Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shrimps in Hot Garlic Sauce

Shrimps in Hot garlic sauce, was a prefect chinese sauce but i changed according to my taste, by adding few indian spices..they tastes delicious and goes prefect with hot steaming rice or with chinese style of fried rice..i love chinese foods much, its really very easy to prepare usually also need less time to prepare delicious chinese dishes...

20 nos Shrimps
2 nos Onions
10 clove Garlic
1/4cup Soyasauce
1/4cup Green chilli sauce
1/2cup Tomato ketchup
3tsp Vinegar
1tsp Paprika powder r kashimiri chilli powder
1+1/2nos Chicken stock cubes r 1/2 tsp of ajinamoto
2nos Red chillies
2tsp Corn fllour
1tsp Sugar
2tsp Chives

Wash n remove the skin of the shrimps but keep the tails intact..cut the onions lengthwise,cut the garlic into small pieces.Heat oil in a pan..now add red chillies n sauté them...then add the garlic pieces n stir them until they turns slightly red, add the shrimps pieces n stir them for 3 r 4mintues they will turns slightly red, add the onions with the shrimp pieces n stir them for 3 mintues, dont stir them for a long.. they should be crunchy..

Now add the chilly sauce, soyasauce, ketchup, paprika,sugar, vinegar with shrimps..stir them for a while..add chicken stock with them..if u dont have chicken stock can very well replace with  MSG(ajinamoto) ..stir them n add 2 cups of water n add salt as per taste, can add more r less water its upto ur taste, if u need more gravy add more water, n let them cook for 10 minutes. Mix corn flour n a small quantity of water to make a thick batter..add this batter to the gravy n stir them until they turns thick.

Shrimps in Hot Garlic Sauce is ready and garnish with chives!!!


  1. décidemment, je vois du chinois partout....hehehehe

    Your shrimps look hot and yummy! you've got a beautiful color there!

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOW I want to have this shrimps for my lunch today.
    Loooks super supr delicious.

  3. Really delicious, great color. I have to start making Shrimp dishes! :)

  4. Yummmmmmmmmmmy shrimps that too hot

  5. Delicious dear...lookls so tempting and yummy..

  6. Priya,

    j' ai quelque chose pour vous dans mon site.

  7. Oh..what a color...!!!..Lovely dish Priya..:)

  8. Oh u make me crave for shrimp now!

  9. I am going cooking shrimp now!! U made me crave...

  10. priya please check my blog for your reccotta cheese dip in my version thanks for the delicious dip recipe dear.


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