Thursday, November 6, 2008

RM#2 Day 6 - Coriander Pulao

Coriander also commonly called cilantro, is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae. Coriander is native to southwestern Asia west to north Africa. It is a soft, hairless plant growing to 50 cm tall. The leaves are variable in shape, broadly lobed at the base of the plant, and slender and feathery higher on the flowering stems. All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds are the most commonly used in cooking. Coriander has been used as a folk medicine for the relief of anxiety and insomnia in Iranian folk medicine. Experiments in mice support its use as an anxiolytic. Coriander seeds are also used in traditional Indian medicine as a diuretic by boiling equal amounts of coriander seeds and cumin seeds, then cooling and consuming the resulting liquid...I prepared this pulao with coconut flavoured rice sauteed with grounded spiced coriander paste..boiled eggs r papads goes prefectly as side for this greenish spicy pulao..

1cup Basmati Rice
2cups Coconut milk
2nos Whole Spices(bayleaves,star anise, cinnamon sticks, cloves,cardamom)
1nos Onion chopped lengthwise

To grind:
1cup Coriander leaves
1tbsp Urad dal
1inch Ginger chopped
5nos Garlic pods
2nos Green chillies
2nos Dry red chillies
1nos Tamarind (blueberry size)

Heat a tsp of oil in a pan, add the urad dal, ginger, garlic pods, green chillies n dry red chillies until they turn slightly brown..keep aside, add the coriander leaves to the same pan n fry them until they shrinks..grind everything well with tamarind n salt into fine paste..

Meanwhile cook the rice with the coconut milk in rice cooker..keep aside n let them cool..heat enough oil in a kadai, add the whole spices to the hot oil n fry them until they change the colour, add now the sliced onion pieces n stir them until they turns transculent..add the grounded paste to the onion..cook everythng in simmer until the oil gets separates..

Add the cooked rice to the kadai n toss everything well..Serve them hot with boiled eggs r with papads..

Sending this pulao to Srivalli's Rice Mela
                                 Eat Healthy - During Pregnancy by Sangeeth..

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Arundathi said... Reply To This Comment

yummy - i love coriander pulao! i usually just grind together chillies, coriander and saute it with green bell pepper. love the color.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

perfect lunchbox recipe!

Divya Kudua said... Reply To This Comment

Yummy pulao..I love the colour that coriander imparts to the pulao..delicious!!

Kitchen Chronicles said... Reply To This Comment

Priya that coriander rice looks very tempting. You touch wood, you surely seem to have a lot of energy posting 2 or more posts in a day.

CurryLeaf said... Reply To This Comment

I too make coriander rice almost similarly.I know it is terrific.

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Nice color, I tried something similar with mint once.

Medhaa said... Reply To This Comment

Love the aroma when we cook with herbs. Rice looks delicious

Divya said... Reply To This Comment

yummy priya i like this rice dish.....mmm will give a try soon....

Shama Nagarajan said... Reply To This Comment


ST said... Reply To This Comment

Pulav looks perfect and delicious..Love the colour...

Mahimaa's kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

i know how ur secret ingredient(coconut milk) would have made wonders to this dish. looks great.

Bhawana said... Reply To This Comment

nice pulao :). with raita it will go wonderfully.

Cham said... Reply To This Comment

Hmm aromatic rice

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks friends for dropping all ur lovely comments..

Laavanya said... Reply To This Comment

I simply love the flavour and taste of coriander pulao.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Thats very innovative, i had tried mint pulao with a different type rice, but that was not good mainly because of the rice, but urs is a perfect snack and a meal by itself:)

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

looks so colour full priya