Saturday, April 4, 2009

MEC- Savoury Snacks Roundup

It was a real pleasure for hosting MEC-Savoury Snacks for the month of hearty thanks to Srivalli for Cooking 4 all Seasons for giving this opportunity..

While i announced MEC-Savoury snacks event, i was very much sure that my blogger friends will make this event again a big hit,i wasnt wrong!!!! i have received almost 27 entries for this savoury snack event including my two entries, am very happy to accomplish this event with these loads of delicious, fabulous n spicy snacks...I would really say big thanks to my blogger friends for showering me with creative n amazing entries..I received both vegetarian and non vegetarian microwave dishes for thisMEC Savoury Snacks..Sapthana Balachander of Passion 4 Cooking send almost 8 entries for this Microwave Easy Cooking..

1) Plantain Chips & Microwave Bittergourd Fritters by Roopa Vijay of My Kitchen Treats, she prepared fat free microwave plantain chips n bittergourd fritters, cant believe that they are prepared in microwave, thats a wonderful work Roopa..

2)Microwaved Poha by Asha of Foodie's Hope prepared microwave poha mixture with thin pohas and some nuts...

3)Vermicelli Upma & Baby Aloo from Sapthana Balachander of Passion 4 Cooking made a delicious spicy vermicelli upma n spicy baby aloo..

4)Green Kababs by Vidya Venky of Vidyas Creations prepared these green kababs with spinach and with few dals..

5)Tandoori Aloo by Supriya of Queen of my Kitchen send a delicious tandoori aloo with handful of spices, prefect flavourful snack..

6)Special Poha by Shree of Shreez Experiments, an another poha mixture with nuts, raisins and quite interesting she added a tbsp of worcestershire special this dish is na!!

7)Microwave Chivda With Cereal by Vidya of Delectable Vegetarian Kitchen, healthy chivda with riceflakes, corn flakes, blanched almonds n few spices...

8)Masala Papad by Priya Narasimhan of Vegetarian Recipes prepared a quick snack with microwaved papads and few veggies..

9)Refried Beans In Edible Bowl by Cham of Spice-club, oilfree papad bowls served with vegan refried beans, check out cham's blog for those cute edible papad bowls, so cute and creative they are!

10)Okra Fries by Madhuram of Eggless Cooking prepared oilfree okra fried in microwave, completely new for lot of us..

11)Microwave Rawa Idli by Meera of Enjoy Indian Food, see those cute rawa idlies, do u believe they are prepared in microwave, so prefectly prepared with lovely presentation..

12)Brinjal Chips by Srivalli of Cooking 4all Seasons, the brainchild of MEC prepared this brinjal chips in microwave, gorgeous crispy wonders!

13)Microwave Dhokla by Maya of Konkanworld, delicious dhokla prepared in microwave, really awesome work Maya..

14)Masala Peanuts by Kamala of Moms Recipes, i should say thanks a ton to kamala for sending this entry even in a busy schedule..crispy masala peanuts one more prefect savoury snacks for everyone!

15)Microwave Butter PopCorn & Microwave Cup Corns by myself..

16)Cornflakes Mixture & Roasted Chickpeas by Jayasree of Kailas Kitchen, mixture with cornflakes,puffed rice n spices looks so spicy and the roasted chickpeas looks really crunchy..

17) Papad Chat by Srinithya of Andra Spice prepared us one more papad chat with veggies, masala and sev..Srinithya's papad picture was nt available..but the papad chat sounds really delicious..

MW Non Vegetarian Snacks:

1)Cream Chicken Tikka,Fish Fry,Lime Chicken Fry,Tandoori Chicken,Omelette & Sheek Kabab by Sapthana Balachander of Passion 4 Cooking prepared delicious, tempting and mouthwatering non vegetarian dishes in microwave..

2)Chicken Kebabs by Aquadaze of Served with love made a delicious tempting chicken kebab in microwave, those kebabs looks fabulous and real feast for chicken lovers..

Next MEC -Nuts was hosted by Mythreyee of Paajaka, check her space for more details...


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thats a great round-up..soo many entries!!

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Another one to bookmark :)

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Gr8 round up with lovely entries...

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nice roundup priya..great to handle so many posts dear!!

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wonderful roundup priya....

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Thats a wonderful round up Priya, mmmm my mouth is watering seeing all those snacks and non-veg items mmm yum yum :)

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Now this is an impressive roundup! Great job everyone.

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thats a wonder full and helthy roundup

Saritha said... Reply To This Comment

Great round up dear,will come to check all the recipes

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Nice round up priya.

Deepthi Shankar said... Reply To This Comment

great round up Priya

jayasree said... Reply To This Comment

Awesome roundup. So many new snacks to be tried from. Good job

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Oh gal another sucess, Great round-up I am eyeing all the NV entries!

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great round up for a great theme! :)

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Great round up..Good work,Priya :)

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You are a hard worker girl!! :)
Really inspired by it and its a great round up! :)

Mahimaa's kitchen said... Reply To This Comment

hey i like the collage idea.. super entries.

Srivalli said... Reply To This Comment

Priya, this is really a record!..all are so lovely...great job!

Sapthanaa Vytheswaran said... Reply To This Comment

Thanks Priya.. ! Just now saw the bblog!!!!!!!!

The second first prize award!!!!!