Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Purple Cabbage Masal Vada/Purple Cabbage Channadal Fritters

If you are making often just some crunchy coleslaw or else some easy breezy salads with purple cabbage, you should definitely have to take a look to this crispy fritters aka TamilNadu style masala vadais. Masala vadas are quite a streetfood which can be found easily in every corner tea shops all over Tamilnadu. Masal vadas is usually prepared with channadal along with few spices, however many sort of variations do exists. One can add some grated vegetables or greens to make vadas more delicious and healthy to feed kids easily with vegetables or greens. And my today's post is one among those vegetable loaded fritters aka purple cabbage masala vadas. Cabbage is one of my favourite vegetable but at home its quite a struggle to feed my kids with this leafy vegetable.

Cabbage Masal Vada

Monday, December 17, 2018

Homemade Boston Cream Donuts

Honestly am trying to keep myself away from deep-frying, but the weather in Paris is getting much worst nowadays. Obviously our tastebuds were craving for something deep fried and crispy to munch with a cup of coffee or tea. And this week's blogging marathon theme is 'Deep fried Love', hence this week's posts are going to be three different deep fried beauties. Needless to say how everyone at home enjoyed this theme. Yes after more than a month my family members had a chance to indulge some deep fried dishes as evening snacks. Am kick starting this week's theme with an ultimate homemade Boston cream donuts. Donuts are yeasted dough which is fried and enjoyed when tossed with cinnamon sugar. Coming to this Boston cream donuts, its a round, yeasted donuts with chocolate frosting and a pudding filling which is a miniature donut version of Boston cream pie.

Custard cream donuts, Boston Donuts

Vegan Mixed Seeds & Spelt Flour Dinner Rolls

Spelt flour is my recent favourite, i accidently picked a packet of spelt flour instead of gluten free flour. But trust me, though i did a mistake, i seriously enjoy baking out some incredible bakes with this very ancient grains. Spelt is known as hulled wheat which is a species of wheat cultivated since a long. Spelt flour breads are important staple in few parts of Europe since bronze age. As much as like Wheat, barley and rye, Spelt is also a gluten grain. You might have know about gluten, its a protein that gives breads and other baked goodies their texture. Obviously spelt flour replace very well whole wheat or whole grain flour in most of the breads. Spelt is an excellent healthy whole grain, eating spelt in your diet gives the fiber content. Fibre is essential for healthy digestive system. Hence spelt flour may be very much helpful as a part of weight loss diet. Spelt flour contains little more protein than the usual wheat.  Keep in your mind, that spelt flour is not suitable for a gluten free dieting people.

Vegan Mixed Seeds & Spelt Flour Bread rolls

Friday, December 14, 2018

Eggless Chocolate Chunks & Whole Wheat Butter Biscuits

Kids were asking for something buttery and chocolatey since few days as the weather in Paris is seriously nasty. If kids requests for chocolates loaded bakes, i cant say 'no' hence i baked this ultimate buttery wheat biscuits. Why i used whole wheat flour, coz i have already baked butter biscuits with all purpose flour. Since i want to bake them much healthier than the usual butter biscuits, i opted for whole wheat flour which works awesome to bake out some scrumptious biscuits out of it. Also i baked this cookies with roughly chopped chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips which gives an excellent texture to this ultimate cookies. Everyone at home went crazy when i finished baking this wheat butter biscuits.

Chocolate Chunks Wheat Butter Biscuits