Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dry Jamun/Dry Jamoon

Diwali, the festival of lights without jamun is definitely uncomplete, though you can get many brands of gulab jamun readymade mix, nothing can beat the homemade jamun mix prepared simply with khoya.Since ever i tried gulab jamun with khoya, i do make my khoya at home. Making khoya at home is definitely a time consuming work, but its quite worth to try. The time you spend to make khoya will gives an immense pleasure when the sweets or dishes you dish out with this homemade khoya turns absolutely delicious and prefect in texture with a rich look. Obviously nowadays i dont bother to stand for a while to make my small batch of khoya at home. If you are living in India, you can easily get them from Dairy stores, both sweetened and unsweetened khoya do exists and they are seriously very handy. Living in abroad have many disadvantages, however we always find a solution to overcome this.

Dry gulab Jamoon, Mini Dry Jamuns

Its been a while i have written a guest post and one my recent guest post is this Dry Jamun/Dry jamoons, this dry jamuns goes for the same way of preparation as we do for the usual gulab jamun. Just a small change at the final stage of making gulab jamuns gives birth to this dry jamun. Its quite an irresistible sweet as much as like gulab jamun. If you want to serve a different sweet to your guests or to share a different Diwali sweets to your family or friends, dont forget to give a try to this Ultimate sweets.

Dry gulab jamun, Mini Dry gulab jamun

This dry jamuns is featured in Indus Ladies site as guest post for this Diwali occasion. Do check the post and give a try to this beauties.

Dry gulab jamun, Dry Jamoon

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