Monday, February 9, 2009

Crêpes With Strawberry Jam - Famous French Pancakes

Crêpes are thin pancakes that can be filled either with vegetables fillings r with jams, nutella n fruits...If u would have visited Paris, u might have saw the roadside shops n their famous crêpes..each n every historical places surely would have these crêpes vendeurs, who prepare this pancakes in front of u n serve hot with chocolate fillings , jams r just with sugar..Last tuesday, French people celebrated the festival of crêpes..these pancakes will ressemble similar to our maida dosas...we love this pancakes and i prepared them saturday..

1cup All purpose flour
1no egg
1+1/2cup Milk
1tsp Vanilla essence
2tsp Butter (melted)
1/4cup Sugar (optional)
Oil r butter for making crêpes

Whisk everything together until they turn smooth, the batter should be bit watery...heat a skillet r pan, drizzle few drops of oil r melted butter, pour a ladle full of batter in the center of the pan , move the pan in clockwise until the batter cover the entire bottom..cook until they turns lightly golden n cook another side for few minutes..

Transfer to a plate n fill the crêpes with strawberry jam r anything else as u desire, roll them either as triangles r as cylinderic.. can conserve them in fridge for 3 days n heat in microwave whenever u need for.


  1. These are preety easy, like eating jam filled cake I think, thx for the recipe priya!

  2. wow Priya pancakes looks very yummy

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  3. wow! looks yummy n delicious!
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  4. I love creperie which they offer hundred of option espec galette... Oh the roadside crepe with nutella ,yum yum,...looks good

  5. I love crepes. And this look so yummy delicious.
    Looks like i have missed few post during the weekend, i try not to blog hopp in weekends.

  6. Just the name makes me hungry:-) I lvoe crepes, much lighter than pancakes

  7. yummm! strawberry and chocolate filled crepes are my favorite. when we visited the south of france, we had amazing chocolate crepes in nice and antibes. its an art in itself, how they pour the batter and make the crepes.

  8. crepes looks very light and yummy priya

  9. Perfect Priya,I am actually trying for a vegan version.Too good with strawberry jam

  10. I love this priya. thanks for the recipe. Carrot parupusili looks yum too. never tried it before. u r back in form..2 recipes a day and i'm happy :)

  11. wow i can have this any time so mouthwatering

  12. wow I love crepes but generally avoid it coz of the flour and the calories......droollllllll

  13. These look very yummy :) Super


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