieties of parathas, these Indian flatbreads have their own place in many thalis or in everyone's meals. Parathas are the most popular unleavened breads in India. And parathas are prepared with whole wheat dough.This dough when rolled out either thick, thin or stuffed, which is later cooked in hot tawa makes this parathas. Parathas are eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner depending upon how they are served with a side dish or simply with spiced curd. You might have noticed that am running a month of blogging marathon with A-Z International flatbreads. And my post for today's blogging marathon goes for our own Indian flatbread. Since today's flatbreads calls for the alphabetic letter 'W', i grabbed an Awadhi flatbread aka Warqi Paratha. Awadhi cuisine is a cuisine of Lucknow city and this city is known of its Nawabi foods. Awadhi cuisine is quite a rich cuisine and this cuisine involves many rich ingredients like paneer, malai, mutton and spices like cardamom and saffron in most of their dishes. Awadhi spread consists of elaborated dishes like kebabs, kormas, biryanis, kulchas, sheermal,zarda, roomali rotis and warqi parathas.

Warqi Paratha, Layered Awadhi Warqi paratha

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Virgin Islands Johnny Cake/Fried Johnny Cakes

Virgin Islands is a group of islands which is situated in northern part of Lesser Antilles and form the border between the Caribbean sea and Altantic Ocean. Virgin islands falls under three different politicial jurisdictions: British Virgin islands, United States Virgin Islands and Spain or Puerto Rican Virgin islands. Today am taking you all virtually to St.Croix, which is an island and a district of United States Virgin islands and this island is quite popular for its Fried Johnny cakes. Johnny cakes are a must in every local Crucian restaurants and these cakes is a flatbread which are quite sweet, filling and just prefect to enjoy simply without any filling or spreads. These cakes tastes extremely delicious when they are served warm with a slice of cheese and salt fish in the middle. Paired with fried fish, chicken or any other local island delicacies, one can have a satifying meal. Johnny cake which is made in St Croix is an unleavened fried bread prepared with flour,baking powder,sugar and butter. Though Johnny cakes of St. Croix are fried ones, some people also bake them. You can also subsitute the cornmeal instead of flour.

Johnny cake - Virgin Islands

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Umbrian Torta al Testo/Umbrian Flatbread

Umbria is a region of central Italy, and its the only region having neither a coastline nor a border with other countries. Wiki says that Umbria is known for its landscapes, traditions, history, culinary delights, artistic legacy and influence on culture.Umbrian cuisine have its origins from its Etruscan roots and they are simple, relying very heavily on the seasonal ingredients that can be found easily in their own soil. Hence their cuisine is highly prepared with mushrooms, wild asparagus and many other fresh vegetables including the highly prized truffles that grow throughout the region.Bread varieties change from region to region across Italy, but also vary greatly across a specific region. Umbrian cuisine is about good flavor, freshness, and simplicity. It’s rich soil provides its residents an unlimited number of amazing seasonal ingredients which are simply prepared to highlight the true flavor of each dish.Umbria is birthplace to the ancient art of butchery, and home to the treasured black truffle. Hence Umbrian cuisine is unique to the region, and authentic to it’s origins.

Umbrian Torta al Testo Flatbread

Monday, September 24, 2018

Taftan Naan/Taftoon Bread/Pakistani Flatbread

Pakistan is Islamic Republic country in South Asia. Its one of most populous country with Islamabad as capital. Pakistani cuisine is a blend of various regional cooking traditions of India, Central Asia. Pakistani cuisine is quite flavoursome rich cuisine with western part of the country is strongly influenced by Persian and Central Asian style while the eastern part is more similar to Northern Indian cooking. Located between Afghanistan, India and below China, Pakistan have a rich history with wonderful food and culture. The unique thing about Pakistani food is its changes from season to season. People of Pakistan are fond of eating specific types of foods depending upon the weather and season.Meat plays an important role in Pakistani Cuisine, the National dish is Chicken Biriyani. However lentils,meat, vegetables,flour and wheat products are abundantly used in this cuisine. Coming to my today's flatbread, its a flatbread which is quite common in Persion, Pakistani and Indian cuisine especially in Uttar Pradesh. Taftan Naan is a spongy flatbread which is prepared with simple ingredients available in our pantry.

Taftan, Pakistani Flatbread

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Shelpek/Kazakhstan Flatbread

Kazhakhstan officially the Republic of Kazakhstan is a dominant nation of Central Asia. Kazakhstan is offically a democratic, unitary, secular, constitutioal republic with diverse cultural heritage. Kazakhstan share borders with Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Capsian sea.Kazakhstan has undoubtedly adopted some of the peculiarities found in the cuisines of neighboring countries like Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, even Russia and Iran. Yet Kazakhstani gastronomy has, at the same time, developed its own identity. Kazakh nomads have historically produced a range of foods centered on meat, including lamb, beef and camel. As a Muslim-majority country, Kazakhstanis do not eat pork, hence horsemeat when flavored with spices and sauces,  makes the main ingredient in many traditional dishes of this Caspian and Central Asian nation.Black tea,is considered as Kazakhstan’s most-consumed drink,this makes it one of the largest tea-consuming countries. . Here tea is served by mixing it with cream and milk, making it delicious. Shelpek is a very well known flatbread of Central Asian country and i grabbed this flatbread for this month"s blogging marathon as am running with A-Z International flatbreads as theme for this whole month.

Kazakh Shelpek, Shelpek

Friday, September 21, 2018

R’ghayef/Moroccan Stuffed Flatbread/Rghaif

Morocco is a Northwestern African country with rugged mountains, large tracts of desert and lengthy coastline with Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea. Moroccan cuisine is a mix of Arabic, Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisines with European and Subsaharan influence. Moroccan's  quite popular and familiar dish is Couscous, its quite a old national delicacy. Daily meal of a moroccan people have a bread in their menu. Bread in Morocco is traditionally made with durum wheat semolina and its known as  Khobz. Bakeries in Morocco serves fresh breads as its a staple in every city, town and village. Moroccan cuisine have number of flat breads and they do exists as both leavened and unleavened which are mostly pan fried breads.Bread will be always on each Moroccan tables and eaten with almost every meal. Bread is always served with traditional cuisine of Morocco which consists of tajines, stews and soups. Moroccan breads are primarily made by all women at home and often twice daily. This results in fresh and delicious breads of all kinds from flatbreads to pancakes.

Rghaif, Moroccan Stuffed Flatbread

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Qashqari Patir/Uzbekistan Onion & Yogurt Bread

Uzbek cuisine one of the most savoury cuisine in Central Asia. With very appetizing flavours, Uzbek food make everyone's mouth water. Plov, manti, shurpa, shashlik, lagman, samsa are Uzbek dishes which smell too good so that one cant resist to taste all those dishes.Many Uzbek recipes have centuries-old history, and the process of preparing food is accompanied with various rituals. At their fertile valleys, Uzbek people raise their own vegetables, fruits and cereals.Needless to say Uzbek foods are influenced with some culinary traditions of Turkic, Kazakh, Uigur, Tajik, Tatar, Mongolian and other neighboring nations, settled on the territory of Central Asia.Pastry and sour-milk dishes take an important place in Uzbek food. The national Uzbek food is prepared with wide use of meat: mutton, beef and horse meat. As much as like most of the Asian countries, each regions of this country cook in their own way.In the north, people serve food with plov, roasted meat, pastry and lepeshka (bread). On the south people prepare wide variety of complicated dishes of rice and vegetables and also make excellent desserts.

Qashqari Patir, Uzbek Onion Bread

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Peinirli/Peynirli/Boat Shaped Greek Pizza

Greece, this European country is my recent favourite. Did i told you that we went to Greece for our summer vacation?. Trust me, its was a wonderful vacation and we had a fabulous time in Longos, a small village which is 2h30 minutes from Athens, the Greek capital. Greece is well known for their olives and you cant finish a meal without having olives. You can see olive trees everywhere, next to olives you can see oranges and lemons trees everywhere in Greece. You wont fail to cross an olive tree or an orange tree while going through the Greek streets. Greek cuisine is a well known Mediterranean cuisine. This cuisine is strongly influenced  by Ottoman cuisine hence this cuisine shared foods like Baklava, Tzatziki, gyro, moussakka, dolmades with other neighbouring countries. Most of their desserts includes nuts, honey and filo pastry sheets.However Greek cuisine is well known for their flavors, herbs like oregano, mint, dill, bay laurel are used often with loaded of garlic. Obviously Greek cuisine is more flavorful than the other Mediterranean cuisine. I have totally fell in love with this country and we are even looking for an opportunity to visit again as Greece is just 2h45 minutes from Paris by air.

Greek Boat Shaped Pizza, Peynirli

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Obi Non/Vegan Uzbekistan Flatbread

Uzbekistan is a Central Asian country which is bordered by five countries : Kazakhstan in north, Kyrgyzstan to northest, Tajikistan to southeast, Afghanistan to south and Turkmenistan to southwest. Uzbek cuisine shares many culinary traditions of Turkic peoples of Central Asia. Breads and noodles are the most favourite foods hence Uzbek cuisine has been considered as Noodle rich. Uzbekistan's signature dish is Palov, a pilaf made with rice,meat and variety of vegetables. Uzbek bread are called as Non or Patyr which is baked in clay pots. Called as Lepyoshkia in Russia, the circular flat loaves are decorated with depression at the center and thicker rim all around. Most known non of Uzbek cuisine is Obi Non. Obi nons are baked in tandir oven and its a staple bread of Uzbek locals. However obi non is also quite popular in Afghan and Tajik cuisine as well.

Obi Non, Uzbek Obi Non

Monday, September 17, 2018

Nan-E-Roghani/Afghan Oil Flatbread

Afghanistan,officially known as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is located in South Asia with Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, China,Uzbekistan and Tajikistan as border countries. Afghan cuisine is sufficiently based on the crops grown there in Afghanistan like wheat, maize, barley and rice served with native fruits, vegetables and daily products such as milk, yogurt and whey.Unlike the foods from its neighbours to the east,  spices are used in Afghan dishes, are neither too hot nor pungent.Afghan food is not bland. In fact, many western travelers find the foods of Afghanistan a perfect blend of exoticness and good taste.Cooking and food have a very important role in Afghan culture. Unexpected guests might be seen as rude in western culture, but not in Afghan culture. Coming away from an Afghan table hungry is simply never happens, no matter how little preparation time the host has.Food is well appreciated and even has special meaning, for example, stepping on a piece of dropped bread or naan is considered sinful.Afghans take great pride in their cooking and they are very happy to see everyone full and satisfied.

Afghan Naan E Roghani, Afghan Oil Flatbread

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Matlou/Algerian Semolina Flatbread/Kesra Matlou

Algeria is a North African country on Mediterranean coast. With Algiers as capital, Algerian cuisine is a part of Maghreb cuisine. This cuisine is influenced by various cultures like Berber, Andalusican, Ottoman, Arabic and French. Algerian cuisine differs from region to region and most of the Algerian dishes consists of Bread, lamb,beef, poultry, olive oil, fresh vegetables and herbs. Algerian meal is incomplete without bread and their bread is always made with semolina. Matlou is a well known bread in Algeria which is also consider as a Tunisian bread. This bread is also called as Khubz al-tajin or Kesra Matlou or else as Matlou. This bread is an Algerian staple food which is cooked on a typical clay pan called 'Tajine'. This bread calls for fine semolina and its a leavened flatbread which is consumed everyday in Algeria/Tunisia.And this bread is must during Ramadan to enjoy with varieties of foods cooked during the fasting.In Algeria, bread is highly respected and its considered as a sin to desecrate it. If someone find a piece of a bread in street, people who have find it bring it closer to their lips and forehead as a sort of reverence before putting them aside so that none would step on it.

Matlou, Algerian Matlou

Friday, September 14, 2018

Lefse/Norwegian Potato Flatbread

Norway is one of the most known Scandinavian country. With Oslo as its capital, Norwegian cuisine is a traditional form of their own cuisine cooked with the ingredients really available in Norway. However this cuisine is influenced by some globalization hence pastas, pizzas, tacos are easily available in Norwegian cuisine. Bread is a staple food of Norwegian cuisine. Hence varieties of breads are available. One of the most known Norwegian bread is Lefse, this is a soft flatbread made out of potato,milk or cream and flour. Lefse is a traditional Norwegian flatbread which is quite soft and bit tricky to handle. Usually prepared with mashed potatoes, this flatbread is worked with little flour and roll out flat as much as you can. Once cooked on stovetop, this bread can be enjoyed with different sorts of spreads. From butter to jam, peanut butter to nutella, you can also eat them with savoury fillings as well. Just make some wraps with this Lefse stuffed with meats and cheese, am sure these wraps will definitely fill your hungry tummies. When conserved properly, lefse stays prefect for a week in fridge. Once freezed, lefse can be conserved for almost three months.

Norwegian Lefse, Lefse

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Ka'ak/Lebanese Flatbread/Beirut Street Food Bread

Lebanon which is offically known as Lebanese Republic is a country situated in Western Asia. With Syria, Isreal,Cyprus as its borders, this country is very rich in history and ethnic diversity. Lebanese cuisine is a Levantine style of cooking which includes grains, fruits, vegetables seafoods and meats. Lebanese well known dishes are Baba Ghanouj, Hummus, Baklava etc.Here in Paris, we have decent numbers of Lebanese restaurants and even my kids have so many Lebanese friends, obviously this cuisine is not that much unknown for me. However am yet to prepare some authentic Lebanese dishes at home. My today's post goes for Kaak, its a Beirut street food bread, which is also quite known in Palestine, Syria and Jordan. Lebanese Street vendors leaves this bread to swing from rods in the rolling street carts. This breads looks like hand bag or a large ring shape which is coated with sesame seeds.  Obviously Ka'ak, is a Middle Eastern flatbread, popular in Lebanon, often eaten as breakfast or for a snack.   From those street vendors, you can get ka’ak filled with zaatar or smeared with cheese or hummus.

Lebanese Ka'ak, Lebanese Flatbread

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Jordanian Shrak Bread/Markook/Shrak Bread

Jordan is an Arab nation on east bank of Jordan river with many ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts.With Amman as capital, Jordanian cuisine is a part of Levantine cuisine with smiliarities along with Lebanon, Palestine and Syrian with some variations. Food is a must in Jordanian culture. Meals are the main part of community event and food is commonly used by Jordanians to express their hospitality and generousity. A Jordanian invitation means that you are expected to bring nothing and eat everything. Loads of meals are served even for many traditional small gatherings in Jordan. Coming to my today's post, Shrak is a traditional Jordanian and Palestine bread which is also made in other cuisines like Levantine, North African and Gulf countries. Even the name of the flatbread differs from one country to another. Jordanians calls this bread as Shrak, Markook in Palestine and Rkak in Iraq, United Arab Emirate, other Gulf and North African countries. Shrak is a one-layered flatbread which is made from whole wheat flour,all purpose flour,yeast water and salt. Its is made as large breads which may reach around three feet in diameter and baked on large dome shaped metal griddle called Saj. This bread is seriously very quick to make, ready to eat and easy to digest.

Jordanian Shrak Bread

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Imeruli Kachapuri/Imeretian Kachapuri/Georgian Cheese Flatbread

Georgia is a Caucasus region of Eurasia which is located at the Crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. With Tbilisi and Kutaisi, the legislative captial, Georgian cuisine have its own cooking styles and delicious dishes created by Georgian people. Though Georgian cuisine is unique, its also have some influences from Causcasian, Eastern European and Middle Eastern cooking style. The three prominent regional cuisine of Georgia calls for Abkhaz, Adjar and Gurian cuisine. Abkhaz cuisine uses lot of spices and walnuts while Adjar cuisine is considered as diversified cuisine which is completely influenced by its nature and have dairy products as main ingredients. And Gurian cuisine calls for poultry meat, corn bread and loads of walnuts. While googling, i accidently crossed this Imeruli Khachapuri which belongs to the Imereti region in Georgia situated along the middle and upper regions of Rioni river.Khachapuri is one of the most popular, traditional and National Georgian dishes. It’s a gooey cheese-filled bread that looks a little like pizza.There are three different kinds of khachapuri. The standard one is the Imeruli khachapuri which cheese is stuffed inside. There is also the Megruli khachapuri, with cheese added on top and the Adjaruli khachapuri, which is made of puffy hot bread with cheese melted in the middle and topped with hunks of butter and a cracked egg.

Imeretian Khachapuri, Georgian Cheese flatbread

Monday, September 10, 2018

Hönökaka/Swedish Flatbread/Isle of Hönö flatbread

Sweden is a Scandinavian country with Stockholm as capital. Swedish Cuisine is quite an interesting cuisine of Europe.A typical Swedish breakfast consists of a hard cheese, cold-cut, sausage or marmalade sandwich. The beverage is coffee, hot chocolate or tea and milk or juice. Some prefer porridge, others various breakfast cereals with yoghurt or filmjölk, processed sour milk.There are many different kinds of bread, from different rye breads and crispbreads to French rolls and toast. Swdeish lunch is a fairly simple meal, since most people only have a break of one hour from work.If you visit a Swede at home, you will almost always be given coffee. Next to the Finns, the Swedes are the biggest consumers of coffee in the world.Viennese pastry, cinnamon buns or cookies may be served with the coffee.  The most popular piece of pastry is the green marzipan cake called princesstårta. Since am running a month of blogging marathon with A-Z International flatbreads i was looking for a flatbread's name starts with 'H'. While googling i crossed this Honokaka which is a flatbread from Swedish island called Hono.

Honokaka, Swedenese Flatbread.jpg

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Chia Seeds & Banana Spelt Flour Muffins

If  you are looking for a prefect baked treat to finish your over ripen bananas, you have to look at my today's post. This muffins makes an excellent breakfast muffin or a after meal dessert or else an evening snack to enjoy with a cup of coffee. These muffins are completely butter free, yes i skipped butter. Trust me these muffins came out extremely spongy with bit dense because of Spelt flour. However you wont miss the sponginess in this muffins. Banana and chia seeds both together works absolutely incredible for baking out this easy breezy muffins. If you dont have spelt flour, dont worry, just replace it completely with Whole wheat flour. I have been experimenting to bake out some simple baking treats with Spelt flour and trust me i have been enjoying completely to bake some incredible bakes with it. And chia seeds have its own place in my pantry as well. Though we love chia seeds in pudding, my kids enjoy and love chia seeds in muffins and in quick breads.

Chia seeds, Banana and Spelt Muffins

Gourassa/Gorraasa/Gurasa/Sudanese Flatbread

Sudan is a country in Northeast Africa with Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia,Chad, Red sea,Central African Republic as borders. Sudanese cuisine is a reflection of multicultural society, yes their cuisine is a mixture of Arabs, Africans, Indians, Greek and Turks who settles in Sudan. Hence they use spices from all over the world which makes their food so special and comforting. In Sudan, the meals are served on a large round tray and the whole family sits around the tray to share the food, this way they create a close bond between the family members. Sudanese breakfast is served with dishes like Mullah, Asida, Fried meats or leaves, peanut butter salad and many more. Hence their foods are rich and very comfort as well. Sudanese are very generous when its comes to foods. A Sudanese house wife brings all the foods she can prepare to please her guests. Usually if you visit a Sudanese home they will serve a cold drink followed by tea along with cookies or pastries. If you visit them during meal time, they will never leave you without sharing their foods.

Sudanese Gorrassa, Sudanese Flatbread

Friday, September 7, 2018

Ftira/Maltese Vegan Ftira Flatbread

Malta is known as Republic of Malta which is a Southern European island country situated in Mediterranean Sea. Malta is one of the world's smallest and most densely populated country with Valleta as capital.Malta is a popular tourist destination with its own warm climate, numerous recreational area with three UNESCO world heritage sites. Maltese cuisine have both Sicilian and English influences as well as with Spanish, Provencal cuisine influences in it.Maltese cuisine is completely unknown for me though i know a little bit about Sicilian cuisine. While looking for a flatbread around the world, Google master guided me towards Ftira, the maltese flatbread in its lists of flatbreads. Immediately i checked for Ftira recipe and got few posts about this bread which is prepared with a starter. Obviously this bread calls for two days preparation. You have to kick start the starter the day before you want to bake this flatbread.

Ftira, Maltese Ftira Flatbread

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Emirati Khameer Bread/Traditional Khamir Flatbread from UAE

United Arab Emirates which is also known as UAE is also called simply as Emirates is a Federal sovereign absolute monarchy in Western Asia. And UAE is a federation of seven emirates which consists of Abu Dhabi which is the capital, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al-Quwain. Each emirate is governed by a ruler and all together jointly form the Federal Supreme Council. One of the ruler serves as the President of United Arab Emirates. The traditional food of Emirates is always rice, meat and fish. And their cuisine is adopted from many different countries which includes Indian cuisine as well. Today am showcasing one of the favourite bread of Emiratis. Yes Khameer Bread, this is one of the traditional bread of United Arab Emirates, and this bread is served for breakfast with cheese.

Emirati Khamir Bread, Khameer Bread

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Dhalpuri Roti/Trinidadian Dal Stuffed Flatbread

Today am taking you all to Trinidad which is the larger and more populous island of two major islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad cuisine is a blend of Indian, European Creole, Arab,Chinese,Latin American, African west, influences. And their well known dishes are Sada Roti, Fried Bakes, Coconut Bake which includes street foods like Doubles, Pholourie,Kachori, Roti Wrap, Aloo pie and much more. Today i want to showcase one of the most popular Street food aka Dhalpuri Roti which have its Indian influence. Roti is consider as the Staple of this West Indian island's cuisine. A roti is Trinidad is served with its accompaniments typically with yellow curry stew of meat, potatoes and chickpeas. Roti arrived to the Trinidad island around the slavery was abolished in the late 1830s, with servants from India, where the unleavened flatbread has been popular for many centuries. Dhal puri, paratha and sada are the most readily available styles of roti in Trinidad.Locals call their brand of paratha “buss up shut,” which gets its name from the Trini pronunciation of the phrase “busted-up shirt,” a reference to what the dish looks like. Not like the traditional paratha in India, buss up shut is broken into pieces, and diners typically pick up the pieces with their hands and use them as utensils to scoop the curry.

Dhalpuri Roti, Trini Dholl Puri

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Crescentine/Crescentina Modenese/Tigella

Crescentina/Crescente or Tigella, this Italian bread is known with all these names, this Italian flatbread is a small round shaped bread which belongs to Modena area of Emilia-Romagna, Northern Italy. Typically, crescentine is baked in between tiles called Tigelle, a latin word which means cover. Now the name Tigella came to the bread as they are baked in those designed tiles. In ancient times, after being wrapped with two chestnut or walnut leaves, the raw dough was covered with a round disk made of fired clay (the tigella) and then cooked in the wood fireplace. The disks, made out of high temperature resistant clay, were engraved to decorate the sides of the bread. The most common shape was the six spikes star. A disk was put on top of another alternating tigelle with raw dough and chestnut leaves which gave flavour to the “crescentina”. They were then cooked next to the fire in quite high piles. These tiny flabreads are made with flour, water, yeast and salt and eaten with any sorts of spread. Emilia-Romagna is known for its Balsamic vinegar, Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma.

Crescentina Modenese,Tigella

Monday, September 3, 2018

Balep Korkum/Tibetan Flatbread/Tibet Monastery Bread

You might have noticed that i have kick started a month of blogging marathon since yesterday and the theme for this month's Mega marathon is A-Z International Flatbreads. Obviously after an Egyptioan bread,my today's post goes to Tibet, which is an autonomous region of China.  And Tibet is a traditional and historical region of Centrel Asia. Tibet is the highest region on Earth. With Lhasa as capital, Tibet is well known for Dalai Lama, the spiritual leaders of Tibetan people. Tibet cuisine is not that much well known for me, hence i want to discover this cuisine. To kick start my culinary experience with this cuisine, i tried my hands with a flatbread. Balep Korkum is a Central Tibetan style bread which is a flatbread. Tibetans makes many kinds of bread and each areas have their own unique style of breads. But Balep Korkum is one of the easiest flatbread you can make easily at home with usual ingredients you can find in your pantry. Round and quite easy, this flatbread is definitely a simple dish to prepare if you want to make something quick as a bread to serve along with your favourite sauces or curries.

Balep Korkum, Tibetan Flatbread

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Aish Baladi/Egyptian Flatbread

Cant believe we are already in September, how fast na! looks like  just now we had a month of blogging marathon in April and here comes an another month of Blogging marathon. If you are a follower of my space, you might have noticed that i will be running two months of Mega marathon with different interesting theme for 26 days. And here comes an another Mega marathon and this time i will be running with A-Z International flatbreads. How exciting na, i have spend enough time to grab some interesting flatbreads around the world and am very much to happy to showcase them in my space. Though Valli gave three themes which includes:
1)A to Z Indian flatbread (excluding dosas,crepes and pancakes)
2) Ato Z International Flatbreads (with 1 Indian bread) and
3) A to Z Indian bread (includes dosas, crepes and pancakes)

But my pick was International flatbreads. Seriously its really interesting to dish out some flatbreads which are quite unknown for my knowledge. Trust me, i enjoyed thoroughly to dish out those 26 flatbreads from various International Cuisine.

Am kick starting this month's Mega marathon with Aish Baladi from Egypt. Baladi means traditional or authentic in English, but the word “Aish” is the key to understanding the special place of bread in Egyptian heritage. Aish means “life”, which is how Egyptians have perceived bread since ancient times. Bread is considered aa a commodity that Egyptians cannot live without in their daily meal. Its a must for them and you can see bread on every table, from breakfast to dinner.“Aish Baladi” has been a dear friend to Egyptians since ancient times. Aish Baladi is not only a food item for Egyptians; it is a reflection of Egyptian culture and a significant meaning of life

Aish Baladi, Egyptian Pita Bread