Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Jardinère de Légumes - French Mixed Vegetables Stew

French stew goes mostly for meats, however many vegetarian versions do exists and one among those vegetables loaded stew is this Jardinère de Lègumes. Légumes in French is Vegetables and not to mistake the word 'Legumes' with the protein rich beans varieties. This stew is seriously very easy to make, with fresh vegetables you can dish out this healthy and very colourful stew simply with butter, and flavoured with herbs along with vegetable broth. Usually during the peak season of fresh peas and young carrots, this stew is quickly prepared at home to serve along with mashed potatoes or else with grilled meats. However you can get canned Jardinère de Légumes or else frozen bags of this mixed vegetables easily from the provisional stores. Young carrots, fresh green peas and baby potatoes are usually used for making this popular French mixed vegetable stew. But still you can mix and match any seasonal vegetables available easily to prepare this colourful stew.

Jardinère de Légumes

Its not fresh peas season here, so i replaced the fresh peas with dried flageolet beans which i soaked and pressure cooked later for making this ultimate stew. Obviously the addition of flageolet beans doesnt change anything and tastes simply awesome when served along with rice and meat. However my kids love this fantastic vegetable stew with french fries and baguette. Definitely a complete meal, as this stew goes for mixed vegetables, this stew looks absolutely catchy and very colourful to eyes. Since young vegetables are used for preparing this healthy stew, those vegetables gets cooked quickly. If you are using our Indian pressure cooker for cooking the vegetables, trust me this stew gets ready within 15 minutes. Am running this month blogging marathon with Journey through the cuisines as this month's theme and i picked French cuisine. Obviously am posting French dishes name starts with alphabets.

Jardinère de Légumes,Vegetable Stew, French Mixed Vegetable Stew,

2cups Flageolet beans (cooked)
10nos Baby potatoes(peeled)
10-15 Baby carrots (peeled)
1/4kg French beans
1no Onion (chopped)
Fresh thymn leaves
1tbsp Butter
2cups Vegetable broth

Heat the butter, add the chopped onions and saute until the onions turns transculent.

Now add the baby potatoes, baby carrots, french beans, thymn leaves, salt and pepper. Saute for few minutes.

Jardinère de Légumes, French Mixed Vegetable Stew

Add the vegetable broth,cooked flageolet beans and cook in simmer until the vegetables gets well cooked.

Serve warm with meats and french fries.

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  1. very healthy stew with the goodness of all veggies. love the white legumes.

  2. The ignorant me thought it was a jar of legumes or something like that and was looking for it in your platter of vegetables. 😀
    A healthy platter though it would be bland for an Indian palate. However considering the minimal vegetarian options in the western world, this would work too.

  3. Love the use of baby vegetables in this stew. They do looks very colorful and they are very delicious. Lovely stew recipe for vegetarians.

  4. So true Priya, that is such a colorful and catchy looking dish. Looks very inviting.

  5. The baby carrots are making the stew look so pretty..and it is such a colorful stew.

  6. Very colourful stew. Highly nutritious...

  7. beautiful stew...i should be eating such things a lot more often

  8. Such a colorful and delicious looking stew.

  9. Healthy and delicious stew, love the beautiful colors..

  10. That is a simple way of preparation. Makes one want to give it a try!

  11. That is a colorful and irresistible bowl of stew.

  12. my kind of a dish ... and a wonderful stew to go with rice :)

  13. Such a colorful and flavorful stew. Lovely share!!

  14. Lovely platter of vegetables there.

  15. What a colorful stew Priya nice and healthy one..

  16. what a simple veg dish and perfect to comnpliment any meal

  17. This is such a colourful and healthy dish Priya!!

  18. What a healthy stew and looks so colorful


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