Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eggless Bird Shaped Bread Rolls

My today's post is quite a trial, though i didnt shaped prefectly these bird shaped bread rolls was my younger's one favourite as he enjoyed thoroughly having this bread. After baking some key shaped bread and flower shaped bread, my today's post goes for an another eggless Bird shaped bread rolls. I seriously want to bake this bird shaped bread rolls since a long, finally i decided to go with as i picked Shaped yeasted bread as theme for this week's blogging marathon. Though this bread rolls are easy to make,however i couldnt shape theù prefectly their beaks,tails etc. I tried a slightly sweet bread dough for making this bird shaped hence i used Chocolate chips for eyes and sprinkled few pearl sugar to give a catchy look.

bird shaped bread rolls

Kids can enjoy seriously this bird shaped bread rolls with nutella spread or else with fruit jam as this breads are slightly sweet. This bread rolls makes an excellent snacks or else suits prefectly for a weekend brunch to enjoy with your cup of tea or coffee to have satisfy some hungry tummy.Actually i referred Varada's Bird shaped bread rolls as her bread rolls came out extremely awesome, but i couldnt nailed them as much prefectly as her. However i dont have any other choice than posting for this week's theme. Hope you guys will enjoy this bird shaped bread rolls virtually.

Bread rolls, Bird shaped bread rolls

1cup Bread flour
1+1/2cup All purpose flour
1+1/4tsp Active dry yeast
1/2tsp Salt
75grms Butter (room temperature)
1/2cup Milk
1+1/2tbsp Sugar
1+1/2tbsp Luke warm water
Chocolate chips (as per need)
Pearl sugars

Stir the luke warm water, 1/2tablespoon sugar, and yeast in a small bowl and let stand for 5minutes until the mixture turns foamy.

Melt butter,add the milk and heat to lukewarm.

Take together yeast mixture, remaining sugar, butter mixture, bread flour, and salt in a bowl,  then stir in the all-purpose flour and knead everything to make a slightly sticky dough.

Knead dough on a lightly floured surface,until the dough turns smooth and elastic .

Arrange the dough in a greased bowl covered with plastic wrap, keep in a warm for an hour.

Eggless Bird Shaped bread rolls

Divide the dough into 7 equal balls and 2 small balls.Now roll the a large ball as a long rope. Start from one end and roll it inward, repeat the other side to form 'S' shaped rolls, now pinch two tiny balls from the small ball to make the legs, and medium sized ball for feather, a tiny ball for beak and one more small ball to cockscomb.

Arrange this bird shaped bread rolls immediately to a baking sheet lined over a baking tray.

Repeat the same process with the remaining dough,keep aside for half an hour in a warm place.

Preheat the oven to 350F, brunch the dough and place a chocolate chips for eye, sprinkle the sugar pearls.

Bake for 20-25minutes until the crust turns golden brown.

Cool completely and enjoy with your favourite spread.

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Srivalli said... Reply To This Comment

Wow I love those cute looking birds Priya..I feel its turned out so good..very nicely done!

rajani said... Reply To This Comment

The birds look very cute Priya. I don't see any flaws in them.

Ruxana Gafoor said... Reply To This Comment

Cute looking bread would love this

Nalini's Kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

Cute looking birds Priya,you nailed it..

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

Very cute looking bird rolls Priya. Loved all your adorable shaped buns this week.

vaishali sabnani said... Reply To This Comment

Aw so cute ! Little birds look so so cute , will definitely want to try these.

Gayathri Kumar said... Reply To This Comment

These bird shaped rolls look adorable, Priya..

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said... Reply To This Comment

Priya, these are so cute. I might bake them but not let anyone eat the cuties :)

Harini R said... Reply To This Comment

OMG! they look so tempting and cute.