Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Entries for Eat Healthy-Fight Diabetes

Sangeeth announced Eat Healthy Contest for November, this time for diabetic friendly entries for the contest are:

1)Ragi Carrot Paratha
2)Bittergourd Dal
3)Ragi idli
4)Rajma Spicy Tomato Paratha
5)Wheat flour Murukku
6)Red Cow Peas Adai
7)Sprouted Kollu Sambhar
8)Corn N Oats Vegetable Cutlet
9)Zucchini Omelette
10)Sprouted Methi N Onion Gravy
11)Rajma Paneer Podimass
12)Easy Channa Masala
13)Pumpkin Sprouted Lentils Soup
14)Oats Spinach Parathas
15)Herbal Juice
16)Moongdal Tadka
17)Dahi Murgh
18)Coriander Masala Chappathi
19)Coriander Onion Chutney
20)Zucchini Idli
21)Oats Idli
22)Sugar Free Pumpkin Almond Muffins
23)Karela Crispy Chips
24)Tofu Onion Omelette
25)Lobia Tomato Masala Curry
26)Coriander Tofu Briyani
27)Milagu Jeeraga Kuzhambu
28)Palak Channa Masala
29)Sprouted Moongdal Chaat
30)Cabbage N Bulgur Soup
31)Cabbage Dal
32)No Knead Whole Wheat Bread
33)Sugar Free Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie
34)Rajma Tomato Soup
35)Carrot N Leeks Soup
36)Carrot Bulgur Khichidi
37)Spicy Green Soup
38)Moongdal Murukku
39)Chicken Yoghurt Briyani
40)Sprouted Moongdal Idli
41)Fresh Cucumber Juice
42)Lemony Ragi Noodles
43)Pumpkin Watercress Soup
44)Lauki Chole
45)Sprouted Lentils Egg Curry
46)Curryleaves Masala Fish Fry
47)Moongdal Rasam
48)Kollu Paruppu Podi
49)Steamed Ragi Veggie Rolls
50)Shallot n Lentils Rasam
51)Redbellpepper, Celery N Pasta Soup
52)Frenchbeans Moongdal Stir-fry
53)Simple Gobi masala
54)Bittergourd Prawn Curry
55)Blackeyed Beans Carrot Masala Vadai
56)Red Cabbage Salad
57)Eggless Oatmeal Banana Wheat Pancakes


Cham said... Reply To This Comment

That is a bunch of recipes :)

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

perfect entrys for the event

lubnakarim06 said... Reply To This Comment

Wow nice entries to the event.

Kitchen Chronicles said... Reply To This Comment

Priya looks a mini round-up

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

priya receive friendship award from my blog yaar......

Suganya said... Reply To This Comment

This is so good...

Srikitchen said... Reply To This Comment

congrats for being selected as a featured blog of the contest!
keep it up dear!