Monday, May 30, 2016

Raw Mango & Mushroom Kodomillet Rice/Maangai Kaalan Varagu Saadham

I have created this ultimate, healthy tangy Kodo millet rice for an event. Yes when you are challenged with some interesting ingredients by an another food blogger, seriously you will break your head to come up with some unique ideas. For this month's Shhh Cooking Secretly, started by myself and now the event is taken by Mayuri Patel,Mayuri paired me with Annam, as usual we chitchatted together and decided to go with two interesting ingredients for both of us. Actually the main ingredient of this month's event is Mango, obviously we are supposed to give two more ingredients to our partner to pair with Mangoes. I gave toor dal and shallots to Annam,while she gave me Millets and Mushrooms. When i got these two ingredients to cook along with mango, i decided myself to go with a savory dish.

Mangai Kaalan Varagu Saadham,Raw Mango & Mushroom Kodomillet Rice,

Friday, May 27, 2016

Pizza Swirl Bread

Pizza, this word itself make my family drool, especially my kids. Fortunately i learned to tame the yeast obviously i do my own pizza crust and go with the toppings of our own choie. Whenever we feel like having this cheesy food, i dont hesitate a second to bake some delicious Pizzas. Needless to say my blog baby have a couple of pizza related dishes though my today's post is also going to be a pizza bread. Yes Pizza Swirl bread, trust me this bread rocks, with simple ingredients and with an easy pizza dough, this swirl bread tastes simply awesome. If you are planning to make this incredible bread, dont forget to make the pizza dough in huge quantity.This post is going to be a part of a monthly baking event, i have been a part of this group since ever its started. Somehow i try to bake studiously for this baking event, as the bakes given for every month to the members of this group will be very interesting one to bake without any fail.

Pizza Swirl bread

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mushroom Pickle/Instant Mushroom Pickle/Kaalan Urugaai

I just love mushrooms and button mushrooms are my all time favourite. Never tried my hands in making a pickle with this interesting ingredient. While i picked pickles and preserves as this week's blogging marathon, i know i will be dishing out an instant version of pickle with button mushrooms hence this fingerlicking quick pickle for my today's post. Very easy to make this pickle takes hardly less than 15 minutes to get ready. They are ready to serve immediately, however i enjoyed them after an hour. Served along with sambar rice or curd rice, this fingerlicking goodness pickle tastes absolutely fabulous.

Quick mushroom pickle, Mushroom oorugai

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vietnamese Carrot Pickle/Pickled Carrot

After a quick instant potato pickle, am taking you all to Vietnam for this week's blogging marathon theme.Yes the theme for this week's blogging marathon is Pickles and Preserves. Banh mi sandwich is one of the popular and well known Vietnamese sandwich is quite famous among the local peoples To give the crunchy texture to this sandwich, pickled carrots and daikon radishes are used while preparing the sandwich.I always want to give a try to this pickled vegetables at home as they are very simple to make. Finally i made them and i tried this Vietnamese pickled vegetables just with carrots. Either sliced as thin match box like sticks or else shredded, carrot is simply added to a vinegared water prepared along with salt and sugar. However if you want to have fun with carrots, you can just create any shapes, size and thickness. This vietnamese carrot pickle stays crunchy,its quite versatile as well.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Instant Potato Pickle/Aloo Ka Achar/Quick Potato Pickle

Pickle, i can finish happily my lunch or dinner with pickle. Yes i can survive for many day with pickle without any fuss. Pickles or preserves plays an important role in Indian meal. Obviously we Indians make loads of pickles with varieties of vegetables and fruits, yes we do pickle even with fruits like tomato or with orange peel. Served simply with curd rice, am an ardent fan of pickles. My posts for this week's blogging marathon are going to be variety of pickles, yes my theme for this week's blogging marathon is Pickles and Preserves. My first post for this week's theme is an Ultimate easy breezy, quick, Instant potato pickle. Aloo ka achar aka quick potato pickle is definitely one of quickest pickle i have tried till today.

Aloo ka achar, Potato pickle

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jackfruit Limonade

Jackfruit, this fruit is my all time favourite after mangoes, though i get this incredible fruit rarely here in Paris, i dont forget to get them whenever they shows their heads in Indian groceries. Jackfruit, this fruit makes me always nostalgic. When we,myself and my sister were kids, every summer we spend our vacation at my grandma's village. Every summer, my paternal uncle brings home a super huge jackfruit from Panruti a well known city for Jackfruits in Tamil Nadu. Once he opens the fruit, we sit around him to enjoy those fresh jackfruit fleshs. I seriously miss those moments, however am happy that i can still get this fantastic fruit fortunately in Indian groceries here to satisfy my crave for this fruit.Whenever i get this fruit,everytime i seriously want to make delicious summer drinks out of this fruit and one of my trial is this super refreshing Limonade.

Jackfruit limonade, Limonade with Jackfruit

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rambutan & Tender Coconut Juice with Basil Seeds

Rambutan is a tropical fruit, named after the Malay word for 'hair', this fruit is from Southeast Asia though they grows all over the world now.Rambutan have an outer skin with soft yellowish and neon green prickly pokers all around the outer skin. Their flesh is white with a big seed in the middle and they have a sweet creamy rich flowery taste which is quite refreshing.Rambutan is highly rich in iron and helps a lot to less the body fat cotent as this fruit is high in fiber content.This fruit helps a lot for strengthening our bones as well. While tender coconut is a natural source of minerals and vitamins, their juice is excellent to keep the body cool. Rich in protein, their water are served fresh, chilled or packed. Often sold by street vendors, i simply love this tender coconut water especially while the weather is super hot outside, its a common summer special drink in India.

rambutan & tender coconut juice

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nungu Lassi/Palm Fruit Lassi

Nungu, is also known as ice apple or else as palm fruit is a delicious jelly like fruit that beats all the other fruits available during summer with its cooling effect. This fruit is a seasonal fruit and its easily available during summer. This fruit have is a native to South and Southeast Asia, do you know this this ice apple is a the tender fruits of the palmyra tree and this tree is found in plenty in all the villages of South India lining the paddy fields. Not to forget that this tree is the official tree of Tamil Nadu.Ice apple is rich in vitamins, and many more minerals, children love this ice apple for their taste and softness as it doesnt contain fats or carbohydrates.This fruits are excellent remedy for prickly heat.

Nungu Lassi, Ice Apple Lassi

Friday, May 13, 2016

Bandar Foods Product Review

Recently i got a mail regarding a product review, initially i was bit skeptical coz most of the time i rarely get a chance to write review once i reveal about my residence. But this time Bandar Foods doesnt hesitated a second to send me some irresistible and dangerously addictive guilt free Garlic flavoured Naan chips along with two delectable sauces. Though this product is from a start up based out of San Francisco in United States of America, the person who contacted me didnt hesitate to send this fantastic products for a review though i live in Paris. After a cookbook i have reviewed earlier in this year, this Bandar foods product review was my second review.

Garlic Flavored Naan Chips : Neatly packed, i simply loved the package and the colour of the package. Once you open the pack, those garlic flavored naan chips smells absolutely fabulous, immediately we started munching. Anyone will fell in love with this guilt free, baked, low fat, dangerously addictive crispy naan chips. Prefect to serve as a starter for a get together or else for a party menu, you doesnt have anything to do with. Just open the packet and transfer them to a bowl and serve. Not only this naan chips, tomato ketchup with masala spices and Cilantro chilli sauce served along with these chips will definitely tickle your tastebuds.

Tomato Ketchup with Masala Spices: Masala spiced tomato ketchup goes very well with this extremely delicious naan chips. Imagine classic ketchup with a cumin and clove touch, whoever loves tomato ketchup will go crazy if they tastes this ketchup. Prefect to enjoy with french fries,or else as a spread in hot dog etc, you have numerous choice to enjoy this fantastic ketchup.

Mint Cilantro Chilli Sauce: An excellent sauce for our Indian tastebuds, prefectly spicy and zesty, this pureed chutney makes an excellent dip to enjoy thoroughly this naan chips. You can even make a marinade with this sauce or as a spread while making a sandwich as well.

If you want to give a try or taste this ultimate Naan chips and their sauces, dont forget to check the Bandar Foods Site.

Bandar foods products are completely 100% vegetarian and vegan and none of their prodcuts contain GMOs.

Do you want to see some creative and inspiring recipes dont forget to check Here.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eggless Bird Shaped Bread Rolls

My today's post is quite a trial, though i didnt shaped prefectly these bird shaped bread rolls was my younger's one favourite as he enjoyed thoroughly having this bread. After baking some key shaped bread and flower shaped bread, my today's post goes for an another eggless Bird shaped bread rolls. I seriously want to bake this bird shaped bread rolls since a long, finally i decided to go with as i picked Shaped yeasted bread as theme for this week's blogging marathon. Though this bread rolls are easy to make,however i couldnt shape theù prefectly their beaks,tails etc. I tried a slightly sweet bread dough for making this bird shaped hence i used Chocolate chips for eyes and sprinkled few pearl sugar to give a catchy look.

bird shaped bread rolls

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Eggless Flower Shaped Bread Rolls

I have tried already varieties of shaped yeasted breads but still i have few more to give a try and i have a  list of shaped breads to bake soon. After baking some Key shaped bread, i prepared myself to bake something cute and attractive bread rolls to serve a bowl of soup for our dinner. While going through google, i saw this cute flower shaped bread rolls and i tried my hands immediately to bake some as they are seriously very easy to shape and bake. Just roll the bread dough and cut strips out of it, roll them tightly and arrange them as petals to form a flower shaped bread rolls, how easy na. Shaping this bread rolls is seriously very quick and simple and the end result is definitely a cute looking bread roll.

Eggless Flower Shaped Bread Rolls

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Key Shaped Eggless Yeasted Bread

If you are Homebaker and if you get a chance to bake shaped yeasted bread, what will be your reaction?. Needless to say mine will be definitely a happy dance. When i saw one of this month's blogging marathon's theme i didnt want to skip it and picked immediately. Yes my pick for this week's theme is Shaped yeasted bread. I have bookmarked some of the shaped breads from Pinterest long back, finally i went through them and i choosed three of them for this week's theme. My first shaped yeasted bread goes to this easy breezy but definitely a cute looking key shaped bread which you can serve along with a bowl of soup or else to decorate your dinner table if you are planning a get together.

Key Shaped Eggless Yeasted Bread

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Poğaça - Turkish Breakfast Rolls

Poğaça (poe-ah-CHA) is a buttery breakfast rolls from Turkish cuisine. This soft breakfast rolls have a tender and biscuit like texture coz of the baking powder added while kneading the dough. Mostly stuffed with delectable fillings like black olives paste, feta, spiced ground beef, or else with Turkish pastrami, a stuffing prepared with Turkish sausage and mashed potato, this breakfast rolls are quite popular in Turkey. Bakeries all over the Turkey prepare this Poğaça daily for breakfast eaters who want to finish their breakfast on the go. However many home makers have their own recipe to serve this breakfast rolls during a family get together, for family breakfasts or else for an afternoon tea gatherings.

Poğaça,Turkish Breakfast Rolls

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Zeytinyagli Taze Fasulye - Turkish Green Beans With Olive Oil

Traditional Turkish cuisine have many delicious dishes with vegetables, as most of the time meats are not easy to buy. Most of the Turkish families enjoy their food once a week with meats that too with chicken, obviously their cuisine have many tremendous vegetarian dishes which are quite easy to prepare quickly. We have few Turkish neighbours in our appartment and needless to say their cooking skills are seriously very interesting. Last year, during summer we had an appartment reunion, each and every family came with their home made foods. That was first time i tasted their Green beans stew which tastes simply fabulous with our basmati rice. Both works awesome together, with mild garlicky flavor and mild tanginess, this stewed green beans when served cold makes an excellent lunch. Immediately, i asked my Turkish neighbour to share her green beans recipe,without any hesitation she shared her mom's recipe of this popular Turkish green beans aka Zeytinyagli Taze Fasulye.

Zeytinyagli Taze Fasulye, Turkish Green Beans Stew

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Acma - Soft Turkish Bagel

After a month of French cuisine, i couldnt stop myself showcasing an another European cuisine for this month of blogging marathon. We are back to the routine, yes from this month onwards we will be doing three days of blogging marathon. Obviously we have themes to pick for each week and i picked European cuisine as theme for this week's blogging marathon. Since i want to clear few of my bookmarks i picked Turkish cuisine and finally i baked some ultimate Turkish bagel aka Acma. This Turkish style soft bagels are very easy to bake and you doesnt need to prepare the water bath usually most of the bagel recipes calls for. This makes the difference, and this Turkish bagel is definitely very easy to give a try if you want to stick with an easy version of Bagel.

Acma, Soft Turkish Bagel, Eggless Turkish Bagel

Monday, May 2, 2016

Recap - 26 days of Journey Through The Cuisine

26 days of French dishes, yes i did it for a month of blogging marathon. Though i want to stick with a French Baked dishes earlier, i dont want to take risk as everyone at home is trying to keep away from Sweet bakes.Since we, marathoners usually do plan our theme always earlier about this whole month of blogging,fortunately i had enough time to dish out many desserts and baked goodies though i was super busy with my exams,work and other personnal stuffs.

Nothing can stop me now, yes Blogging marathon is very much close to my heart. However dishing out many desserts and sugar loaded bakes from French cuisine didnt troubled me this time.As i carried most of this French dishes to my friends places whenever we had some weekend meet. Obviously i didnt hesitate a second to make many eggs loaded desserts and bakes to please our family friends.

Some of the French dishes i have dish out for this while month of blogging marathon were very much appreciated by my friends. Thank god everything went on prefectly and am so happy to finish the whole month blogging marathon without any hassle. Since we blogged this whole month's blogging marathon with Alphabets, we had a funfilled blogging marathon as some of the alphabets were seriously very hard to fix out.However we finished brilliantly and all other marathoners simply rocked with many beautiful dishes with some unique themes.

Writing a recap after a month of blogging marathon is a must for us, here come the recap of 26 days of French Cuisine.

A for Aligot

B for Bugnes Lyonnaises

C for Chinois aux Pépites de Chocolat

D for Doigts de Fée

E for Eclair au Chocolat

F for Far Breton aux Pommes

G for Galette des Rois à la Confiture de Lait

H for Hachis Parmentier

I for Île Flottante au Chocolat

J for Jardinère de Légumes

K for Kouglof aux Pépites de Chocolat

L for Liégeoise au Chocolat

M for Moelleux au Chocolat

N for Nage de Fraise à l'Orange

O for Oeuf au Lait

P for Paillasson de Pomme de Terre

Q for Quatre Quart

R for Ratatouille

S for Salade de Betteraves Cuites

T for Tarte au Fromage

U for Un Amour de Madeleine

V for Velouté de Tomates

W for Warmer Win

X for Xcellente Brioche de Nanterre

Y for Yaourt Glacé à la Framboise

Z for Zezettes de Sète

Hope you all enjoyed virtually my 26 dishes from French Cuisine, dont hesitate a second to cook if you want to give a try if you are planning something different from your usual cooking.

If you want to join this blogging marathon family, send a Hi to Srivalli, the brainchild of this monthly event.