Sunday, November 22, 2015

Roasted Rice Tea/Japanese Dark Rice Tea & Pimp My Rice - A Cookbook Review

Rice is a staple food of Indians, we cant survive without rice and we need it for our daily menu. Recently Sam collins and Gemma from an English cook book Publisher pinged me in Facebook to review a cookbook. Cookbook to review who will say 'no' obviously i immediately said yes and this book came all the way from England to Paris. When i opened the courrier, the book cover attracted me immediately, there was no attractive food pictures over the cover, a black background with brass letters saying Pimp my rice was seriously interesting and pulled me to check out the content of the book.

Roasted Rice Tea, Japanese Dark Rice Tea

Nisha Katona- the author of this book is a founder of Mowgli Street food and she just shared recipes from her home kitchen torecipes from around the globe. Being an Indian, she shared many Indian recipes with her own touch to International dishes.

From Roasted black rice tea to rice and coconut sorbet, she showcased numerous beautiful dished out of the rice, not only the recipes she also shares the cooking technique of each rice varieties exists in market. Am sure after going through this cook book you will never ever go wrong while cooking rice. Just order your book in Nourish and this book costs 20£, definitely its really worth to spend. Now i know how to please our tastebuds with rice.

The index of this book starts with Kick starts followed by Light Fantastics, then Main grains, followed by Souped up Sides and ends with Happy endings. How catchy and interesting titles na, not only the titles of each recipe from this book are seriously very tempting to give a try soon,all the dishes are very interesting as well.Now many dishes from this book are in my to do list. Especially the desserts she shared are simply tremendous especially her sorbet with black rice. Have you ever heard about rice sorbet, definitely not me, do get this book if you want to cook out different rice based dishes to please your family and relatives.

Though i planned many dishes, i seriously want to give a try to this Kick starts aka blinged breakfasts and this ultimate Japanese drink aka Genmaicha was my first try from this book and trust me this black tea with roasted rice makes an interesting beverage to kick start a day. Roasted rice simmered in boiled water and tea bags gives an excellent aroma to this simple drink.

2tbsp Brown rice
2tsp English breakfast tea leaves or tea bags

Roast the brown rice in a pan in medium flame until they gets browned evenly. Let them cool completely, keep aside.

Add the roasted rice, tea bags or tea leaves in tea post filled with boiling water and allow to sit them for 2-3minutes.

Strain the tea and serve immediately.


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Rice in tea! Sounds really interesting...

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Really this is interesting...will try it...