Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baked Chickpeas Vada

U might have crossed recently deep fried chickpeas vada also some baked vadas, here comes my baked version of chickpeas vada with onions, fennel seeds, cloves, green chillies etc...this baking version of vada takes quite a few minutes...for me it took hardly half an hour n i prepared them almost 20 vadas at a time, i just brushed them with oil n bakes them in baking sheet, which avoids the vadas to get stick n also they turned them prefectly brown n well cooked, they tasted delicious too...

1cup Dry chickpeas
1no Onion chopped
1tbsp Fennel seeds
1no Ginger piece (small)
3nos Cloves
2nos Green chillies
2tbsp Coriander leaves chopped
Oil for brushing

Soak the chickpeas overnite r atleast for 6hours...Grind coarsely the soaked chickpeas in a blender with fennel seeds, cloves n ginger pieces.. add the chopped onion, chopped chilly pieces,chopped coriander leaves to the chickpeas batter with enought salt..preheat the oven for a baking sheet over a baking tray...take a small ball from the batter n flat them in ur palms ...brush the baking sheet with oil, place the flattened vada, leave spaces between them..bake them by turning on both sides with a wooden spatula upto 25-30 minutes r until they turns brown on both sides..

Serve them hot with any chutneys!!!!

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  1. Baked vadas is a good idea! Good One Priya, thanks for sharing such a nice recipe.

  2. Priya I can imagine how they tasted with the fennel seeds. In Greece we call them revithokeftedes and posted them last summer. However, yours are much healthier as they are baked and not fried. I must definitely try these. Thanks very much for participating.

  3. hummm great baked vadas ican imagine tha aroma priya helthy too

  4. baked vadas are healthy n delicious yaar..

  5. Those vadas look and sound great :-)

  6. Baked vadas sounds great, no fat and looks tasty!

  7. I tried making masala vadas once...this chickpeas vada sounds very intresting... a healthy one Priya.

  8. I learnt this chickpeas vada in France! But never baked it, looks crispy and delicious

  9. Lovely and perfect.You recipes are very tempting an innovative

  10. I luv the vadas made with dal..this is also Falafel..:)

  11. vadas look terrific. will try this sometime priya.

  12. Healthy recipie, am sure this tastes yummy with chickpea..

  13. Hi priya,
    baking the vadas makes this so much healthier, cool idea. Thanks for yet another lovely entry to JFI Chickpea,

  14. Baked Vadas........yum, Pass me some..

  15. this looks really good!
    keep up the good work priya!!!!

    It is a healthy snack as well.

    good idea!!

    :) u rock!!

  16. Hi Priya,

    Is it possible to make baked vadas using tinned chickpeas instead of dried ones?



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