Friday, April 29, 2016

Yaourt Glacé à la Framboise - Frozen Yogurt with Raspberries

Frozen yogurt which is also known as frogurt or frozen yoghurt is a frozen dessert made simply with yogurt though sometimes other dairy products are also used. This frozen dessert is lower in fat and its quite different from the icecream. You can serve this icecream like frozen dessert is served with different flavors.Yaourt means Yogurt in French, frozen yogurt is quite a popular dessert in French cuisine. This frozen yogurt is seriously very easy to prepare as no cooking is needed. Varieties of frozen yogurt do exists and my today's frozen yogurt goes for raspberries. Summer fruits are showing their heads in every fruit and vegetable stalls. Raspberries and strawberries are easily available now, obviously i went with raspberries as i love this fantastic fruit.

Yaourt Glacé à la Framboise,Frozen Yogurt with Raspberries

Very easy to make this summer treat gets  ready very much quickly than you can imagine, if you are using greek yogurt you can prepare this ultimate frozen dessert within few seconds though the freezing time may varies. However i used plain yogurt, so i strained yogurts to make a yogurt cheese which gives a thicker consistency than the unstrained yogurt. Once the whey removed, this yogurt cheese are added directly to a blender along with a table spoon of fresh cream and raspberries with sugar, blend them and pour the mixture to the popsicles moulds, how easy na. Am running a month of blogging marathon with Journey through the cuisine as theme and i picked French cuisine which starts with alphabets. I have been posting different dishes from this immense cuisine and today's post is 25th post of this blogging marathon.

Yaourt Glacé à la Framboise,Frozen Yogurt with Raspberries, Yaourt Glacé

1/2cup Raspberries (fresh or frozen)
2tbsp Sugar
1cup Strained yogurt/yogurt cheese
1tbsp Fresh cream

Take all the ingredients in a blender.

Blend everything well until smooth, meanwhile prepare the popsicle mould or a stainless steel box.

Pour the mixture to the popsicle mould or in the stainless steel box, arrange in freezer.

Dont disturb atleast for two hours.

Enjoy this low fat summer treat without any guilt.

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  1. Hi Priya:)
    I keep saying I'm going to make my own Frozen Yogurt Pops but for some reason, I just never get around to it. Perhaps this time, Priya especially since I have a new batch of yogurt incubating:)

    Thanks so much for the inspiration and for sharing, Priya...

  2. beautiful colour for these popsicles

  3. Too good Priya..and especially in this season, it will be amazing!

  4. Wow, love the clicks and they all are so vibrant. Love the idea of raspberry yogurt pop and it looks colorful. A good choice on a hot summer day.

  5. Best recipe to beat this summer.. I have the same molds too. Got it from ikea.

  6. That is one refreshing and delicious summer treat.

  7. FRzrn yogurt popsicles looks refreshing. Its too hot here and I need one if them.

  8. Popsicles with the lovely color is really inviting.

  9. This sounds just perfect for the summer.

  10. What a beautiful color you have for the popsicles. Lovely choice for the alphabet!

  11. These raspberry popsicles look so yummy. Perfect for this summer :)

  12. What a dashing color! ! Perfect treat anytime!


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