Saturday, October 18, 2008

Paal Khova With Ricotta Cheese

Who will say no to Milk Khoya/ Paal Khova...i love milk sweets, but here in Paris, its kinda hard to get those freshly made milk sweets, i tried paalkhova with ricotta cheese, they turned out awesome, they tastes really like prepared with whole milk...this way of preparing paal khova need less time than the traditional way of preparing..wat all we need is to stir them continously, without letting them to stick to the vessels...

1cup Full Fat Ricotta Cheese
3/4cup Low Fat Milk Powder
1/4cup Milk
1/2cup Sugar
1tsp Cardamom powder
1tsp Butter r ghee
Almond flakes for garnishing

I used the ricotta cheese cup for measuring other ingredients... mix ricotta cheese, milk powder, sugar n milk in a thick bottomed pan, heat the pan in a medium high flame..keep them on stirring, the ingredients will turn slightly sticky also bit watery...dont panic..keep stirring them...

After Half an hour approximately, they will turn out as a dough(khoya), now add the cardamom powder n butter n stir again..after adding the butter r ghee, the dough will get off from the bottom of the pan completely...keep aside n let them cool..serve them.. garnish with almond flakes..

Easy, Tasty Paal Khova with Ricotta cheese!


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Hi priya... nice creative idea,,... looks really delicious dear..

Indian Khana said... Reply To This Comment

Lovely one dear...Ricotta Cheese dear...Thanks for the entries Priya...

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

Manni ithan unn blog'a hehhe nee sollale but naane kandupudichiten pathiya...

gud recipes,go ahead

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

hi priya....this dish looks delicious! nice entry for the event

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

nice idea priya looks very yummy

Priya Suresh said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks to all my friends for stopping by n dropping ur kind very glad..

SriAndal said... Reply To This Comment

hi priya,

tried your paal khova,it came out great.fantabulous and just a few millimeters from the actual srivilliputtur paal khova..great new idea..keep posting more like this..Vaazhga un thondu..Valarga un sevai...