Friday, August 17, 2018

No Churn Frozen Mixed Berries Icecream

Looking for an easy, eggless and a delightful luscious dessert for your sunny days. Dont forget to check my today's post, No churn frozen mixed berries icecream is quite a quick icecream to prepare with less efforts. This icecream doesnt need any special gadgets apart from our mixie or else a hand blender. Here in Paris, we get easily frozen berries in every stores as they are available for making desserts and sauces with. Obviously my freezer will always have this berries as they are handy to prepare some fabulous chilled drinks as they are very easy to prepare with. Blend these frozen berries with some cold milk,sweeten it with your favourite sweetner and they are just ready to relish. Coming to my today's No churn frozen mixed berries icecream, you just need heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk and frozen berries. Yes this icecream needs just 3ingredients, how wonderful na.

No Churn Mixed Frozen Berries Icecream

Though this icecream is completely egg free and no cooking involved, if you feel like making a rich and creamy icecream, dont forget to add egg and whipping cream just to give a fabulous creamy texture to this icecream. Am running this week's blogging marathon with no cook desserts as theme. Obviously i will be posting three different interesting no cook desserts to enjoy virtually. This week's posts are going to be some fantastic desserts to relish even after a heavy meal and prefect to enjoy as desserts for your summer lunch days. We enjoyed few scoops of this icecream with some Amaretti cookies which i didnt forget to crush on the top of this icecream to bring some crunchiness to this smooth icecream.

Eggless No Churn Frozen Berries Icecream

2cups Frozen Mixed berries
1/2cup Sweetened condensed milk
1cup Heavy cream

Take the frozen berries,sweetened condensed milk and heavy together in a blender, blend them slowly together as a smooth paste.

Transfer this mixture to a stainless steel box and let the icecream sit for an hour.

Scoop the icecream and enjoy with your favourite topping.

Frozen Berries Ice cream, No Churn Berries Icecream

Indian mixies works out wonder for making this icecream.

Grinding frozen berries will be hard to blend, just add chilled water or milk to grind.

Once blended,you can transfer this icecream to a stainless steel box and arrange them in freezer for later use.

You can serve this ice cream topped with candies, nuts,cookies or else simply with chocolate sauce.

No churn eggless Mixed Berries icecream



Ritu Tangri said... Reply To This Comment

What a beautiful colour this ice cream has got. Mixed berry must have imparted a wonderful flavour and taste as well.

Gayathri Kumar said... Reply To This Comment

That is such a beautiful colourful icecream Priya. Made with just three ingredients, the recipe sounds so easy to make but what an amazing dessert to have!

Harini R said... Reply To This Comment

Vibrant colored ice cream. perfect for kids.

Chef Mireille said... Reply To This Comment

love the vibrant color of this ice cream

Shobha said... Reply To This Comment

Ice cream looks fruity and flavourful..

Mayuri Patel said... Reply To This Comment

Priya, the colour of the ice cream is so beautiful. Easy to make and very tempting.

mildly indian said... Reply To This Comment

Can you read my mind? I was cutting some giant strawberries and wondering if I should just freeze them and there you come like a saviour. Love it. I am making this now.

Soma Mukherjee said... Reply To This Comment

This is such a refreshing ice cream and that too no churn what can be be than this, have to try this soon. Lovely share.

geetha priyanka said... Reply To This Comment

Icecream looks so vibrant and easy to prepare with few ingredients. It will be a treat to kids.

Poonam Bachhav said... Reply To This Comment

Such a vibrantly coloured ice-cream ! With the mixed berries going in, it must be a real fruit punch .. wonderful share Priya !

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

Ice cream looks scrumptious and I love the colour. Love berries

CookwithRenu said... Reply To This Comment

Delicious ice the beautiful colour

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

mouthwatering, tempting and colorful ice cream

spoonsofflavor said... Reply To This Comment

Such a beautiful color icecream.. must be yummy :) Well done!!

Maria Nasir said... Reply To This Comment

No knead breads and no churn ice creams are my favourite kind of recipes! This looks deeelicious with so few ingredients! 😊

Malini's Space said... Reply To This Comment

Aww. Berry ice cream looks so yummy. I loved the color and texture. So perfect and irresistible. Such a quick and easy recipe, I was thinking, will the frozen berries get blend well in Indian mixer, then I saw your note. Thank you!

code2cook said... Reply To This Comment

I liked the idea with cream and condensed milk. I read once that adding little quantity of sugar syrup make no-churn ice cream great and scoop out easily. Your looking perfectly scooped out. We have mixed berry shake and taste amazing. surely ice cream will be another level of enjoyment.

Freda said... Reply To This Comment

Looks gorgeous! Love the colors mixed berries lend to anything, a real treat for the eyes as well :)

Hayley said... Reply To This Comment

What a vibrant colour Ice cream Priya, big results with only 3 ingredients. Such a gorgeous treat for anyone.

Lathiya said... Reply To This Comment

Hazelnut chocolate spread with just two ingredients is such a great recipe for moms with school going kids like me, if we had this then packing lunch will be so easy

jayashree said... Reply To This Comment

Love the vibrant colour of that icecream Priya. Now, I need to get some berries to enjoy this dessert.