Sunday, November 9, 2008

Inspiration Award n Thanks to Linq

Ramya,Purva Desai,Adlak's Tiny World,Vibaas,G. Pavani,Kitchen Flavours,Arundhuti , Shama NagarajanVidhas passed me this splendid 'Inspiration Award'..Am honoured n glad to get this award from u all guys...

Jamie started this award and now in her own words -

"This is given to bloggers whose stories and recipes inspire us. Whether it’s to eat healthier, dive back into our past to conjure up something we ate as children, or just make the light bulbs in our brains go on with a new idea for a recipe.

As recipients of this award, please share with us what inspires you and then pass on the Inspiration Award to 4 other deserving bloggers. Please let them know what the award means and what to do with it. Feel free to post the Inspiration Award Logo on your site for the whole blogsphere to see. (logo photo taken by my inspiring friend and co-author of Dueling Foodies, Beth.)"

The Things that inspire me :
1) My mom , whos is my first inspiration for wat i am today, being a homemaker, she almost sacrifice everything for us...
2)New dishes from my blogger friends, comments, awards, everything inspires me..
3)The way my family showers their love towards me ...
4)Soul soothing songs, breezy air, full moon, etc etc inspires me a lot too..

Now am passing this award to: Bhawana, Medhaa,Curry leaf,Malar Gandhi,Rekha,Sagari...

Best Recipes Blog Of All Time Award

My Blog has been selected as Best Recipes Blog Of All Time... Thanks a lot Am very happy n very thankful for selecting my blog as Best Recipes blog....


Haripriya Reddy said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats for ur award.

Malar Gandhi said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on the award dear. Thanks a lot(a millon times)....for thinking of my name to pass on this award! It really means a lot to me!

Cham said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats to win the title :) You deserve it

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

congrates on u r awards dear

CurryLeaf said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on your awards and on winning the Linq.In Title.Lovely and superb,you are truly inspirational,I should add.Thanks a lot for thinking of me for the inspiration award.Thanks and congrats again :D

lubnakarim06 said... Reply To This Comment

Nice to read more about u. Congratulations dear.

R said... Reply To This Comment

Congrats on ur award, Priya! Would like to invite you for a coffee at My blog
Pls join me :)