Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sunday Snacks- Snacks With Bread Roundup

Thanks a ton to all participants..Voila, am with sunday snacks -snacks with bread roundup..I enjoyed preparing this roundup friends, thanks a lot for ur fabulous pariticipation and very glad to recieve all ur delicious dishes to this Sunday Snacks Event.. Thanks a lot to Pallavi for giving this opportunity...Here we go for virtual treats of delicious vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes also some sweet bread dishes...

Vegetarian Snacks:
1)Vegetable Burger from Archy of Archy's Recipe Book..
2)Bread Knots,Bread Butter Pudding,Cheesy Bread Rolls & Stuffed Potato Bread Rolls from Pari Vasisht of Foodelicious..
3)Chinese Sesame Triangles,Corn Roll,Crunchy Cheese Bread Tartlets from Sushma Mallya of Authentic Food Delights..
4)Bread Bhaji from Prajusha of Cook Post..
5)Simple Veg. Sandwich from Shanthi Krishnakumar of Shanthi Krishnakumar's Cookbook..
6)Grilled Potato Sandwich from Jaya Wagle of Jayaspace..
7)Vegetable Breadizza from EC of Simple Indian Food..
8)Bread Pakora,Bread Roll & Rock Toast from Arti Agarwal of Breakfast To Dinner..
9)Bread Pizza & Bread Pakora from Sireesha of Mom's Recipies..
10)Herb Bread from Sheba of Art, Food and Travel Chronicles..

11)Pretzels from Shri of Tastytouch..
12)Bread Pizza from Divya of Dil Se..
13)Bread Poha & Garlic Bread (no picture) from Naina of Le Bouffe..
14)Potato Sausage & Bread Dosai from Saraswathi Balakrishna of Tastes of Sara's Kitchen..
15)Bread Manchurian,Egyptian Palace Bread & Tri Color Sandwich from Padma of Padma's Recipes..
16)Bread Paneer Pakoda from Supriya of Queen of My Kitchen..
17)Besan Bread Toast & Eggless French Toast from Sharmilee of  In my Passionate World..
18)Bread Utthappam from Indrani of Appyayan..
19)Potato Beetroot Patties from Preeti Kashyap of Relishing Recipes..
20)Paneer Sandwich & Pav Bread from Sandhya Hariharan of Sandhya's Kitchen..
21)Bread Dosa from Kanchan of Kitchen Gossip..
22)Bread Corn Toast from Priyaprashanth of Priya's Recipes..
23)Moongdal Bread Snack from My Experiments & Food..

Non Vegetarian Snacks:
1)Bread Egg Toast from Priyaprashanth of Priya's Recipes..
2)Spicy Potato & Scrambled Egg Sandwich from Indrani of Appyayan..
3)Turkey Sausage BurgerHealthy Grilled Chicken Mayo Sandwich & Spicy Home-made Chicken Burger with French Fries from Saraswathi Balakrishna of Taste of Sara's Kitchen..
4)Rava Appam from Lissie of Salt and Spice..
5)Bread N Salmon Fish Pakoras & French Bread Toast from Priya (me) of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes..

Sweet Snacks & Breads:
1)Banana Tea Bread from Saritha of My Kitchen's Aroma..
2)Oatmeal-Apple Raisin Walnut Bread from Sadhana of A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine..
3)Nutella and Banana Sandwich from Sireesha of Kidz Delight..
4)Bread Biscuit from Priyaprashanth of Priya's Recipes..
5)Banana Bread from Padma of Padma's Recipes..
6)Bread Puttu from Ashwini of Ashwini's Spicey Cuisine..
7)Eggless Oatmeal, Maple syrup N Banana Bread & Whole Wheat Fruits & Nuts Swirl Bread from Priya (me) of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes..

If i would have any of your entries, pls let me know...Thanks again to all participants, do send ur entries to my on going event Think Spice - Think Coriander Seeds..


  1. Great job, so many bread recipes to go ahead!

  2. Wonderful round up Priya... so many lovely bread entries ..... great work done :)

  3. Great job... Fabulous Roundup...So many bread recipes at one place...

  4. Wonderful round up, very nicely presented. SO many things to try out.

  5. Awesome roundup Priya...great job dear :)

  6. wow great job priya.. good to see lots of bread recipes in one place

  7. awesome roundup Priya! lots of new yummy recipes to learn :)

  8. WOnderful roundup dear...missed it ;(

  9. Great round-up.
    I am wondering what to make with a pack of bread.
    Here, you give me ideas!

  10. Wow, great roundup with bread snacks.. bookmarked !!

  11. So many yummy looking dishes there, Priya! Hey, you're on a hosting mode now - RCI, Think SPice, Sunday Snacks... what next?

  12. Wow, lovely entries and good job done with the round up.

  13. Good job and lovley roundup dear.

  14. I know I did not participate in this event, anyway you always do a wonderful job in the roundup and best of all you are so fast.Great Job.All recipes look yummy, may have to book mark all of them.

  15. Dear All,thanks for all your concern and am being humbled with your love.

    In fact,this is not a sudden decision,been thinking for a while now esp since my sinus have gone worse.Thank you all for supporting me and hope to meet you all at your own respective spaces.Love & have a great time..

  16. lovely bread recipes dear..gr8 job..

  17. சூப்பராக இருக்கு,ப்ரெட்ல இவ்வளவு வெரைட்டீஸான்னு ஆச்சர்யமா இருக்கு.படங்கள் சபாஷ் போட வைக்குது.....

  18. Lovely recipes with bread..great job

  19. mouthwatering snacks with bread...! great round up, Priya!

  20. lovely round up, priya...great job!

  21. Thanks Priya for hosting this event and this truly wonderful round-up. I have lot of catching up to do... ! :) Take Care..

  22. many bred recipe collection


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