Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cripsy Mullu Murukku - Three Generation's Favourite

Mullu Murukku, this hot savoury is one of my grandma's recipe, actually this recipe was been accepted n adapted by my mom n now by me...everyone loves savouries splly kids, this is one of my daughter's fav, i did this crispy murukkus last weekend for snacks n need to prepare them again as they vanished already, this crispy delicious savoury goes to Jigyasa & Pratibha's Cooking with Kids - Love as this recipe is one of our family savoury dish which was almost prepared at home for every diwali from my grandma , then by my mom and now by me...To prepare this murukku, my grandma always used freshly grounded besan flour n rice flour, she used to grind the flours in Rice Mills, my mom followed the same ( still they r existing very much in South India) while am using nowadays the store bought flours to make this crispy murukkus, however they tastes the same as they r prepared with the same ingredients n same measurements with what my grandma prepared them since a long..

1cup Rice flour
1cup Roasted Gram flour (dalia )
1cup Gram flour
2tsp Butter
2tsp Cumin seeds + sesame seeds
1+1/2tsp Red chilly powder
1/4tsp Baking soda

Make a creamy paste with butter and baking soda, add the besan flour, roasted gram flour,rice flour, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, red chilly powder, salt with enough water as knead everything to form a soft dought, it might be bit sticky, grease ur palms to avoid stickiness..

Use the murukku press with star nozzle.. heat the oil for deepfrying, meanwhile take a small portion from dough n squeeze out over a greased plate in circular shape...drop the murukku in the medium hot oil n fry on both sides until they turns brown...drain the excess of oil with paper towel..

Arrange these delicious crispy murukkus in air tightened box n munch them as snacks!!!!


  1. ooohh just now i made this murukus priya yours looks so crisp yummy

  2. Beyond your three generations too:) It is a favorite here too!!

  3. mmmm i am craving for this right now. i miss indian snacks.. i dont have that accchu.. adhu irundhalum nan pannamaten.. enaku seriya varaaadhu :P

  4. Hi Priya...Held up with lot of works..Couldnt bloghopping...All time favorite at our home...So crispy !!

  5. Looks very delicious, just like grandma makes it.

  6. I should start making mullu murukkus, after seeing those yummy pictures :)

  7. Looks so perfect , but we never made with gram flour, good entry!

  8. Murukku looks delicious Priya...Perfect shape too...I find that really difficult...

  9. your mullu kurukkus look so crispy and appetizing!
    got lots of interesting recipes here. And, thank you for the comment.
    ça fait plaisir de retrouver une bloggeuse indienne ( je suppose) qui habite la France. Bon Courage et bonne continuation!

  10. you three look like typical Xerox copies:)) Lovely picture!
    Thanks for the contribution. I dont get this perfect shape of murukku.


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