Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Club Kachori/Kolkata Style Club Kachori

Indian cuisine is seriously vast and each region of India shares many droolworthy dishes. However i learned so many Regional dishes through blogging, seriously now i can dish out some delightful Regional dishes with an ease. However i love learning some traditional Regional dishes especially North Indian foods. Though been born and brought up in South India, my love for North Indian cuisine pulled me to replicate most of the traditional dishes at home. Hence my family can enjoy these delicious dishes which are quite unknown for us until i crossed them through this virtual world. One of my recent trial from Kolkata is this super duper fluffy kachori with lipsmacking potato curry. Yes my today's post is one of the famous and well known breakfast dish from the city of Kolkata, and this dish is a weekend special dish. Kachori, we know that kachori is a deepfried dish with stuffing in it. But trust club kachori is completely a different one from the well known kachori liks khasta kachori etc.

Club Kachori Aloo ki Sabji

Club Kachori is bite sized mini puris prepared typically with maida, but however these kachoris can be prepared with wheat flour as well. And this kachori dough calls for coarsely grounded urad dal paste, chilly-ginger paste with asafoetida, hence these kachoris are extremely flavourful and dangerously addictive. To pair with this kachoris, a flavourful potato curry is served. And this curry calls for Panchporan, the popular Bengali spice mix, hence this potato curry tastes extremely delicious with wonderful flavors. I grabbed this Club Kachori from Jyoti's blog as i was paired with her for this month's Recipe Swap Challenge , a facebook group event i have been a part. Every month either we cook with Alphabets or Recipe swap, and vice versa. Since i like challenges, i couldnt stop myself to join this group.

Club Kachori, Kachori with Aloo gravy

2 cups Wheat Flour/Atta
1/4cup Semolina/Rava
2tbsp Oil
1/4cup Urad dal
1/4tsp Asafeotida powder
1tsp Chilli paste
1tsp Ginger paste

Drain the soaked urad dal and grind coarsely in a grinder.

In a mixing bowl, add the coarsely ground urad dal paste, wheat flour, semolina, oil, asafoetida powder, salt, chilli paste and ginger paste, add enough water and  knead as a firm dough.

Cover it and keep aside for half an hour.

Divide the dough into small balls.

Roll them into thick rounds, dont roll them as thin.

Heat oil and when the oil is heated enough, fry them 2-3 at a time on high heat.

Flip and fry until they turs golden, drain the excess of oil with a paper towel, serve.

Choti Club Kachori, Aloo Ki Sabji

Potato Curry/Aloo ki Sabji
4 Potatoes (boiled & cubed)
2 tomatoes (pureed)
1tsp Garlic (grated)
1tsp Ginger paste
1 Green chilli (choped)
1tsp Cumin seeds
1 Red chilly
1/4tsp Asafoetida powder
1/4tsp Turmeric powder
1tsp Red chilly powder
2tsp Coriander powder
1/4tsp Amchur powder
1/4tsp Garam masala
1/2tsp Kasuri Methi
Coriander leaves
1/4tsp  Fennel seeds, methi seeds, ajwain, kalonji and mustard seeds

Heat oil in a pan, add asafoetida powder, cumins, red chilli, green chilli, ginger and garlic and sauté for a few seconds.

Now let crack the fennel seeds, methi seeds, ajwain seeds, kalonji and mustard seeds.

Now add the tomato puree. Cook for about a minute and then add the chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt, and coriander powder.

Club Kachori with Aloo Gravy

Cook for few minutes, once the oil gets separates, add the potatoes, saute for few minutes.

Add a cup of water and bring it to boil. Let it cook for a while.

Once the gravy gets thick, add garam masala, amchur and crushed kasuri methi and stir.

Finally add the coriander leaves and serve with club kachori.


Poonam Bachhav said... Reply To This Comment

The club kachori with whole wheat flour and urad dal paste sounds so interesting Priya ! Completely new recipe to sounds very flavorful and that potato curry looks lip smacking ! Stunning photography !!

Vidya Narayan said... Reply To This Comment

Lipsmacking stuff and loved the recipe. These are those perfect brunch time ideas when you want a filling combo of food which would be liked by all at home. Bet it did the same at your place as well.

mildly indian said... Reply To This Comment

What a combo.. I am debating which should I pile on more, the aloo gravy of the crisp kachori

JollyHomemadeRecipes said... Reply To This Comment

Kachori with aloo is our family favourite dish. The recipes looks yummy and tempting.Thanks for sharing this easy-looking recipe. I will try it.

Aruna said... Reply To This Comment

I have been drooling over these Club Kachoris ever since you posted the pic on the group. So perfectly puffed. And that red red aloo sabzi... <3 <3

Sujata Roy said... Reply To This Comment

Club kachori looks fluffy and delicious. Perfect breakfast recipe. And loved the easy way to make it without stuffing. Just mix, knead and fry. Wow. Bookmarking it to try soon.

Paarul said... Reply To This Comment

This is my favorite combo Priya.. Loved the recipe will definitely try this one .Awesome share !

cookwithrenu said... Reply To This Comment

Wow another version of kachori, loved this, we generally do a filling of urad Dal, but this is different and yum

Mayuri Patel said... Reply To This Comment

These kachoris look so crispy and crunchy. Never had club kachori but would love to try this recipe. Paired with a nice aloo sabji it is a treat.

THE FOOD SAMARITAN. said... Reply To This Comment

What beautiful kachoris!Yum!I want these right now

Sasmita said... Reply To This Comment

The combo of whole wheat flour and urad dal in these club kachori sounds so interesting. Loaded with much flavors as well !!

Archana said... Reply To This Comment

yummy yummy and yummy! Love the kachori and paired with aaloo it will be heaven on earth.

Archana said... Reply To This Comment

Yummy, yummy kachori and paired with alloo it must have been heavenly.

Avin said... Reply To This Comment

Never tried this with urad daal. But looks yummy☺ nice recipe selection 👍🏻

Jyoti Babel said... Reply To This Comment

So nicely done. Seriously, you are an expert Priya. These look better than the one I made. Feeling like making these again for this Sunday breakfast.