Sunday, June 14, 2009

Methi Leaves Rasam

Fenugreek or Methi is grown as greeny leafy vegetables and  for its seeds, Fenugreek are used both as herbs also as spice in India...both the plant and the seeds are considered of having immense medicinal valuces, the plant is eaten as salad and cooked as stir fries, curries among the popular dish with methi leaves is Methi Saag, This fenugreek is cultivated worldwide, this plant contain ample composition of protein, starch, sugars, mminerals, oil, vitamins... Apart from culinary use, Fenugreek are used as medicine since the ancient ages in Inida, The traditional uses of fenugreek in ancient medicines include bronchial problems, general body pain, skin problems...Fenugreek is a lesser know spice from the pea family and these leaves have much milder flavor than the seeds, tasting somewat like a blend of fennel and celery..Now coming to this methi leaves rasam, few days back i bought a bunch of methi leaves from Indian grocery thought of making dal with methi leaves...finally i finished those green leaves as rasam..It tastes too good and delicious..i think making rasam with methi leaves is quite a prefect way to enjoy the full health benefits of this green leaves...Am sending this methi leaves rasam to CFK-Leafy Greens guest hosted by Pavani of Cook's Hideout, event started by Sharmi...

1cup Methi leaves (chopped)
1no Tomato(crushed)
2nos Garlic cloves (crushed)
1tsp Lemon juice
1tbsp Homemade Rasam Powder
1cup Cooked dal water
1/2cup Water
1/2tsp Mustard seeds+cumin seeds
1/4tsp Asafoetida powder
2nos Dry red chillies
2tsp Coriander leaves (chopped)

Take the cooked dal water, crushed garlic cloves, crushed tomatoes, home made rasam powder, water with enough salt together in a bowl ....heat enough oil and add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds, dry red chillies and asafoetida powder and let them fry..add immediately the chopped methi leaves and saute until they add the dal-spice water..once they starts bubbling, keep in simmer and cook for 2 minutes, finally add the lemon juice and chopped coriander leaves and put off the stove..

Serve hot with rice and  any spicy side dishes!


  1. Wow healthy rasam dear..i m planning to make some rasam for lunch, got to check if i have some methi :)

  2. I love rasom withplain rice,wish i had them fo my lunch.
    Here hubby and daughter don't like rasom so i hardly make them.
    Will prepare something for your capsicum event this week.

  3. I love methi.. and this recipe is very innovative !

  4. Very innovative, never gone beyond Sambar with Methi.

  5. Healthy and clorful rasam..lov methi flavor

  6. wow, this sounds so new to me

  7. Wow thats interesting , flavourful healthy rasam.. Feel like having it with hot rice and chips

  8. new to me and sounds yum as usual :)

  9. Another flavorful and yummy rasam..

  10. methi rasam? Wow, so innovative Priya!! It must be so healthy and yummy :)

  11. I've become especially fond of methi. Turning them into a rasam is a fine idea!

  12. I love methi but have never seen a rasam made with it.. awesome! Hope to try it soon.

  13. never tried fenugreek in rasam very new to me interesting.

  14. thatz a lovely recipe priya..jus trying out different items with methi leaves..will surely try it

  15. Wow...thats a different your creativity dear :) Rasam looks so flavorful and colorful!

  16. never tried this rasa... healthy rasam..

  17. Methi leaves in rasam is something new to me. Should try it out soon.


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