Sunday, July 29, 2018


Dhuska is a well known deep fried snack from Jharkhand. This fried snacks are eaten all over Jharkhand which calls for rice, channa dal as two main ingredients. Actually, earlier Jharkhand cuisine is quite unknown cuisine for me. Before a year, for an event i cooked a dish from this cuisine and totally enjoyed going through their cuisine. Learned few recipes through google master and have bookmarked few from this cuisine as much i do with other unknown cuisine. And for this month's Shh Cooking Secretly, a monthly event started by me, which is now hosted by Mayuri Patel. We are cooking from Jharkhand, and i have been paired with Priya Mahesh of  Priyas Kitchen . Priya was kind enough to give me my two ingredients which is quite a staple food for a South Indian like me. Yes my two secret ingredients are Rice and channadal. 


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ring Shaped Vegetable Samosas

Samosas, these deep fried beauties are our family favourite and none will say 'no' to these crispy beauties. Am running this week's blogging marathon with A dish with different shape as theme, hence i have been posting different shaped dishes for the past two days. Today is the final post for this theme, hence i opted to our family favourite snacks aka Samosas. Samosas are popular Indian street foods and a prefect evening snacks as well. Usually samosas are shaped as triangles however the usual samosa dough can be rolled as logs and they are called as rolls. Since my theme for this week is a dish with different shape i decided to go with an interesting shaped samosas. And here comes the ring shaped samosas which call for usual samosa dough and a delicious vegetable stuffing.

Vegetable Ring shaped Samosas

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Vegan Handbag Shaped Stuffed & Seeded Bread

I have been baking some preservative free breads at home since ever the yeast god works fabulous with me. Though active dry yeast works prefect for me, i have been using instant yeast since a while as they are seriously very easy to handle. Hence bread baking have became a routine whenever am free at home. Obviously my family members look for homemade freshly baked breads to have as their sandwich or to kick start their day with homemade breads for their breakfast. Most of our breakfast calls for bread,butter and jam as they are seriously hasslefree and easy to finish the breakfast with. You may guess that its really rare for me to make our Indian breakfast dishes earlier in the morning as we start our day with different time schedules. Coming to my today's post, i baked this bread during a weekend for our snacks. Yes we love stuffed breads, hence i baked this bread for our snacks as they are quite filling and satisfying to have with a cup of coffee.

Vegan Hand Bag Shaped Stuffed Bread

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Eggless Rose Shaped Donuts/Rose Doughnuts

Doughnuts/Donuts are deep fried dough which is typically shaped as ring shaped or else as ball shaped doughnut hole. Some donuts have holes and some may not. And this doughnuts called for yeasted dough which is usually prepared with eggs.I have already tried couple of doughnuts and todayam here with an another doughnuts which is completely eggless. Am running this week's blogging marathon with A dish in different shapes as theme. When i picked the theme, i know that this theme will be quite challenging, but i love challenges obviously i took this theme without any hesitation.Actually this theme is very interesting and trust me its brings out the artistic talent which is hidden inside and quite unknown to you. Three posts for this week came out extremely fabulous and when i served to my family, they just kept on praising the efforts i have put on to dish out those three dishes.

Eggless Rose Shaped Doughnuts

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mutton Kheema Masala Kuzhambu/Minced Meat Masala

Minced meat Masala is my hubby's favourite, he just love this masala with anything. When served with dosas, idlies or else with rotis, one can enjoy this lipsmacking kuzhambu without any fuss. Its a prefect dish for meat lovers. Excellent to relish even with mildly flavoured pulao or parottas this dish is definitely a must try. My meat lovers at home are crazy fan of this dish, however i love to prepare this minced meat masala with both chicken and mutton. My today's post is Minced mutton, and i opted for pressure cooking method. Yes this dish is one pot dish, as you need just a pressure cooker to prepare this fingerlicking masala. However you can dish this incredible dish even  by cooking them in traditional way as much as like other mutton dishes. If you are a vegetarian, you can dish this spicy and flavourful dish with minced soya chunks, crumbled paneer or else with crumbled tofu.

Kheema Kuzhambu

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Masala Red Rice Dal Dosa/Gluten Free Masala Dal Dosa

Idlies and dosas, both are the typical South Indian breakfast which have their own place in every houses. Masala dosa is one among the most favourite dish of my family, whenever we go to Indian restaurant, my kids wont hesitate a second to order masala dosas as they are crazy fan of this dish. Though dishing out masala dosa is not a big task to prepare at home,dunno why am very rare to make them at home. Masala dosa has its origins in Tuluva Mangalorean cuisine. Dosa when stuffed with spicy potato masala served with chutneys and sambar makes this delightful breakfast dish. Masala dosas is quite popular in South India, however it can be found in all part of the country and also around the world. However preparation of masala dosas do varies from city to city. Masala dosas can be prepared in two ways, usually masala dosas are stuffed with potato masala while Mysore masala dosa is stuffed with potato masala however red chutney with red chillies ,onion and garlic is applied inside the dosa before stuffing.

Masala Red RIce Dal Dosa, Gluten Free Masala Red rice dosa

Vegan Radish Greens Channadal Kootu

Radish greens are the green leaves on stalks on top of the root vegetable  aka the radish . Radish is an extremely popular vegetable in the world. Different parts of the plant, including the seeds, sprouts, and leaves, can be used both in culinary applications and traditional medical treatments. In some parts of the world, radishes are actually cultivated specifically for their leaves, as they continue to grow while the root develops.These radish greens have a peppery, earthen taste, making them an interesting addition to any salad and they can also be added to sandwiches or even boiled down and salted for a great side dish. These leaves contain much higher concentrations of certain nutrients than the vegetable itself, so if you are one of the countless people who simply throw away radish greens, change your ways and add this nutritious new food to your diet.

Radish Green Kootu, Channadal Greens Kootu

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Black-eyed Peas Dumpling in Tangy Gravy/Kaaramani Urundai Kuzhambu

Black-eyed peas, which i fondly call as Kaaramani is one of the protein rich legumes aka beans which have loads of nutritious content in it. Do you know just a cup of Black eyed peas have 20% of daily value of magnesium, calcium and iron. Yes if you are vegetarian, dont forget to add this beans quite often in your diet. Also a cup of cooked black-eyed peas have 160 calories with interesting fiber in it. Black eyed peas is one of my most favourite legumes after Red kidney beans,obviously my pantry will always have this. South Indians makes a lipsmacking tangy dish with steamed dal dumplings dunked in a spicy tamarind gravy. Its quite a popular dish and we call it as Paruppu urundai kuzhambu. Highly rich in protein, this dish is often prepared at home whenever we feel like having something tangy and protein rich food for our meal. Since i want to give a twist to the usual Paruppu Urundai kuzhambu, i replaced the toordal dumplings with steam cooked black-eyed peas dumplings.. Trust me this dish is just prefect to enjoy with hot steaming rice and papads.

Black eyed peas Dumplings Kuzhambu, Karamani Urundai Kuzhambu

Gujarati Dal Vada/Moongdal Wada/Gujarati na Daal Vada

If you love deep fried beauties for your evening snacks, you should definitely give a try to this gluten free vadas. Actually Gujarati na Daal vada are quite a famous street food as they are sold by street vendors. Though this dal vada is known very much as tea time snacks during monsoon days, this dal vada got its origin from Ahmedabad where these crispy fritters are easily available in tea shops and many public stations. Gujarati dal vada is prominently prepared with either split yellow moongdals or else split green moongdals, yes this vada is completely prepared with just moongdal. However if you look for dal vada in other parts of India, most of the dal vadas calls for channa dal which is not needed for dishing out this crispy moongdal loaded Gujarati vadas.

Moongdal Vada, Dal wada

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Chettinad Prawn Thokku/Chettinad Eral Thokku/Chettinad Prawn Masala

Chettinad cuisine is one of most popular cuisine of Tamilnadu and this cuisine is somehow very close to my heart. Yes Pondicherrian cuisines have chettinad touch in their cooking style. Obviously some of the Pondicherrian traditional dishes ressembles quite like Chettinad cuisine. Our seafoods curries to vegetable pirattals, i can list out many of Pondicherrian dishes which sounds almost like Chettinad dishes. Am running this week's blogging marathon with Indian Regional dishes, after a lipsmacking Punjabi dhabba style Egg curry, my today's post goes for a delicious sea food thokku aka Prawn thokku. This dish was sitting in my draft post for more than two years and dunno why i kept on postponing to publish this dish in my blog. Late but not least, this week's theme was a prefect one to write this dish and publish. Been a Pondicherrian, seafoods are my weakness. Actually i cant survive more than a week without seafoods. Obviously i cook many different dishes with seafoods, though my space have less seafoods dishes. However am planning to post some seafoods friendly dishes once a while to please some non vegetarian followers of my space..

Chettinad Prawn Masala, Spicy Prawn Thokku, Eral Thokku

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Anda Curry Dhabba Style/Punjabi Egg Curry

Punjabi style of curries are seriously fingerlicking goodness. Trust me i love their dhabba style dishes and when ever i get a chance to taste in their dhabba, i dont hesitate a second at all. And its been a long i had punjabi dishes in a Dhabba. However to replicated their dishes at home is definitely a must for me. And my today's recipe is a Dhabba style Punjabi egg curry which is also known as Anda Curry or Anda Masala. This egg curry tastes absolutely delicious to have with both rice and rotis. Trust this curry is an excellent accompaniment to relish with Butter naans or kulchas. My family members enjoyed this Dhabba style Egg curry with hot steaming rice and papads. Yes this dish is definitely an interesting dish to give a try as you doesnt need anything fancy to cook this delectable curry.
Punjabi Egg Curry, Anda Curry

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Chicken Salad Wraps/Chicken & Salad Wraps

My third post for this week's blogging marathon is definitely a complete meal. Loaded with vegetables and chicken chunks, this chicken salad wraps makes a filling meal. Chicken salad is a simple salad prepared with chicken or else as a mixed salad with chicken and handful of vegetables which calls for lettuce, tomato, avocado etc with mayonnaise or salad dressing. And this chicken salad can be used very much for making sandwiches. My kids have been asking this chicken salad wraps since a while and i have been skipping it as well. When i picked Wraps and Rolls as theme for this week's blogging marathon, i couldnt even think more than dishing out this wraps. Usually chicken salad is prepared either with leftover chicken chunks or else with grilled chicken chunks. But i opted for boiled chicken chunks which works awesome for making this filling sandwich.

Chicken Wraps, Chicken & Vegetable Wraps

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Potato Cheese Bread Rolls/Cheesy Potato Bread Rolls

My today's post is definitely a fabulous dish to give a try when you have kids around you. After a delectable Fusion Zucchini wraps, here comes an interesting cheesy potato bread rolls. Looking for an easy snacks, then you have to look my today's Cheese potato bread rolls. One of the quickest and filling bread rolls to pack even in a kid's snack box. With store bought bread slices, and a simple potato cheesy stuffing, you can dish out this Potato cheese bread rolls with less efforts. Its a prefect bread rolls for sudden cravings, a prefect crowd pleaser and an incredible starter for a kid's party. You can use any sort of bread slices to dish out this dangerously addictive toast rolls also you can choose your spread of your choice.

Potato cheese bread rolls

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Zucchini Quinoa Kebab Wrap/Fusion Zucchini Kebab Wrap

This Week's posts are going to be Wraps and Rolls, yes this week's theme for the first week of blogging marathon of this month is Wraps and Rolls. Wrap is a kind of sandwich which is made usually with soft flatbread like tortillas, lavash or pita flatbreads. Most of the filling for making wraps calls for cold meats or seafoods stuffed along with lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, sauteed vegetables or grilled onions with cheese and a sauce. Wraps makes a super filling meal as they are loaded with meats and vegetables in it. However many vegan and vegetarian wraps do exists and you can stuff a wrap with any sort of filling. I have been making wraps at home either with homemade tortillas or else with store bought ones. And am kick starting this week's blogging marathon with a fabulous super healthy and definitely a fusion kebab i have prepared at home with both zucchini and quinoa.

Zucchini Quinoa Kebab Wraps