Thursday, April 16, 2009

Coriander N Soyachunks Pulao

Coriander leaves act as stimulants and tonics for the stomach, strengthening its functions as well as promoting digestion. Coriander juice, when mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder, serves as an effective remedy against pimples, blackheads and dry skin. Cilantro is good for treating nausea and intestinal gas and is also a good source of dietary fiber. Coriander are good to provide effective protection against urinary tract infections. Coriander keeps health problem at bay, by helping lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. Cilantro leaves are good source of iron and magnesium...Initially i want to prepare simple rice with coriander leaves but finally i prepared coriander pulao with soyachunks...i love soyachunks very much, i used to add soyachunks in gravies with veggies but rarely in rice dishes..

2cups Cooked Basmati rice
1no Onion (chopped lengthwise)
1no Tomato (chopped finely)
2nos Green chillies(slit opened)
1tsp Ginger paste
1tsp Garlic paste
2nos Whole spices (bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon sticks)
1/4cup Soyachunks
To Grind:
1cup Coriander leaves (chopped)
1/4tsp Cumin seeds
1tbsp Peppercorns
2tbsp Grated coconut

Cook soyachunks in hot water with enough salt until they double their volume, drain the water and squeeze out the excess of water, keep aside.. grind all the ingredients under the list 'To Grind' into fine paste and keep aside...Heat enough oil and add the bayleaves, cloves, cinnamon sticks, fry until they turn brown..add the chopped onion, chopped tomatoes with ginger and garlic paste, saute everything until the raw smell disappears,now add the cooked soyachunks, slit opened green chillies and saute for few minutes... add the grounded paste, salt n cook until the oil get separates..

Add the cooked rice immediately to the coriander paste and toss gently until the rice get well mixed...Serve hot with any spicy side dishes!!


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

That is a healthy rice with coriander and soya!Perfect for lunch boxes!

Lavanya said... Reply To This Comment

looks delicious priya...healthy one!!

Pooja said... Reply To This Comment

Nice green color priya..You have something waiting at my blog..

Priya Sriram said... Reply To This Comment

Thats an awesome and aromatic dish Priya... I wanna try (Screaming!!) he hee..!!

Ramya Vijaykumar said... Reply To This Comment

Argh I was wondering what to cook for Cilantros event, here you beat me... Rice looks great Priya, easy and a very health concious dish...

Sanghi said... Reply To This Comment

Mm delicious flavoury delight Priya!!

Ashwini said... Reply To This Comment

I just made this last weekend. Yummm and delish.

Suparna said... Reply To This Comment

Hi Priya,
ur blog is one place stop for healthy recipes :) the pulao obviously is healthy with the soyachunks and all...but making it tempting is not an easy job! u've mastered it girl! well done!
Enjoy ur weekend!

Chutneytales said... Reply To This Comment

i love coriander rice..With soya chunks you made it super healthy.

lubnakarim06 said... Reply To This Comment

Oh wow looks yummy...Love the cliantro twist in the rice...

AnuSriram said... Reply To This Comment

lovely pulao.. Delicious!

Gita Jaishankar said... Reply To This Comment

Delicious looking rice Priya, so yummy and colorful with soya chunks!

Cham said... Reply To This Comment

I imagine the aromatic smell while cooking this rice!

Vanamala Hebbar said... Reply To This Comment

Healthy one pot meal nice one

Deepa Hari said... Reply To This Comment

Coriander and soya...lovely combo...looks healthy and delicious Priya.