Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodbye to 2018 & Hello to 2019

      Wishing you all a Happy and Colourful New Year 2019!!!

2018, what a year with loads of ups and downs,though i can still say that 2018 was a good and fruitful year. So many changes happened in my both professional and personal life. Professional life became a priority now, obviously blogging took a back seat. However i managed and planned everything as usual earlier not to give up anything regarding blogging. Sometime because of my hectic working days, i truly want to quit blogging but blogging is one of my passion and passtime to forget all my daily chores. 2018 went very much faster than i imagined, few of my dreams came true during this year. One of my favourite tourist destination was Greece and its happened this year during summer, yes had a fabulous summer vacation. One more dream is get a kitchen gadget which i have been longing for, finally H gifted me a Kitchenaid gadget to knead my bread doughs and whisk my cake batters with less efforts. Cant ask more na.

As much as every year, i blogged three days per week, all credits goes to Blogging marathon and tried posting upto 15-18 posts for a month. Not to forget that i have blogged successfully two whole months of Mega marathon with two different themes during this year which was quite a challenge for me. Thank god, i finished both mega marathon brilliantly as i planned everything earlier to stick with theme i picked for.

Dont forget to check 26 days of Mega marathon:

April 2017 - Explore the Flavors with 4 different themes for 4 weeks

September 2017 - A to Z International Flatbreads with some traditional and unique flatbreads from around the world.

I kicked started 2018 with a Srilankan Sugar Buns aka Kimbula Banis and i have blogged 208 posts during this year and my blog counts 3723 posts now.While in my another blog Cook N Click i have posted  81 posts and its counts totally 621 posts.

Let's take a glimpse of my top recipes with highest views during this whole year.

January - Carrot & Oats Kozhukattai/Steamed Carrot & Oats Dumplings

February - Chocolate Gulab Jamuns/Dark Chocolate Gulab Jamuns

March - Mushroom & Spinach Balls/Kaalan Keerai Kola Urundai

April - Vitumbua/Tanzanian Doughnuts/Gluten Free Coconut Pancake Balls

Mai - Andhra Style Mint Rice/Pudhina Annam

June - Club Kachori/Kolkata Style Club Kachori

July - Ring Shaped Vegetable Samosas

August - No Churn Frozen Mixed Berries Icecream

September - Warqi Paratha/Lucknowi Warqi Paratha

October - Cassava Murukku/Maravallikizhangu Murukku/Tapioca Chakli

November - Cashew Coconut Milk Pulao

December - Santa Claus Shaped Brioche Bread

Hope you enjoyed this post and am very thankful to each and everyone for being part of my blogging world, nothing is possible without you all.

This year's cooking resolution is going to be More Millets & Less Refined Sugar.

Sending this post to Srivalli's Best of Year 2018.


Harsha s said... Reply To This Comment

All images looks yummy so hope to try it soon for the next festival and glad to read this article

Srivalli said... Reply To This Comment

Priya, that's such an awesome list of achievements. Your total posts makes my head wonderful that you have managed to do a fabulous job in both your blogs.