Friday, September 5, 2008

Avocado Mayo Dip

Avocado r known as butter pears, these r fruits..Avocado fruits have a smooth, creamy, greenish-yellow flesh, highly rich in vitamins n potassium, they r very much used in mexican foods to prepare the famous mexican dip 'Guacamole' i tried them as french version by adding the excellent condiments of french people the famous 'Mayonnaise' excellent dip, easy to prepare..

1no Avocado(ripe)
1tbsp Mayonnaise
1/4tsp pepper powder
1/4tsp Lemon juice
1/4tsp Olive oil r any types of oil
pinch of salt

Cut the avocado into two equal parts n scoop out the seed n remove out the flesh..add the avocado flesh, mayonnaise, pepper powder, lemon juice n oil with a pinch of salt n beat vigorously with a fork..keep them in fridge for half an hour..serve them with any sort of vegetables..

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Dori said... Reply To This Comment

This sounds great, Avocado's can make the most tasty dips!

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Glad to see ur comments Meeso..