Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cheese Samosa

We usually prepare samosas with veggies r else with meats, here comes samosas with cheese, i bought recently 'The Laughing Cow' cream cheese, after using them as spreads, 8 portions of this cream cheese were laying in fridge, none wanted to have them..i wanted to prepare them something different n with phyllo sheets i ended them as samosas, u know wat after preparing i was quite afraid to fry them, however i wanted to take risk n fried them as samosas..really they disappeared within few seconds, these samosas wont even need any dips r sauces to have along with them...kids will like this for the sure..

8nos 'The Laughing Cow' Cream cheese
4nos Phyllo sheets
Oil for deepfrying

Cut the phyllo sheets as long strips..place the cream cheese portions directly over the sheets n fold them as triangles as we do for samosas...

Heat oil n deep fry until they turns brown...Serve them hot n enjoy the Melting Cheesy Samosas!!!

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  1. wow samosas looks so cheeseee mmmm perfect entry

  2. This is so cool. Nice recipe. Will try is soon. YUM!

  3. Wow,cheesy and tempting.Perfect :P

  4. Cheese and fried!! Sounds yummy!

  5. Samosas looks so YUM. Perfect entry.

  6. Very interesting!!! Have never tried samosas with just cheese!!!!Happy New Year

  7. Now which child would say no to such treats!!


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