Friday, May 13, 2016

Bandar Foods Product Review

Recently i got a mail regarding a product review, initially i was bit skeptical coz most of the time i rarely get a chance to write review once i reveal about my residence. But this time Bandar Foods doesnt hesitated a second to send me some irresistible and dangerously addictive guilt free Garlic flavoured Naan chips along with two delectable sauces. Though this product is from a start up based out of San Francisco in United States of America, the person who contacted me didnt hesitate to send this fantastic products for a review though i live in Paris. After a cookbook i have reviewed earlier in this year, this Bandar foods product review was my second review.

Garlic Flavored Naan Chips : Neatly packed, i simply loved the package and the colour of the package. Once you open the pack, those garlic flavored naan chips smells absolutely fabulous, immediately we started munching. Anyone will fell in love with this guilt free, baked, low fat, dangerously addictive crispy naan chips. Prefect to serve as a starter for a get together or else for a party menu, you doesnt have anything to do with. Just open the packet and transfer them to a bowl and serve. Not only this naan chips, tomato ketchup with masala spices and Cilantro chilli sauce served along with these chips will definitely tickle your tastebuds.

Tomato Ketchup with Masala Spices: Masala spiced tomato ketchup goes very well with this extremely delicious naan chips. Imagine classic ketchup with a cumin and clove touch, whoever loves tomato ketchup will go crazy if they tastes this ketchup. Prefect to enjoy with french fries,or else as a spread in hot dog etc, you have numerous choice to enjoy this fantastic ketchup.

Mint Cilantro Chilli Sauce: An excellent sauce for our Indian tastebuds, prefectly spicy and zesty, this pureed chutney makes an excellent dip to enjoy thoroughly this naan chips. You can even make a marinade with this sauce or as a spread while making a sandwich as well.

If you want to give a try or taste this ultimate Naan chips and their sauces, dont forget to check the Bandar Foods Site.

Bandar foods products are completely 100% vegetarian and vegan and none of their prodcuts contain GMOs.

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