Monday, October 5, 2009

RCI-Kongunadu Cuisine Roundup

Am really very happy for hosting RCI-Kongunadu Cuisine for the month of september, initially i was bit nervous and not that much confident to host this RCI-Kongunadu cuisine, as many of us doesnt know much about this beautiful and flavourful cuisine which is quite famous in South India especially in Tamil Nadu..When i picked kongunadu cuisine for RCI, i thought that this event wont be that much success since many of my fellow bloggers, doesnt even know about this rare and precious cuisine, i was really eager whenever i go to check my mail box to know about the entries from my fellow bloggers, am really glad that my blogger friends didnt let me down..Yes!!! i got 36 entries including my entries and am very happy friends.. Thanks a lot for all ur delicious participation and I should really thanks again Lakshmi for giving this beautiful opportunity to host RCI..Here comes the delicious kongunadu foods roundup..

1)Spicy Tomato Curry (Tomato Kuzhambu), Potato Kurma & Betel Leaves And Garlic Rice from Nandini of Usha Nandini's Recipes..
2)Kongu Style Thayir Keerai from Lata Raja of Flavours and Tastes..

3)Ven Pongal from Esai Selvi of my Kitchen..
4)Poondu(Garlic) Kuzhambu from Malarvizhi Sivasubramaniam of Malar's Cuisine..
5)Kollu Masiyal & Ragi Kali from Kamala Bhoopathy of Cook @ Ease..

6)Arisi Paruppu Sadham, Urulai Kizhangu Curry, Pacha Payaru Kadaiyal , More from Pj of Seduce your Taste Buds, also Pj have written an article as Forgotten Flavours From The Land Of Nectar about Kongunadu region and its cuisine which is really quite interesting to know more about this beautiful region..

7)Paruppu Sadham & Paruppu Urundal Kuzhambu from Menaga of Sashiga..
8)Paruppu Sadam from Sashi of Sashi's Tasty Bites..
9)Kadanja Paruppu from Shanthi Krishnakumar of Shanthi Krishnakumar's Cookbook..

10)Spicy Potato Curry from Lavi of Home Cook's Receipes..
11)Pallipalayam Mushroom Gravy from Cham of Spice-club..
12)Lemon & Tomato Sevai from Valarmathi of Simple and Yummy Recipes..
13)Paruppu Keerai from Rekha of Plantain Leaf..

14)Kadamba Sadham(Mixed Lentil Rice) from Abbhirami Rajagopal of Soulful Creations..
15)Arisimparuppu With Potato Brinjal Fry & Kollu Rasam from Ramya Bala of Ramya Cooks..

16)Kollu Paruppu, Pachaipayir Kadaindhadhu & Pachaipayir Rasam & Katharikkai Bajji from Ramya Bala of Ramya Cooks..

17)Kollu Parupu & Kollu Rasam & Katharikai Chutney from Renuga & Gayathri of Ideas For A Wonderful Home Maker..
18)Kamban Koozh & Arisi Paruppu Sadham from Priya (me) of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes..

19)Kollu Rasam from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes..
20)Aracha Pavarkkai kuzhambu and Ridgegourd & coriander chutney from Jayasri of Samayalarai-Cooking is Divine..

Sweets from Kongunadu Cuisine:
21)Ell Urundai from Pj of Seduce your Taste Buds..
22)Elaneer Payasam from Priya of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes..

Enjoy all these delicious treats..if i would have left any of ur entries, pls let me know...Thanks again to all paritcipants...


  1. Looks really delicious.. nice entries..

  2. Glad that u chose somethging different and almost unknown cuisine. That is plenty to relish from kongunadu!

  3. Nice roundup, everything looks tasty :)

  4. Lovely roundup many authentic dishes :)

  5. nice round up...pls check my blog for on going event
    diwali 2009" is the link..

  6. i luv kongunadu food..they r the best in south india

  7. Great show! Missed being part of it.

  8. Some different theme you took priya and wonderful round up. very nice entries too.

  9. yummmy roundup priya every thing looks great and great choice of the cuisine good job dear.

  10. Wonderful round-up ! Great cuisine!

  11. Lovely choice of cuisine for RCI. I got to know some delicious,healthy recipes here.
    Thanks for hosting

  12. Good theme, good dishes and good roundup

  13. This is really a good choice Kongunadu,nice to know more about the cuisine! I cant wait to browse through the recipes,thanks to you fro hosting Priya!

  14. oh..mouthwatering recipes priya..u have done a grt job ...

  15. Thats a lovely roundup Priya.Great job!

  16. Today only i came to know about these many varieties of kongu cuisine.Nice roundup & Delicious recipes.

  17. கொங்கு சமையலில் எவ்வளவு வெரைட்டீஸ்... இனி தினமும் ஒண்ணு செய்து அசத்தலாம்.பாராட்டுக்கள் ப்ரியா மற்றும் பங்கு பெற்ற அனைவருக்கும்!!

  18. super roundup..planning to make kollu rasam.. thanks !! i tried ur chow chow kootu and it tasted excellent..will post in my blog soon.thanks priya :)

  19. great round up, Priya! delicious recipes from Kongunadu...

  20. Great job Priya and wonderful collection of dishes!

  21. Sorry Priya, Could not send more recipes as i was very busy with some other work. I added many recipes in my to do list. It's been long time since i had those. Nice roundup of Kongu Recipes.:)

  22. I am from Coimbatore, can relate to so many recipes. Lovely!

  23. Hi Priya ,

    I am planning to open a restaurant in coimbatore specialized in Kongunadu recepies.. The article was very useful and would luv to know more about the Kongunaadu cuisines.. would like to know if u cud help me to design a menu list



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