Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kala Jamun with Khoya/ Mawa Kala Jamoon/Fried Milk Sweet Dumplings

Gulab jamun, this succulent spongy fried milk sweet dumplings are our family favourite. For any special occasions or during festivals i dont forget to make this ultimate jamuns. Even a huge box of this jamuns gets vanished very much quickly at home especially when they are served along with vanilla icecream. Am sure most of us have already tasted this combination, needless to say how delicious this combo will be na. Though am keeping myself away from deepfrying and sweets, i couldnt resist to make this Kala jamun with khoya. Yes this jamuns are not made out of the storebought packets, i prepared my jamun dough with homemade khoya. Kala jamun makes me nostalgic, when we were kids mom usually go and get this dark jamuns from a Sweet stall owned by a old man who never fails to make this succulent jamuns everyday at 6pm. Though this stall doesnt exists now, i still remember the taste of those juicy kala jamuns. Kala Jamuns was my personnal favourite, and finally after having a kala jamun even my better half fallen in love with this dark beauty.

Kala Jamun/Kala Jamoon/Fried Milk Sweet Dumplings

Kala jamun goes for the same gulab jamun dough but this jamuns are fried for few more minutes than the usual jamuns as they need to get the deep dark outer crust. Some makes kala jamun without making a coloured dough but i went for a green colour dough to stuff the usual dough, some goes for a dry version of kala jamun by rolling them with dry coconut powder. This method is very much followed in Northern part of India. We, South Indians goes for a coloured dough along with the usual dough to make this kala jamuns. Obviously you can make this irresistible dark jamuns for the Diwali festival.

Kala Jamun, Black Kala Jamun

1cup Khoya/Mawa(unsweetened)
3tbsp All purpose flour
2pinch Baking soda
Food colour (as per need) (optional)
Oil for frying

Sugar syrup:
2cups Sugar
1+1/2cup Water
3nos Cardamom (crushed)
Few saffron strands

Take the khoya, all purpose flour, baking soda in a bowl, slowly add water and knead a soft dough.

Dont overknead the dough, handle the dough softly.

Divide the dough into two dough, a medium sized dough and a large dough.

Add the food colour to the medium sized dough and knead gently, cover both doughs and keep aside for 15minutes.

Meanwhile make sugar syrup, take the sugar, water in a vessel, bring it to boil.

Once the sugar gets dissolves, keep the flame in medium and stir the syrup until its turns bit thick.

Put off the stove, add the crushed cardamom and saffron strands, keep aside.

Now make small sized balls from the coloured dough, and make bit large sized balls from the uncoloured dough.

Slightly flatten the large sized ball and keep inside the coloured ball, wrap it and roll again smoothly.

Continue the same process with the remaining dough.

Kala Jamun, Kala Jamun with Khoya

Heat the oil for deep frying, once the oil is hot, drop the rolled jamuns and put the flame in medium flame.

Fry the jamuns by rolling them to get fried evenly and fry them until they turns dark brown in colour.

Drain them in a paper towel and drop them to the already prepared sugar syrup.

Dont disturb them atleast for 3 hours.

Serve them topped with some chopped nuts or icecreams.

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