Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lentils With Chicken Sausage

Lentils with sausage a typical french food, we usually have them for dinner whenever i bored to prepare dinner also quite healthy to everyone..a very good dinner , good while dieting...with toast bread slices this lentils with chicken sausage tastes very delicious...

2cups Lentils (dry)
10 nos Chicken sausages
1no Onion(chopped)
2nos Carrot (chopped)
1/2tsp Pepperpowder
Salt as per need
Oil as per need

Soak the lentils overnite r atleast for 5 hours.. heat oil in pressure cooker n add the chopped onion n stir it until they turns transculent, add the carrot pieces to the onion , cut the chicken sausage into three small equal pieces n add the sausage pieces to the carrot n onion mixture, n stir it n cook for a while..

Add the already soaked horsegram n close the pressure cooker with the lid..stir it occasionally..after a while add the pepper powder n salt as per need with one cup of water n cook them with the lid closed for 15 minutes in simmer..put of the stove..

Serve hot with toasted bread slices...Healthy n also good while dieting..

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  1. Priya,seems like an intelligent dinner,will be useful at times

  2. hummmm very helthy perfect for any time for me but with out chicken

  3. I even saw a lentil and sausage soup in Barefoot Contessa once though I was afraid of the combination of lentils and meat. I love the idea of putting it on top of toast, it looks simply delicious :)

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  5. Look like cassoulet! It is fullfilling meal!

  6. looks like an unusual but yuumy feast!,will try it out!

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  8. It look like different one. lentil with sausage. nice one.

  9. It seems different countries, different cultures, we really can decide things in the same understanding of the difference!
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