Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lobia Tomato Masala Curry

Black-eyed peas are an excellent source of calcium , folate , and vitamin A among other nutrients. Usually i prepare them as sundal..for a change, prepared them as masala , for my dinner as sides for chappathis..i prepared them with spicy tomato gravy with a handful of spices...the final result was really amazing, it was a big hit at home..

1cup Cooked Black eyed beans
1no Onion chopped
1/4tsp Cumin seeds
1/4tsp Fenugreek seeds
Chopped coriander leaves

2nos Tomatoes chopped
1/2tsp Peppercorns
1tsp Coriander seeds
1tsp Fennel seeds
2tsp Poppy seeds
1tsp Cumin seeds
5nos Garlic pods
3nos Dry red chillies

Dry fry the peppercorns, coriander seeds, poppyseeds, cumin seeds n fennel seeds in simmer for a while..add the fried seeds n tomatos, garlic pods with 1cup water n grind them coarsely, now add 1/4cup of the cooked black eyed beans to the spices n grind everything as fine paste...

Heat oil in a pan, add the cumin seeds n fenugreek seeds n let them splutters, add the chopped onion to them n stir them until they turns add the grounded paste n cook them in simmer for a while..they will get stick very easily to the bottom of the pan, so keep on stirring, add enough water as per ur need for the gravy n add the salt..once the oil get separates from the gravy, add the rest of the black eyed beans to the gravy, cook them for few minutes n add the chopped coriander leaves, put off the stove..

Perfect side dish for chappathis, parathas...

Sending this to: My Legume Love Affair by SRA Event started by Susan
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arthi selva said... Reply To This Comment

Is Blacked eye beans means karamani ?

Priya said... Reply To This Comment

Yeah Arthi..vella Karamaniye than blacked eye beans...

Usha said... Reply To This Comment

Looks delicious...loved the masala spices you use in this curry :)

Priya said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Usha...happy u liked it..

Divya Vikram said... Reply To This Comment

Great recipe.You could send this to My legume love affair hosted by Sra.

Priya said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks divya sure will send it..thanks for ur comments too..

sra said... Reply To This Comment

This sounds like it's right up my alley. Thanks, Priya!

Priya said... Reply To This Comment

Its a real pleasure to see u here Sra..thanks for ur comments...

Jaya said... Reply To This Comment

a very good recipe with Lobia.
thanks for sharing
hugs and smiles