Sunday, February 15, 2009

Microwave Mini Shell Pasta Kheer

Since i started blogging, my microwave oven is serving much more than few months back, i usually use them just to make hot water or else to reheat sauces its really serving much better than before and am really preparing almost everything using my microwave oven..My valentine's day special dessert was this microwave minishell pasta kheer coz my husband fond for kheers..also prepared chocolate fondant cake for valentine's day, will post them soon..This microwave pasta kheer turned out very easy, delicious as dessert for our today's special lunch..Sending this delicious pasta kheer to Jyoti's Pasta Party

1/4cup Mini shell pasta
1cup Milk
10nos Cashewnut pieces
1/2cup Condensed milk (sweetened)
1/2tsp Cardamom powder
Few strands Saffron

Heat a cup of water with pinch salt in microwavebowl n add the mini shell pasta..cook it for approximately 2 minutes in high temperature and drain the excess of heat 1/4cup of milk and cashew nuts together for 2 minutes in medium temperature, grind them as fine paste...meanwhile heat together condensed milk n remaining milk for 3 minutes with saffron strands in medium temperature in microwave n keep aside...i didnt add sugar as they tastes prefect for us, if u need more sugar can add it now n stir until the sugar get dissolved...

Add now the grounded cashew-milk paste to the hot milk n condensed milk mixture, stir them for few minutes and atlast add the already cooked pasta ..heat again in high temperature for 3 minutes, give a stir inbetween if needed...finally add the cardamom powder n serve hot...

Delicious Pasta Kheer...Am damn sure its really quite easy n yummy dessert for everyone!!

On the way to EFM: Microwave Oven Series by Srilekha..


  1. Wow.. kheer from pasta !!! Very creative. Kheer looks very creamy and delicious.

    Thanks for a yummy treat.

  2. Pasta kheer!! Priya, romba kalakaringa :)

  3. He he pasta kheer, well u should be so fond of pasta!

  4. i too make this with shell and orzo also but not in microwave looks delicious

  5. Awesome Priya..they look divine..:)

  6. yummy treat for kiddos!!!something like vermicilli but pasta a nice change...great

  7. Nice IDea Priya. Only once before I had eaten a kheer made with orzo, which I got fooled & thot it was rice. :-)

  8. Pasta Payasam/Kheer. I and my children luv it.


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