Sunday, November 8, 2015

Wheat Ribbon Pakoda/Godhumai Ola Pakoda

Hope you guys are busy in making sweets and savouries for Diwali, just two more days to go and once again i miss celebrating this fantastic festival of lights at my hometown. However its again a working day for us, seriously we are going to miss the fun here. What to do, thats the disadvantage of living in abroad. But fortunately this time Wednesday is a holiday for us, obviously we are trying to arrange a get together among our friends atleast to have fun after a day of this popular festival. I have been making couple of sweets and savouries for this get together and this time i have opted for an interesting ribbon pakoda with wheat flour aka our Chapathi flour.Sending to Srivalli's Kid's delight - Cooking with Wholegrains hosted by Kalyani.

Wheat ribbon pakoda, ribbon pakoda, Wheat ola pakoda

Yes you read it rite, my today's post is Wheat flour ribbon pakoda, usually wheat flour is steam cooked before making murukku dough, but my version goes for roasting wheat flour. Roasting wheat flour for a while makes excellent crispy deep fritters. If you dont like or dont know how to steam the flour, never mind just roast them in slow flame and knead your dough for making murukkus, pakodas etc. This works awesome and this ribbon pakoda is a good example for it. If you are still in search for a different diwali savoury just make this crunchy, crispy ola pakoda aka ribbon pakoda. Am sure this pakoda will definitely suits prefect for this Diwali festival.

Wheat ribbon pakoda,Wheat ola pakoda

2cup Wheat flour/Chapathi flour
1cup Gramflour
1/4cup Rice flour
1tsp Chilly powder
1tbsp Sesame seeds
1tbsp Butter
1/4tsp Asafoetida powder
Oil for deepfrying

Dry roast the wheat flour in simmer until a nice aroma comes from.

Take the roasted wheat flour,gramflour, rice flour, asafoetida powder, chilly powder,salt , sesame seeds,butter in a large bowl, gradually add the water and knead as a soft and stiff dough.

Wheat Ribbon Pakoda, Godhumai Ola Pakoda

Heat the oil for deepfrying.

Meanwhile take the murukku press with the ribbon nozzle, put a ball of this dough and press directly to the hot oil.

Fry the ribbon pakoda on both sides until they gets well cooked.Repeat the same process with remaining dough.

Drain the excess of oil with a paper towel and arrange in a an air tightened box.

Enjoy for snacks.


Torviewtoronto said... Reply To This Comment

pakoda looks wondeful

Aps Kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

looks crunchy and yum

Pavani said... Reply To This Comment

Crunchy & addictive snack, made with wholewheat flour makes them less guilty indeed.

adlin said... Reply To This Comment

Oh my God this is a world of culinary delights.I have never visited a blog with these much recipes and wonderful perfect pictures. Hats off to priya.