Friday, November 21, 2008

Eggless Brioche For Good Cause

Brioche, one of the famous highly enriched French bread, whose high egg and butter content give it what is seen as a rich and tender crumb. It has a dark, golden, and flaky crust from an egg wash applied before and after proofing.My version of brioche is quite with butter n with silken tofu...for my surprise they turned out awesome...i have already prepared them with eggs before blogging, but after start blogging i learned more about egg replacements like silken tofu, flax seeds, so am trying nowadays mostly my bakes as eggless version...

4cups Flour
1/2cup Luke warm milk
1/4cup Sugar
2tbsp Active dry yeast
1/2cup Silken tofu
4tbsp Butter (room temperature)
1tsp Salt

Add the 1tsp of sugar, salt n yeast to the luke warm milk in a large bowl, let them stand until foamy...whisk the silken tofu into the milk-yeast mixture n set aside...In a large bowl, add the flour, remaining sugar n butter, now add the tofu-milk-yeast mixture n mix everything well with wooden spatula...knead them slowly until the dough turns smooth...

Transfer the kneaded dough to a large buttered bowl...cover the bowl with lid r plastic wrap n arrange them in a warm place until they double their size r for about 1hour... punch the dough down...divide them into 3 pieces, roll them well with ur palm of your hand n form as smooth ball..

Roll each ball as thin ropes..braid the ropes together, press the dough together to the i dont have brioche mould, i just turn aroung themselves to make sightly like flower shape brioche..if u r having brioche mould , go ahead with them...

Place the braided brioche loaf on a greased baking sheet, brush them simply with melted butter....Bake them at 350F for 25-30 minutes..Let them cool for 10 minutes before serving..Brioches are best when eaten straight from the oven..


  1. Great cause to bake for and very delicious bread.
    Silken tofu has certainly workd. The texture of your bread looks very nice, and only 4 tbsp butter? That's nice as brioche usually has a lot of butter.

  2. wow looka so soft nice recipe for a good cause

  3. Will check out the place and do the tag.
    Love the brioche , looks yummy delicious, love the shape too

  4. That looks awesome Priya... so soft & fluffy on the inside.

  5. Nice of you Priya.Will do it soon.Thanks for thinking of me as a good baker.The brioche is looking very very good.The braid style is very lovely.It looks crusty outside,but airy and light inside.Lovely.Let me see what I can do...

  6. Gorgeous bread! I'm already tagged for the bake off and was thinking of tagging you.Its good to be tagged again ,hope to post my bake off today.

  7. Thanks for the tag - Aparna has tagged me too. Will definitely do it - thanks again. And lovely looking brioche!

  8. Wow the brioche looks rich and perfect!

  9. Thanks for doing the tag Priya! I appreciate your kind heart! Brioche looks so good and fluffy! Love the shape!

  10. Thanks a lot friends for dropping all ur awesome comments..

  11. wow! with silken tofu! great! Looks perfect!

  12. Fantastic brioche! So crumbly and fresh, Priya!

  13. I didn't know tofu could be used as an egg substitute. The crumb looks so light and fluffy!


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