Friday, October 31, 2008

Ragi Sweet Puttu

Ragi (finger millet) one of the nourishing n cheap food item....The best choice to keep your health fit in regard to bones and nerves is to try ragi....People with obesity can reduce half of their weight within 15 days by inserting ragi foods in their daily menu. It is also a great boon for diabetics. It is good for anemic persons also. Normally people with anemia don’t get sleep at nights, body becomes flabby and they cannot be active in their routine work if they have any ragi food for supper they may notice some changes. Ragi is most preferable to ladies in their menopause stage.Ragi filters unwanted water from our body and makes our bones and nerves tight fit. Ragi contains 300% of calcium whereas milk has only 80%... Ragi can be given to babies as young as 3 months old. In addition to mother's milk they can be feed by diluted ragi soup. Babies will be healthy n chubby by having this healthy food..For every 100 gm ragi gives 7.3 gmof proteins, 2.7 gm of minerals, 72 gm of carbohydrates and 328 calories... i love ragi as soup, dosai, also as is my another favourite recipe from ragi...its really an easy recipe, can be prepared within few minutes, they goes prefect for breakfast, snacks also for supper..healthy dish, with simple ingredients...Am sending to JFI-Ragi hosted by Madhuram.

1 1/2cups Ragi Flour
1/2cup Jaggery Powder
2tbsp Grated Fresh Coconut
1tsp Cardamom powder

Take the ragi flour with enough salt in a large bowl...sprinkle some 1/4 cup of water n mix until they looks slightly crumbly in texture, now transfer this crumbled ragi flour to a clean white cloth slightly wet...make a knot loosely n keep ready for steaming..

Heat the idli cooker r pressure cooker with enough the ragi flour over the idli plate n steam cook it for 10 minutes..Transfer the steam ragi to a bowl..mash the steam cooked ragi with a fork to remove the lumps... add the jaggery powder, fresh grated coconut n cardamom powder to the cooked ragi...mix everything well..

Serve chilled r hot..

Steamed flour can be conserve in fridge for upto 3 days...

Sending this healthy dish to: Challenge by Vedha of Iyengar's Kitchen


DK said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Priya,

Can you let me know ur e-mail address so that I can send out the code to be added at the end of your RM posts :)

Great recipe by the way :)

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Hey i made a similar one last week..Your looks too good!

Mahimaa's kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

very easy and yummy.. i have made this once and i love it. your puttu looks sooo good that u are making me hungry :(

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

simple awesome...well within my given list priya! and such a healthy one!

Andhra Flavors said... Reply To This Comment
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Andhra Flavors said... Reply To This Comment

healthy and testy one.

Divya said... Reply To This Comment

wow puttu is yummy priya.... was planning the same thing for the challenge...senior u made it...really wish to visit ur kitchen some time soon....

Cham said... Reply To This Comment

Ragi puttu is super... I make it often...

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

yum yum yummy i love any thing with ragi puttu looks very tasty and helthy too

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

Hi priya,
it looks cute and yummy....i think u are doing great recipes...

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Yes.Ragi is a healthy food.Your puttu looks tasty,inviting, yummy
(Mahimma's father)

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks DK, Divya n Mahima for ur comments...

Hi Vedha, glad to see u here...

Thanks AF..

Oh Divya, pls post ur version too..

Thank Cham, Rekha n Pavani for ur comments...

Hello really happy to see u here...

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Nice entry priya... looks really yummy...

Ramya's Mane Adige said... Reply To This Comment

sweet puttu sounds interesting!!! It looks delicious

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Sri n Ramya for ur comments...

Madhuram said... Reply To This Comment

Priya, I was going to make this one. Anyway it's good to know from your post that it comes out good.