Saturday, October 18, 2008

Parboiled Rice N Coconut Chakli/ Thengai Puzhungal Arusi Murukku

Parboiled rice n Coconut Chakkali/Puzhungal arusi n thengai Murukku,an authentic snacks prepared with Parboiled rice (puzhungal arusi) n with grated fresh coconut, usually we prepare murukkus with rice flour, gram flour r else with roasted urad dal flour, this one is completely different from those typical way of preparing...Can be a festive recipe..very crispy n easy to prepare, completely different from usual ways of preparing murukkus..Sure it will be a huge hit with kids n from adults too...Worth to try .. learned from my mom..i prepare them whenever we r craving for our snacks..

2 cups Parboiled rice(puzhungal arusi)
1 cup Grated fresh coconut
1/4 cup Split roasted grams(pottukadalai)
2Tbsp Cumin seeds r sesame seeds
2 tsp Butter
Salt as per taste
Oil for deepfrying

Soak parboiled rice for 3 hours...put the soaked rice in grinder n grind them,without adding much water, just sprinkle r else 1/4 cup of water, while the rice are grinded coarsely add the fresh grated coconut to them..grind together nicely..shouldnt have any rice pieces else it will be hard to make them grind until they grinds nicely...meanwhile grind the split roasted grams to powder, sieve them n keep aside, butter should be in room temperature..

Take out the grinded mix in a large bowl..Mix butter, salt , cumin seeds r sesame seeds n split roasted gram powder to the grounded rice mix..n knead them together until they turns a dough, this dough will be firm, it wont be sticky so no need of applying oil r butter to your palms, if its too hard to knead sprinkle some water.Use murukku press with star nozzle...

Heat oil in a pan..take a small portion of the dough n squeeze out in a greased flat plate r in a greased Jallikarandi (flat ladle with holes) as in picture..once the oil is hot, add the squeezed murukku n fry them as deep frying until they float ..drain excess oil in a paper towel..fry them in batches..

Crispy Thengai Puzhungalarusi Murukku is ready to eat..grated coconut will give a superb flavour to this murukku, eventhough we r making them in any oil, this murukkus will taste too good as we did in coconut oil..

After frying the first batch, taste them..if u find its too hard can add butter to make them soft n also for salt..add salt if needed..

Dont add much water while grinding soaked rice, else while making dough, have to add pottukadalai maavu a little bit, this may breaks the murukku so that u cant get the perfect shape..

Oil should be hot while frying murukkus else they will be soggy..

When the murukkus r fried, they will start floating n the oil will stop completely this stage take out the murukkus else they wont be crispy if u take them out before...

Sending this Tasty Chakli to: Festive Foods - Diwali Celebration by Priti
also sending to: Yummy Festival Feast by Pallavi
On the way to Rice Mela By Srivalli


ST said... Reply To This Comment

Chakali looks perfect ...Amma use to make this for every diwali and it is one of my most favorites.

Indian Khana said... Reply To This Comment

Priya Chaliki looks perfect....looks drooling worth was...Thanks for the lovely entry.

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

perfect and yummy chakali priya

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Sireesha, priti n Rekhas...

Lakshmi said... Reply To This Comment

Perfect Chakli way of making chakli, atleast new to me.

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Glad to see u here LG..thanks for ur comments..

Pallavi said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely.. You can send this to my event too.. !