Thursday, April 30, 2015

Butterscotch Chips Palmiers

Palmiers, is a french pastry which goes for puff pastry, a very similar dough usually used making crossiants.Palmiers have different names, they are also known as elephant ears, french hearts, palm leaves or else sugar hearts. Palmiers can be baked easily with puff pastry sheets and sugar, yes just two ingredients is quite enough to bake out these cuties. Eventhough you can simply prepare this dangerously addictive palmiers just with sugar, you can still bake them with many variations like chocolate chips, cinnamon powder, pesto, cheese, fruit chunks etc.. One of my recent trial is this addictive butterscotch chips palmiers. These cuties are very easy to do as much as like the usual palmiers. Palmiers takes very less time to get ready and bake. You doesnt need any specific gadgets to bake this cuties.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Meringue Mushrooms

I always want to clear my drafts but unfortunately my days are busy since few months. Obviously am taking my time to clear my drafts now, however my drafts have loads of baked goodies and this month's baking mega marathon came in secure to clear few of my baked goodies sitting in my draft. One among those drafted post is this meringue mushrooms, i baked this cuties during the month of december for decorating this Vanilla Yule log cake. This sweet mushrooms goes for egg whites and sugar. Yes just with two ingredients you can make these cuties.

Meringue Mushrooms

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Queen of Puddings

 As per wiki,Queen of Puddings is a traditional British dessert, consisting of a baked, breadcrumb-thickened mixture, spread with jam and topped with meringue.Milk and lemon zest are heated to boiling in a saucepan. Sugar, butter and breadcrumbs are mixed into the hot milk, which is allowed to cool. Egg yolks and a whole egg are beaten into this mixture, which is transferred into a deep pie dish then baked in a bain-marie until set.

This firm, brownish bread crumb base is then spread with jam, usually raspberry or blackcurrant and a meringue mix made from the reserved egg whites is spooned over the jam. The pudding is returned to the oven and baked until the meringue is golden, but still soft. The pudding is eaten hot. When you get a chance of making this beautiful Queen of puddings, who will resist to give a try to this delightful dessert, i baked mine few months back and today am posting this beauty just i want to clear my draft.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Queen of Puddings

Monday, April 27, 2015

Traditional Greek Moussaka

Moussaka is an eggplant (aubergine) and / or potato-based dish in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire, with many local and regional variations. It has three layers that are separately cooked before being combined for the final baking: a bottom layer of sliced eggplant sautéed in olive oil,a middle layer of ground lamb lightly cooked with chopped or puréed tomatoes, onion, garlic, and spices and a top layer of Béchamel sauce. The dish is then layered into a pan and baked until the top layer is browned. This Famous greek dish was in my to do list since a long, finally i baked them at home. Actually i was supposed to post this recipe few days back as a part of  this month's  Shhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge an interesting event started by me and my partner of this month is Priya Satheesh, she gave me eggplant and zucchini and i used both veggies in this Moussaka, thanks Priya for giving me this fabulous veggies.

Greek Moussaka

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sesame Braided Bread

Sesame seeds are my weakness and i love to add often in my menu whenever i feel like adding them. Obviously when i get a chance to make breads with sesame seeds, i dont hesitate a second to make them immediately. I have been part of many baking events and this bread is one among a challenge i have to post  before few months. Eventhough i baked them immediately i couldnt able to post them earlier. These braided bread makes an excellent accompaniment to serve along with soups or salads or simply you can have this beauties just with butter and jam. However the mildly roasted sesame seeds added to this bread gives an excellent flavour to this beautifully braided bread like rolls.

Sesame Braided bread rolls

Friday, April 24, 2015

Mozzarella Pesto Swirl Rolls

Do you know cheese and pesto works awesome in bread, they makes a prefect pair especially in swirl bread or in rolls. Earlier i dont forget to get store bought pesto but now i do varieties of pesto at home as they very easy to dish out. Obviously nothing will beat the homemade pesto, with fresh herbs and nuts you can easily prepare your pesto quickly at home. Coming to my today's post, this pesto swirl rolls are easy to make and the addition of mozzarella cheese gives an excellent texture to this beatiful rolls.This bread rolls can be enjoyed thoroughly just like as snacks or simply along with a bowl of warm soup to have filling and satisfying dinner. Pesto filling i used in this roll is Parsley Almond pesto. This pesto gives any excellent flavor to this alluring cheesy rolls which is dangerously addictive.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Mozzarella Pesto Swirl Rolls

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vegan Herbed Flaxseed Crescent Dinner Rolls

My love for savoury bread rolls pulled me to give a try to this damn cute looking crescent dinner rolls. One more vegan dinner rolls from my kitchen. This cute dinner rolls goes awesome to serve along with a bowl of soup or else simply as accompaniment to serve along with different dips and salads. However this dinner rolls are very much easy to make and trust me you wont regret making them at home as they are loaded with flaxseed meal. Most of my recent bakes will definitely have flaxmeal or flaxseeds, i couldnt stop myself adding them just to increase the fibre content in my bakes. Hence i can feed easily my family with this healthy seeds.

Herbed flaxseed crescent dinner rolls

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Karachi Biscuits - Eggless Tutti Frutti Biscuits

Karachi biscuits, these biscuits are quite famous in Hyderabad that too from Karachi bakery at Hyderabad. This bakery is well known for its signature rich biscuits like this tutti frutti butter biscuits, osmania biscuits etc which just melt in your mouth. These biscuits are loaded with tutti frutti chunks and cashews, which makes this biscuits more delicious,fruity and nutty at the same time. These biscuits are divinely delicious and obviously very addictive that once you bake this biscuits you wont stop munching them yourself. This biscuits was in to do list since a long and one fine day i tried them at home,trust me they came out absolutely fabulous.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Karachi biscuits

Monday, April 20, 2015

Eggless Frying Pan Double Chocolate Cookie

You may wonder about the name of my today's post, its an another version of famous skillet cookie. This giant cookie is prepared the same way as like baking through Iron cast Skillet. I seriously want to own a iron cast skillet but its really not easy to get them here. Obviously i made this cookie with my own frying pan as their handle can be removed easily. Trust me, this is first time am trying cookie this way, and they came out extremely fantastic. Now i decided not to run behind a iron cast skillet. This chocolate cookie goes for usual ingredients and definitely with a scoop of icecream, one can have this delicious chocolate loaded cookie happily for dessert.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Frying pan Chocolate Cookie

Eggless Cheese & Herb Scones

Scones, this tiny cakes or single serving quick breads are just prefect to start a day with a cup of milk. As per wiki,Scones are usually made of wheat, barley or oatmeal, with baking powder as a leavening agent, and are baked on sheet pans. They are often lightly sweetened and are occasionally glazed. The scone is a basic component of the cream tea or Devonshire tea. It differs from a teacake and other sweet buns, which are made with yeast. A scone is in some senses a type of pastry since it is made with essentially the same ingredients as shortcrust, though with different proportions of fat to flour.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Eggless Blueberry Jam Muffins

Am an ardent fan of blueberries but its not season for blueberries here, obviously if you are craving for blueberries loaded bakes, you can either go for frozen ones or else blueberry jam. My today's post goes for this simple eggless muffins just baked with blueberry jam, just to satisfy my cravings for blueberries. As usual, this muffins goes for simple ingredients and definitely an excellent baked goodies to enjoy as breakfast muffins if you are in hurry or simply for your evening snacks, obviously the choice is yours.This muffins are my last post of this week's theme cakes and muffins, as am running a whole month of blogging marathon with Baking as theme.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Blueberry Jam Muffins

Friday, April 17, 2015

Eggless Butterless Pineapple Muffins

After making some pineapple kheer, i had some leftover tinned pineapple chunks sitting in my fridge, to give them a second life i simply baked out some muffins with them. Pineapple, this fruit is my favourite after mango and jackfruit. Obviously i love make variety of foods with this fruit. I bake quite often the most popular pineapple upside down cake to satisfy my tastebuds. But this time, since i want to make a quick and easy breezy baked goodies, i opted for this egg free and completely butterfree pineapple muffins. Whoever love pineapple in bakes will definitely go crazy if they tastes this muffins.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Butterless, eggless Pineapple Muffins

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies

My today's post was sitting in my draft since the month of february as i baked this brownies specially for Valentine's day. As per wiki, a brownie is a flat, baked dessert square that was developed in the United States at the end of the 19th century and popularized in both the U.S. and Canada during the first half of the 20th century. It is a cross between a cake and a soft cookie in texture and comes in a variety of forms. Depending on its density, it may be either fudgy or cakey and may include nuts, icing, chocolate chips, or other ingredients. A variation made with brown sugar and chocolate bits but without melted chocolate in the batter is called a blonde brownie.

Brownies are typically eaten by hand, often accompanied by milk or coffee. They are sometimes served warm with ice cream, topped with whipped cream, or sprinkled with powdered sugar. But my today's brownies is quite a different from the usual one, this brownie goes two layers, first layer goes for a red velvet brownie batter  which is then topped with  a second layer aka cream cheese batter.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Red velvet cream cheese brownies

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Eggless Sugar Crusted Butterscotch Muffins

After a hidden chocolate heart in vanilla cake, my today's post is going to be an irresistible sugar crusted eggless butterscotch muffins. I carried butterscotch chips all the way from India during my last trip. Actually i never get butterscotch chips easily here in shops, you have to be lucky to get them as they are very rare in most of the shops here, but for my surprise i got butterscotch chips easily in India from a well known baking related retail shop in Pondicherry. Since i dont want to miss the chance to bake with butterscotch chips i didnt even hesitated a second to grab some chips. Trust me, if you conserve them properly they stay ultimately prefect to use them later in your baking. I freezed them in small batches in a ziplog bags to use whenever i need them, easy to use and stays good for a long.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Sugar crusted Butterscotch Muffins

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hidden Chocolate Heart in Vanilla Cake

I have few bakes in my draft since few months, one among those bakes is this hidden heart cake, i baked this cake during the month of february for Valentine's day. I couldnt able to post this cake immediately coz of few commitments but thank god without any knowledge i kept this post aside to post later. Now its helps me a lot to post for this month's long blogging marathon as we are running with baking as theme. Baking became a part of my life,whenever i feel down i'll get the ingredients to bake something to motivate myself to overcome those difficult moments. Baking helped me a lot to overcome many situations, yes its helps a lot to control my stress,my anger and my frustration etc, and the list goes on. Trust me or not, when my dad passed away, i even baked at 3am in the morning just to overcome his absence.Now you can guess how my ovens are precious to me.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tutti Frutti Buttermilk Muffins

After sweet yeasted breads and savoury breads, this week is going to be Cakes & Muffins for this month's Mega marathon we are running since two weeks. Muffins are easy to make and very delightful to have. Muffins gets disappears very quickly from your table as much as quickly you whip them.The term muffin refers typically to an individual size of quickbread which can be prepared either sweet or savoury. Few muffins are symbols of American states, corn muffins is the official state muffin of Massachusetts while blueberry muffin is the official state muffin of Minnesota and the apple muffins is the official state muffin of New york.For a soft and fluffy muffins, its advised not to overmix the muffin batter.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Tutti Frutti Buttermilk Muffins

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Vegan Oven Roasted/Oven Dried Cherry Tomatoes & Herbs Bread

Am a great fan of sun dried tomatoes, i never forget to get them whenever i feeling like cooking with them. I really want to make my batch of sun dried tomatoes at home but unfortunately Sun god is very rare here. Cherry tomatoes are very cheap here, hence i decided to make some dried tomatoes finally i opted to make my batch of dried tomatoes at home by oven drying. This method may take few hours to dry the cherry tomatoes but this method is truly worth to make dried tomatoes at home easily.Since ever i tried this method of oven dried cherry tomatoes, i do make them quite often. If you want to make oven dried tomatoes at home, do check my link here and i even prepared an alluring pesto using oven dried cherry tomatoes.My today's post goes for oven dried cherry tomatoes and mixed herbs bread. This bread was in my draft as well, finally am posting this incredible savoury bread today.

Oven roasted cherry tomatoes & herbs bread

Friday, April 10, 2015

Spicy Cheesy Swirl Buns with Potato-Bellpepper Masala

Its been a while i baked swirl buns, earlier i do bake swirl breads or buns quite often as they are seriously very easy to make. Stuff them with anything especially with loads of vegetables, am sure these cuties gets vanished within few minutes once they come out of the oven. If you add cheese along with the filling, trust me, even you cant resist to them. This time when i prepared everything for making swirl buns, i couldnt resist to prepare a spice filling simply with potato and bellpepper. Obviously i prepared a delicious and very aromatic masala and the mozzarella cheese added to this masala while rolling this swirl buns tastes excellent while having this swirl buns warm.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Stuffed Cheese & Vegetable Swirl buns

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Vegan Ragi Oats Bread

I always love to add whole grains quite often in our diet and i never forget to add them if am making bread at home. This ragi oats bread was in my draft since a long and finally i got a chance to post them today.This ragi oats bread sounds as much as like French Pain de mie, but this bread goes for ragi aka finger millet flour and grounded oatmeal apart from these both ingredients this bread is prepared with usual ingredients we usually go for making bread. Baking bread at home is definitely like a child play if yeast god behave good with you. If you are making bread at home, you are free to add your favourite ingredients like millets,oats or seeds of our choice.

Ragi Oats Bread Loaf, Ragi Bread

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Vegan Rosemary & Potato Dinner Rolls

Since ever i tried baking breads with mashed potatoes, i have completely fallen in love with the soft and spongy texture of each bakes i have baked out of mashed potatoes. Few days back, i had some leftover cooked potatoes sitting in my fridge and i tried this ultimate super spongy, completely vegan and mildly flavoured dinner rolls with rosemary. Trust me this dinner rolls came out absolutely spongy and one can have these herbed potato dinner rolls with anything, we had these rolls with cream cheese for our snacks and with a bowl of soup for our dinner along with grilled chicken thighs.

Rosemary & Potato Dinner Rolls

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fish Shaped Bread with Paneer Bhurji

I have been looking for some different shaped breads just to attract my kids as they are totally bored to eat the same shaped bread rolls whenever i bake savoury breads at home. I was looking at Pinterest and got hooked to this fish shaped bread. Eventhough i couldnt make the prefect fish shape, i was very happy with the final result. Actually shaping the bread dough is quite an art, its not that much easy to make figurines with bread dough. However my trial with this fish shaped bread turned out good when compared to the original fish shaped bread i tried to replicate. Since am busy during weekdays, i want to bake few goodies during weekends and last weekend i baked this fish shaped bread as am running Mega marathon during this whole month of April.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Fish shaped bread with paneer bhurji

Monday, April 6, 2015

Eggless Kimmelweck/Kummelweck Rolls

Kummelweck rolls are simple rolls , but they may sounds special and different as this simple rolls are topped with sea salt and caraway seeds. These rolls are great for sandwiches and even for making burgers.Do you know what exactly is a Kimmelweck Roll? It's a hard roll, much like a crusty Kaiser roll, but sprinkled with caraway and coarse salt instead of poppy seeds. They are German in origin and the word “Kummel” means caraway seeds while “Weck” means roll. In Buffalo in New York, these rolls are used to make a speciality sandwich called the "Beef on Weck", with thinly sliced rare roast beef and horseradish and it is typically served with fries and a dill pickle. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Brioche Nest/Brioches Nids de Pâques

                                               Happy Easter wishes to you all..

Easter is around the corner and here all the shops are loaded with Easter special chocolates. Kids just love Easter especially for a long weekend as this Christian festival falls always during weekends and one more reason is chocolates (shaped like eggs).You can see these sorts of shaped chocolates only during Easter hence kids will wait eagerly for this festival. After this Easter Bunnies and this Easter Special lamb Brioche, this time Defi Boulange, a fabulous bread baking event by Nadia and Manue challenged the member of this group with this Brioche nest especially for this Easter celebration.This Easter Brioche nest is quite easy to make, even the shaping of this edible nest is really a very easiest one. Apart from colouring the raw eggs, this brioche goes for easy ingredients we usually go for making brioche dough.Sending to Srivalli's Anniversary Mela.

Brioches Nids de Pâques, Easter Brioche Nest

Friday, April 3, 2015

Chocolate Chips Brioche Buns

I never get bored of making brioche with chocolate chunks or chocolate chips, one among my recent bake with brioche and chocolate chips is this beautiful looking chocolate chips brioche buns. Brioche are egg loaded bread which goes for rich sweet bread dough.Brioche, this bread is quite popular among kids and they can have brioche anytime of the day with their favourite spread. Eventhough brioche makes an excellent filling breakfast or snacks, this bread suits prefectly for a sunday brunch.

Chocolate Chips Brioche Buns

Thursday, April 2, 2015

3 Strands Braided Challah Bread

Challah bread doesnt need any introduction if you love egg loaded breads. Challah breads are well known in Jewish cuisine,this bread can go for upto 12 strands, i have already prepared this 6 strands Braided Challah Bread,this 4 strands Braided challah bread and 5 strands Challah bread, obviously i want to make three strands braided challah bread. Actually my kids just love challah bread topped with black poppy seeds with nutella spread.The name challah is derived from the Hebrew word used for portion in the Biblical commandment of the first of the dough that one should give unto the Lord a portion for a gift throughout their generations. Needless to say challah bread is a Jewish sabbath-Holiday bread.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Chocolate Stuffed Pull Apart Crescent Rolls

Baking became a part of my life and i do bake quite often. If you go through my recipe index am sure you will definitely get surprised to see the varieties of bakes i have already baked and posted in my space. Baking is a stress burster for me, i can spend a day in my kitchen just to bake. Yes am crazy about baking and trying new baked goodies.

You may wonder why am talking very much about baking, i have a reason for it. This April month is going to be a whole month of blogging marathon and the theme for this month's blogging marathon is simply 'Baking aka Baked Goodies', Valli was kind enough to announce this whole month of blogging marathon without any theme and we are free to bake anything from bread to cookies or cakes to savoury baked goodies. Obviously i couldnt resist to bake few interesting breads and i'll be posting 26 varieties of bakes during this whole month. Stay tuned and enjoy all my bakes virtually.

Pull apart crescent Rolls