Thursday, April 2, 2009

FIC-Rose/Pink Roundup 2

Here comes the second roundup of Food In Colour- Rose/Pink with main courses such as breakfast dishes, raithas, soups, salads,rice dishes,masalas etc...Thanks a ton again for my blogger friends for making this event a great hit!! u have 30 delicious dishes to try n taste..

1)Beet Raita from EC of Simple Indian Food, colourful raita as side dish for any rice dishes..

2)Beetroot Raita from PJ of Seduce Your Tastebuds also goes for beetroot raita, lovely pink side dish..

3)Beetroot Koshumbri from Maya of Konkan World, a delicious pinkish salad with beetroot..

4)Nutty Beet Salad from Chandani of Chai's Corner, colourful salad with beets and nuts, quite a delicious n healthy salad..

5)Beetroot Raita from Arch of The Yum Factor, one more beautiful creamy raita with beetroots..

6)Pink Chutney from Usha Nandini of Usha Nandini's Recipes, chutney with fresh cranberries grounded with onions n spices, quite a creative chutney for Indian breakfast na!

7)Beetroot Buttermilk Sauce , Mixed Vegetable Salad & Beetroot Dosai from Shama of Easy2cook Recipes, shama prepared beets with buttermilk sauce, she mixed few vegetable to prepare healthy pink soup and she used beets in dosa batter to make dosais..

8)Beets Salad from Jayashree of Kailas Kitchen, healthy pinkish salad with homemade beets syrup and yoghurt..

9)Beetroot Thokku & Beetroot Moong Masala from Jayashree KR of The Rapturous Raconteur, Jayashree prepared thokku with beets which goes perfectly as side dish n beetroot moong masala for stuffing, quite delicious!

10)Pomegranate Curd from Priyanka of Asankhana, fresh pomegranate seeds with fresh curd goes prefectly with rice dishes..

11)Beetroot Chutney from Madhu of Madhu's Cooking Gallery, another hot chutney with beetroot..

12)Vegetable Dosa from Rama of Foodzest's Weblog, prepared dosa by adding different veggies to the dosa batter and finished finally as pink dosa..

13)Beetroot Paratha from Rekha of Plantain leaf, healthy colourful parathas with beets.

14)Beetroot Pancakes, Beet Oatmeal,Beet Parathas & Beet Lemon Pasta from Yasmeen of Healthnut send us some of her amazing pinkish healthy dishes with beets, really very creative..

15)Beet Dosa from Deepika of Less Sugar Please..For a Sweeter Life, healthy breakfast dish with beets..

16)Beetroot & Cabbage Parata,Beetroot & Cabbage Cutlet & Beetroot&Cabbage Soup from Priti of Indian Khana, another beautiful array of delicious dishes with beets & cabbage combo..

17)Beetroot Puri from Rashmi of Food-o-rama send us fluffy soft pink puris with beets, beautiful work Rashmi..

18)Strawberry Paneer Rice from Deepa Hari of Simple Home Cooking, do you believe she prepared this delicious pinkish rice with homemade strawberry paneer...really innovative Deepa!

19)Beetroot Pachadi from Varsh of Will-O'-the-wisp, a terrific pink pachadi with beets and yoghurt..

20)Vegetable Fried Rice from Oriyafood of Home Cooked Oriya Food, delicious mixed vegetable fried rice with beets..

21)Beets N Sping Onion Paratha from me, paratha with beets n spring onions..

22)Beetroot Thair Pachadi from Chitra and Dibs of Chitra Amma's Kitchen, gorgeous pink colour pachadi with thick curd n beetroot..

I received only one non vegetarian entry for FIC Rose/Pink..

23)Pink Risotto from Emiglia of Tomato Kumato, quite different risotto with grape fruit, rice cooked in shrimp stock water..

Yet to post the sweets/desserts entry, will surely post tomorrow!!


raaji said... Reply To This Comment

Thats a pretty long list of participants.....everything looks so colorful

Vikis Kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

What a romantic roundup. Everything in pink reminds me of a fairy tale.
Lovely round up. Congrats for making it a success.

Pooja said... Reply To This Comment

Wow delicious...You made your first event success priya..

FH said... Reply To This Comment

So much Pink in one day will give me a Pink eye!! HeHe!! Great round up! :)

Varsha Vipins said... Reply To This Comment seeing pink everywhere now..!!lol..terrific round up sweetheart..esply..loved those slides..:)

Mangala Bhat said... Reply To This Comment

Wow ! its soo colourful ..looks soo yummy Thanks :)

Nandinis food said... Reply To This Comment

Priya You are a hard worker! Pink is lovely and so is the long list. Great work! :D

Madhu's cooking gallery said... Reply To This Comment

Wonderful roundup! Good to see so many entries together!

Deepa Hari said... Reply To This Comment

Beautiful...nice to see all pinky dishes...Waiting for the desserts.

Vibaas said... Reply To This Comment

this is awesome many new recipes with beets. yum! :)

Priya Sriram said... Reply To This Comment

Makes me really wonder how creative our friends are!! All the dishes are just awesome!! :)

Cham said... Reply To This Comment

Now i see only pink everywhere! Good job Priya!

Raks said... Reply To This Comment

Nice job priya and love all those pinkies:)

Yasmeen said... Reply To This Comment

Good job priya,can't to try some more tasty beet recipes:)

Deepthi Shankar said... Reply To This Comment

lovely round up, full of pink

jayasree said... Reply To This Comment

Good job Priya, Now waiting for the desserts.

Suparna said... Reply To This Comment

I am all pink reading the round-up :)congos! on ur effort priya, event seems like a huge hit :)nicely done round up.
God Bless.

amna said... Reply To This Comment

i made beetroot kichidi to send you but couldn't post in time :( nice roundup!

suvi said... Reply To This Comment

lovely round up priya...can't wait for the desserts :)

Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

oohh lots of beet dishes in pink very beautiful roundup priya

Chutneytales said... Reply To This Comment

Omg..lots of pink dishes...they all look so lovely :)

vidhas said... Reply To This Comment

Lovley round up Priya.Nice to see lots of beet dishes.

Rashmi said... Reply To This Comment

Such a wonderful presentation of the round-up. Bunch of thanks!

Uma said... Reply To This Comment

Nice roundup again. Looks like you were showered with entries. good job Priya.

Shama Nagarajan said... Reply To This Comment

wow..what a yummy collection....