Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RM#2 Day 18 - Green Capsicum Pulao

Capsicum is a vegetable that comes in an exciting range of colors, like green, red and yellow. It is native to America and in fact, has been cultivated by the people of the tropical Americas since thousands of years. Known by a number of names, like chili pepper, bell pepper and red or green pepper, the vegetable is used as a spice, medicine and obviously, a vegetable. Apart from being great in taste, capsicum also holds a great degree of nutritional value and accords numerous health benefits to people..beneficial to the mucous membranes, eyes and skin ,helps wards off infection, promotes cardiovascular health, by helping lower blood pressure,has antioxidant properties that neutralize the free radicals responsible for damaging tissue and cells ,has anti-inflammatory properties,helps reduce cholesterol and  effective in warding off strokes and heart attacks, speeds up the metabolism and helps burn more calories ,good for treating colds and fevers,stimulates stomach secretions and improves digestion ,lowers triglycerides, has a laxative effect, triggers the release of endorphins, good for diabetics..rich in vitamin A n C...i prepared pulao with this awesome vegetable, simple, tasty n flavoursome pulao...

2cups Basmati rice
1cup Grated coconut
1cup Green Capsicum pieces
1no Onion chopped
2nos Whole spices
2tsp Ginger garlic paste
2nos Green chillies slit opened
1tsp Garam masala powder
5nos Curry leaves
2tbsp Coriander leaves chopped
1tsp butter r ghee

Grind the grated coconut with 1cup of luke warm water n extract the coconut milk, continue once again n extract again the coconut milk, makes this milk as 4 cups by adding more water...wash thoroughly the basmati rice n cook them with coconut milk, 1tbsp of oil n with enough salt...keep aside n let them cool...

Meanwhile, heat oil with 1tsp of butter r ghee, add the whole spices n fry them until they turns brown, add the chopped onion with ginger garlic paste, stir them until the raw smells goes away, add the slit opened green chillies, garam masala, curry leaves n cook for a while..now add the capsicum pieces to the spices n stir them until the capsicum pieces turns bit tender, try to keep them crunchy else they will turn mushy..now add the already cooked coconut flavoured basmati rice to the spiced capsicum pieces, toss them gently n add salt if neede, garnish them with chopped coriander leaves...

Serve hot with any type of raithas!!!!!
On the way to Srivalli's Rice Mela
                                   Eat Healthy - During Pregnancy by Sangeeth..

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Arundathi said... Reply To This Comment

argh - should remember not to blog hop at lunch time! this looks so good.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

any thing with capsicom love it yum yum

Jayashree said... Reply To This Comment

The rice looks delish.

Bhawana said... Reply To This Comment

Looks yuuuummmmy. My hubby waiting for this when I will make it :). good one.

CurryLeaf said... Reply To This Comment

I love capsicum rice.this version looks too tempting and delish

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

looks yummy n colurful priya..i bookmarked...

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

That looks like straight out a take out Thai plate :) Loved the greens and the well cooked look of the dish:) yummmmy :)

Mahimaa's kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

looks yummy priya. try panren. fridge la 2 capsisum chumma dhan iruku :-)

Medhaa said... Reply To This Comment

Looks lovely, love your picture

Divya Kudua said... Reply To This Comment

Yummy pulao..love the way you've presented it!!

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Arundhathi, Rekha, Jayashree, Bhawana, Curry leaf, Pavani, Roopa, Mahi, Medha n Divya for stopping by n dropping ur comments..

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